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How to Upload your Videos to Google Drive Easily

Google Drive isn't just an excellent repository for documents. It's also equally great to safely store video content. If you're wondering how to upload your...

How to Use Google Drive Application on Your Android Phone

You have bought a new Android phone. It is exciting, right? You want to turn it on immediately. You don’t know which android app...

How To Change The Default Language On Google Drive

Google Drive is a synchronizing and file storage service developed by Google. Google Drive allows users to synchronize files across different devices, store files...

How To Set An Expiration Date When Sharing Files On Google Drive

Google is a large community of people that are interested in different things amongst connecting between themselves. It offers a platform where files can...

How to Change a Google Drive File Owner

Google Drive is an efficient, practical, and free way to share, save, and synchronize files on the web. Google Drive is your personal drive...

Google Drive: Disable Downloading for Shared Files

In the past, any files that were shared on Google Drive could be downloaded. However, a recent service update from Google has given users...

How Do I View and Edit Google Drive Documents Offline?

When you travel, working on documents stored on Google Drive may not be possible since you might not always have access to an Internet...

Google Drive: How to Upload Files from your Android Phone

Google Drive is Google's answer to other popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Box. Like any cloud storage service, Google has an Android client that you can run on your Android phone. You can in turn upload any document or file or photo on your phone to your Google Drive account using the Drive app for Android. Let's take a look on how to upload from your phone.

How to Add Files to Google Drive

Google has finally released Google Drive, a major Dropbox competitor. Not only does it allow access to files in your Google Drive folder from...

How to Restore Tabs on Google Chrome in Easy Steps

Almost 50% of internet users prefer Google Chrome as their web browser. Since its release in 2008, the browser has made surfing easy for...

How to Use Google Search More Efficiently

There's been a century-long debate on whether the internet is an effective way of retrieving information or not. But it all boils down to...

How to Convert Your Excel Spreadsheets to Google Sheets

Most people prefer working on the smooth interface of Google Sheets. It's interactive and easily shareable with other users. Because of this users often...

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