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updated October 15, 2019
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How to Use Find My on iPhone

Find My on iPhone allows you to share your locations with your friends and family, so they will know where you are. You can also find your missing Apple devices using Find My on iPhone. This article teaches you how to use Find My on iPhone.
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How to Secure Your Computer From Hackers | 5 Best Antivirus Software

Everyone likes to use a secure computer. While using the internet, everybody wants a speedy connection without any fear of Viruses, Threats, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing attacks, and Trojan horses. This tech-recipe is a brief description of 5 free antivirus programs for your computer. Continue Reading

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How to Hide your Photos on Android – Secure your Media Instantly

In this age of digital photography and smartphones, a single photo can seriously hurt reputations, and cause rifts. We often see Whatsapp screenshots being shared in public groups like it’s nothing. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do in that instance. There’s no way to protect your Whatsapp conversations from being snapped and their contents exposed. However, the photos within your Android device can evade this fate. You can hide your photos on your Android device with built-in features, or with third-party apps. In this Tech Recipe, we will discuss both. Continue Reading

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How to Create and Print an Envelope in Word 360

Do you too enjoy sending out customized letters to your friends and family? Just visualize sending letters to your loved ones in a beautiful and neat packaging of an envelope. Imagine creating envelopes with little or no effort. Envelopes are as significant as the message. In-Office 365 you can create envelopes easily. This Tech-Recipe is a brief description of creating envelopes in Office 365. Continue Reading

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How to Dictate on Word Instantly using Speech Recognition

Microsoft Word has evolved into a juggernaut of text support programs. From checking readability statistics to managing section breaks, it offers a host of features to its users. However, not many are familiar with its prowess to dictate with Windows built-in speech recognition feature.  This feature can save you from a world of trouble, and shoot your productivity through the roof. It’s effective and accurate and leaves little room for correction. Furthermore, for the handicapped, especially the blind and the paralyzed, it’s a new lifeline. Continue Reading

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Posted October 8, 2019 by

How to Transfer Files between Two Computers | AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a Godsend when it comes to remote use of a computer. It is easy, efficient and reliable. Tech-Recipes is going to cover many of its features. This Tech-Recipe will also present AnyDesk’s advantages over Teamviewer. Continue Reading

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Five Amazing Games on Google That Are Just One Click Away | (How to Play)

Why do we enjoy playing games? The simplest answer is because it does not stress us. It’s easy and takes our mind off all the tensions and difficulties. Gaming gives off a temporary sense of achievement. Which revitalizes us to take the challenges of the world. Continue Reading

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How to Double Space in Word [Change Line Spacing Easily]

The presentation can make or break a Word document. Whether you’re working on a school assignment or a Final Year Thesis Project, understanding line spacing, especially double spacing in Word is vital. Without it, you might as well scrawl on a piece of paper with crappy handwriting. In this Tech-Recipe, we’re going to discuss everything pertinent to line and double spacing in word to ensure your document has the formatting your work requires. Continue Reading

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How to Enable Unattended Access to Your Computer and Set Password Using AnyDesk

Imagine using your computer on your mobile phone. How easy would life be? You don’t have to carry the laptop everywhere. If you are already familiar with TeamViewer then we recommend you to use this software instead. AnyDesk is simply the best.  Continue Reading

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How to Set App Usage Time Limit on iPhone

You can set app usage time limit on iPhone using Apple’s Screen Time feature. Learn how you can limit daily usage of social networking apps, games, and app categories.
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How to use AnyDesk to Communicate with Your Office Team

If like me you have been installing and uninstalling TEAMVIEWER, then you’re at the right place. Tech-Recipes just found you another application. This application is called ANYDESK. It’s free and it’s great. No more session outs. No long waits. Continue Reading

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