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14 of the Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Are you low on budget but want to gain access to reliable yet cheap web hosting providers? Well, worry not, we have sorted out this simple query for you! While there is a plethora of cheap web hosting services, only a few genuinely provide quality service at low rates. For that, it is important to understand the difference between a “cheap” and a “reasonably-priced” deal and how you should never compromise on security and reliability quotients.

In this guide, we have extensively covered all the top web hosting providers that have gained recognition for their cheapest website hosting plans all around the world. Have a look yourself and only then, make a wise choice.

A quick overview



Cheapest Price ($/month)

Money-back guarantee

Number of Websites

Free Domain




30 days





30 days





97 days





30 days





30 days 






90 days 





30 days





45 days





30 days



A2 Hosting


30 days





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30 days





30 days





72 hours


Our choice – 14 Trustworthy Cheap Web Hosting Sites

1. Namecheap

With the rising competition, every company is providing unmetered bandwidth, free domain name, email account, and SSD storage. But Namecheap rises above this saturated routine and provides the cheapest web hosting with tons of features. Getting the standard package of features at a price as low as 1.48$ is just a steal for web developers, newbies, and WordPress users. From auto backup to cloud storage, Namecheap has got you covered with everything.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Superfast CDN

  • Free domain name and website builder

  • Free SSL certificates

  • Cheapest web hosting per year

2. Hostinger

Looking for an ideal web hosting option while stepping into the online world? Don’t worry. Hostinger's cheap hosting services will cater to all your needs. The company provides all the essentials with a bevy of tools that allows the user to accomplish tons of work in less time. Besides this, the setup is extremely quick, so you are up in business within a matter of a few minutes.

You get access to an interactive panel through which you can conduct all the operations. WordPress users will look at this hosting like icing on the cake as it's totally optimized for the platform and offer several amazing functionalities.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Access to GIT

  • Easy DNS management

  • WordPress Acceleration with Litespeed Cache

3. Dreamhost

Planning to launch a website with quick, simple, affordable, and reliable hosting? DreamHost cheap hosting is the one for you. You will get everything under a single roof to launch your website. This will save you time and reduce your workload.

With a one-click installer, you can get different pre-installed apps quickly while building your website. In case you need to shift to Dreamhost hosting, the experts handle everything and you don’t even have to spend any extra money for the whole process. So, whether you are building the site from scratch or shifting to the new platform, Dreamhost will cater to your needs at every step.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Pre-installed WordPress

  • WordPress optimized servers

  • Access to advanced features like SFTP, Shell Access, and many more

4. iPage

With a solid support team providing round-the-clock support, iPage offers cheap website hosting services that will help you take your business to the top. The company deals with world-class technologies and provides proper analytics to you to improve your ranking. They have a solid arsenal of the latest tools that reduce the work time immensely and help you complete a lot of work quickly. If you are looking for a full bundled hosting package, then iPage will meet your expectations.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Simple eStore integration

  • CMS availability

  • Scalable bandwidth

5. AccuWeb

For people who are stepping into the online world and are looking for an affordable hosting option, Accuweb will give them all the basic functionalities with a few extra ones. You can start with the basic plan and upgrade as your requirements increase. Even if you upgrade, you will not find the price putting too much stress on your pocket.

You will get all the essentials in all the plans provided by the company. Interactive cPanel, ultra-speed with Litespeed cache, etc., are a few things that sweeten the deal for you.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Free SSL

  • Latest PHP and Perl support

  • Access to CloudLinux Operating System

6. InMotion

Harness the power of top-class technology and tools in the domain of web hosting with Inmotion cheap hosting services. Here, you will get the perfect blend of performance and affordability. With Ultrastack servers, you will experience high speed and performance.

Besides all this, you can manage and grow your business website without facing any issues. Single-click installs and interactive cPanel further allows you to perform the operations quickly. Moreover, you can manage several sites under a single roof.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Remote SSH access

  • Developer-friendly

  • Website migration with a no-downtime guarantee

7. Interserver

Whether you are a corporate beast or just a greenhorn, Interserver’s one-size-fit-all plan will cater to your requirements and help you please your customers efficiently. The plan includes tons of perks for everyone so that they can grow their business without any worry. Moreover, the support team works 24/7 to provide optimum solutions in the least possible time.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • MegaRAID SSD caching support

  • A plethora of email features

  • Superior backup and restore support

8. HostGator

Having hosted over 2 million websites till now, HostGator has built a lot of trust with its reliable, secure, and cheap website hosting services. With single-click installs and tons of other advanced tools at your disposal, you can accomplish tons of work within a matter of some time.

When it comes to data safety, you get to showcase a positive SSL badge to your customers. Furthermore, the company ensures that all the malware is removed from your site so that your sensitive data is safe from all types of online threats. Even if you are a pro, the platform has a myriad of advanced features to feed your hunger.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Full CGI and Crontab Access

  • Automated backups

  • Premium Hostgator control panel access

9. Bluehost

Talking about supremacy in the web hosting world, Bluehost is one of the popular names that shine around in the market. Besides providing cheap hosting services, it deals in world-class technology and tools to keep you updated. Moreover, its low costs are coupled with a wide array of features that will help you throughout your journey of taking your website to the top. Whether you are a newbie or an old-timer in the hosting world, Bluehost has everything to fill true colors in everyone’s dreams.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Website builder access

  • High data security with Free CDN access

  • Custom WordPress themes are available

10. A2 Hosting

Having a super-fast website for your business will help you get a better SEO ranking which further will bring more traffic for your business. A2 hosting deals with super-fast servers that guarantee you reliable service which results in a lower bounce rate and high conversion rate.

They even come with an uptime commitment of 99.9% which makes them quite trustworthy. Being an award-winning company, this web hosting provider is renowned all over the world for its excellent service provision.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Free automatic backups

  • 24/7/356 Support

  • Reliable and premium services

11. HostPapa

Be it imparting an incredible performance boost up to 300% or shielding all your crucial data using Protection Power, HostPapa is your home to all the goodies. This cheap website hosting has become everyone’s favorite in just a decade and is striving to achieve more in the upcoming years.

Get your hands on high-performance and ultra-speed services coupled with solid management tools. Even if you are going to shift your website to their server, they guarantee no downtime while shifting your site.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Free website builder

  • Free setup

  • 24/7 multilingual support

12. SiteGround

SiteGround’s hosting lineup is a little more expensive than the other options available in the market, but they make up for it by providing premium features and solid support. Besides this, they add some perks for the advanced users to boost their website in the best way.

Its lightning-fast speed, as well as secured hosting provision, has made it a great choice for most businesses. Thus, it is recommended for all WordPress lovers for an extraordinary online experience.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Advanced security

  • WordPress and eCommerce support

  • Easy domain management

13. GoDaddy

GoDaddy surely provides secure, reliable, and cheap hosting services. You get an interactive control panel to control all the functions and a one-click installer to download around 150 apps.

The best thing about this hosting service is that you get different resources according to your requirement. With a single click of your mouse, you can change the configuration of the RAM, I/O, and storage. Moreover, you can also set up and manage your domain easily.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Faster response time

  • Global data center support

  • Round the clock security

14. Hostwinds

Want your website to stay online with proper data security, then host it with Hostwinds. The company owns everything and performs proper backups so that you get uninterrupted performance and services from the servers.

Hostwinds incorporate all the latest technologies to offer the best tools to the customers and provide 24/7 support to their customers. If you are interested in becoming a provider, they also offer cheap reseller hosting.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • 24/7 support

  • Easy website migration

  • Premium tools

Common FAQs

What is cheap web hosting?

Cheap web hosting is a necessary resource for beginners who want to grow and spread their roots in the online world. Having an online presence in today’s capricious world has become an essential commodity for the business to turn into a flame from a hatchling. Moreover, in the beginning, budget is a critical factor. So having cheap hosting on your side is like icing on the cake.

Budget-friendly plans are usually priced between 1-7 dollars and give you essential resources that are needed to launch a website. Generally, these plans work on the shared server. Here you get a portion of the resources of your hosting company. To sweeten the deal for you, different companies offer one domain, unmetered bandwidth, SSD storage, and quick migration services. Moreover, they take care of all the maintenance, support, and security of your data.

Can you get free web hosting?

Yes, there are several companies in the market that offer to host your website without even spending a single penny. All you need is your website and a solid internet connection to mark your presence in the online world. You also get minimum perks and tools to use on your website. However, you will not get optimum performance or speed with these free options. Moreover, with some platforms, you will have to use a domain that contains its brand name in it.

Besides all this, these hosting platforms are not SEO optimized and you will not be able to take your website to the top ranks. Also, you will have to face a lot of downtime with your website which will ultimately reduce your reach to the customers. So, it is best to opt for any cheap option that suits your budget. You will enjoy tons of perks with superb uptime for your website. You can automate several standard operations and reduce your workload immensely.

Who should prefer cheap web hosting plans?

  • WordPress users
    Most of the cheap hosting companies offer full support to popular CMSs. You can easily install them and work with several plugins to reduce your work time. Additionally, you can customize free themes and enjoy automatic updates. A cheap website host will offer you all these essentials at budget-friendly prices with additional support and high-performance services.
  • Small business owners
    Small business owners who want to increase their brand visibility without spending tons of money, should opt for cheap web hosting and create a solid online presence. They get free email marketing tools and online store support to grow the business in the best way.
  • Developers
    Whether you are experimenting with a language, flipping a site for your clients, or stepping into the coding world, cheap web hosting services will support you at every step. You will get unlimited domains and a superb staging environment. You can also boost your growth with these affordable plans.
  • Greenhorns
    Hosting companies handle everything in the backend. From deploying optimum patches to handling core technical details, they don’t add any pressure on the user. So, if you are a newbie, then you can focus on your website and other aspects without any added stress of managing it. On top of this, if you need any help on any topic, you can get proper guidance from an industrious team.

How much should I pay for cheap web hosting?

At the end of the day, you should not spend more than $5-6 dollars while hosting your website with cheap web hosting services. In this, you should get unmetered bandwidth, with a one-year domain and several other perks in the form of the latest tools.

You will get different plans in most of the companies. Mostly, the long-term plans will be cheaper than the monthly ones. However, you lose flexibility in the long-term plans. Moreover, never miss the welcome bonus that comes in the form of a heavy discount when you start with any hosting company. This discount only remains for your first billing cycle so you must select the terms of your first cycle carefully. In the previous section, you will find the cheapest web hostings that will cater to your needs perfectly.

What do you get in cheap hosting plans?

When you are exploring different options in web hosting, always be aware of a good steal and a scam. Sometimes, you will be surprised with the cost of the hosting, but remember not everything that shines is gold. Some companies offer rock bottom prices but hide slow-speed servers, no expert support, or backhold of solid tools and functionalities.

Here are some things that you should get in the cheap hosting plans:

  • Adequate bandwidth or preferably unlimited bandwidth
  • At least one-year free domain with DNS management
  • Single-click installation of a wide array of plugins
  • Free SSL encryption and SSD storage

If you get all these elements, you are in good hands. Besides all this, you will get tons of support on WordPress with support for several extensions and plugins. Nowadays, you will get 24/7 support, and if you get live chat support then you should seriously consider this option.

Can I start with a free trial?

Many website hosts come with a free trial facility. This helps developers in minimizing risk of investing into long-term plans and later, availing an unsatisfactory hosting experience. Hosting providers such as Hostinger, Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly, Shopify, and AccuWeb Hosting are some big names that run free trials to make you acquainted with their service provision.

In case you are looking to run an online website for the first time, availing a free trial can be a smart decision. This will make you clear about the type of service you will receive.

Is money-back guarantee important and how does it work?

Yes, money-back guarantee is crucial to help users rely on a particular platform risk-free. Once the user has paid for a specific term plan, he/she can easily avail for a refund in the money-back period. Thus, you must be aware of the number of days in the money-back period to get an assured refund without facing any unnecessary hassle.

You can check the entire process of getting your money-back on the hosting provider’s website. Just follow it before the deadline for quick amount reversal.

Can I receive a free domain?

Yes, most sites proffer a free domain in their cheapest plans. This helps them in hosting their site at minimum budget with a site name of your interest. But for that, you need to check the plan details carefully to avoid any hassle later. All popular cheap hosting providers such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, HostPapa, Dreamhost, Bluehost etc. have a free domain in their cheapest plans.

Do I always get a free SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates have gained recognition ever since site security became a vital aspect that should not be neglected. Nowadays, almost all renowned sites such as Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, iPage, InMotion and A2 Hosting have the availability of free SSL certificates.

If your plan doesn’t include it, you must look for other plans that do. It is best to get the plans that include it for top-notch security guarantee.

Unlimited storage space and bandwidth – how does it work?

When you opt for a shared web hosting, most hosts put their client accounts in a single server for sharing the server’s resources. Since most of these sites have less than 100 simultaneous site visitors, these sites need quite less storage and disk space. But hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space to everyone and about 99% of the users enjoy it at all times.

In case you find low loading speeds, taking adequate customer assistance or upgrading to a dedicated or VPS plan is beneficial.

What are the different types of cheap website hosting?

  • Shared hosting
    In this, you rent some of the resources of the company and launch your website. Here, multiple users share the pool of resources so the cost is less and is apt for beginners or small business owners.
  • VPS hosting
    When you are not in need of a dedicated server, but want more control over some aspects, then window VPS or Linux VPS comes into play. Here your website will be hosted in your own space, but a physical server is shared among multiple users.
  • Dedicated hosting
    When you need to handle serious traffic and stay online all the time, then you should opt for a dedicated server. Here you get exclusive control of the server and get full control.
  • Reseller hosting
    When you wish to sell hosting to others without handling any serious management, then reseller hosting is the best option for you. You don’t have to stress about the technical details and focus on marketing and brand growth.

Can I host my website on my own?

Yes, you can but you need to invest a lot to set up all the infrastructure. Furthermore, you need to handle all the technical formalities which will consume a lot of time and add unnecessary stress to your mind. If you are a beginner, then you cannot focus on your business as most of the time will be clouded in setting all the things. So, the best option is to opt for cheap web hosting services for putting an end to this burden.

Web Hosting vs Website Builder

A Website hosting holds all the resources needed for hosting a site online. E.g. hosting server space, domain name etc. Whereas a website builder has all the set of tools used to design a professional-looking website from scratch.

A Web hosting is considered more budget-friendly and you get greater control on all the website-related aspects. You can easily develop and host a plethora of websites using web hosting. However, Website builders have numerous customizable templates that help in hassle-free website designing and publishing. While there may be some technical expertise needed to use a web hosting platform, website builders can be used without requiring any technical experience.

Choosing the right cheap web hosting provider for me

Picking the best cheap hosting provider is a critical decision and requires a thorough understanding of your hosting needs. Given below are the top 5 questions that you must ask before making a final selection!

  • Cheap upfront and renewal cost: Is the cost budget-friendly now and at the time of renewal?
  • Customer support: How quick and friendly is the customer support?
  • Site Performance and Speed: Is the site performance hampered with a reduction in cost?
  • Server Uptime: Does the hosting provider guarantee a good uptime?
  • Ease of Use: Is the hosting provider’s website easy to use and the onboarding process smooth?

Fortunately, all the hosting providers discussed above provide a decent service in all the five areas mentioned above. So, now it is up to you to choose the best one that meets your hosting needs in the best possible way without putting a burden on your budget.



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