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updated December 16, 2018
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How To Add A Payment Method To Google Chrome Android

How To Add A Payment Method To Google Chrome

Shopping online is great, however typing in your credit card details on every website can get very annoying.

Google Chrome browser can come very handy in case you frequently shop online. By having your credit card details and other important information saved to the web browser, you will easily be able to place an order or purchase things faster. This is a perfect way of saving time for people who enjoy a smooth purchasing process online, isn’t it? Adding your payment information to the application is as simple as using the web browser. Besides, you can also decide to change, remove, or edit your credit card information from Google Chrome browser on your Android devices. Continue Reading

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How to Reset Your Apple ID Password

You can reset your Apple ID password and gain access back to your account. This article will guide you on how to set a new Apple ID password.
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How To Use FIRST_VALUE & LAST_VALUE Function In SQL Server

Case Statement In Order By

SQL Server 2012 version has ended a drought of insufficient analytical functions in SQL Server. Analytical functions like LEAD, LAG, FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE that made querying and reporting easy – especially in the Business Intelligence domain. Performing analytical operations before these functions was a tedious task; Writing complex queries needed nested queries and self-joins resulting in poor performance. Continue Reading

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How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

If your iPhone is stuck and iTunes does not recognize the device, you can put your it into recovery mode to see if restoring via iTunes fixes any software issue. This article will teach you how to put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore the device using iTunes.
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How to Upgrade to macOS Mojave

laptop with MacOS Mojave On

Get the best out of your Macbooks and Macs by getting the latest operating system for your devices. Upgrade to macOS Mojave and experience what’s new with Apple’s famous computer operating system.
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How To Request Verification On Instagram

how to request verification on Instagram

These days, anyone can ask Instagram to publicly verify their accounts. An Instagram “verified account” is one that has a blue checkmark next to the profile of the user, which signifies that the account has been certified by Instagram as a handle of a public figure, or at the very least a figure believed to be public enough to have a lot of followers on Instagram. Here’s an exclusive article on how to request verification On Instagram. Continue Reading

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How to Use Dual SIM on iPhone

In some countries, Apple offers a dual SIM option for iPhones. You can insert two nano-SIM cards on your iPhone which allows you to use two phone numbers on your iPhone. This article will guide you on how you can use dual SIM on iPhone.

Dual SIM phones are not new. Some phones running on Android and other operating systems have dual SIM support. However, since the introduction of the first iPhone to its 10th-anniversary device, Apple never offered the dual SIM support. Now, the game is changing. iPhone XS and iPhone XR, in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau has a SIM slot that accommodates two SIM cards. The move by Apple to offer dual SIM on iPhone in the mentioned country is an attempt to further tap into the Chinese market – one of the biggest phone consumers in the world. The iPhone X is a top seller in China. Apple hopes that by offering the dual SIM feature, they may surpass, or at least replicate iPhone X’s positive figures. If you are in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau, you may want to check out this article to learn how to use dual SIM on iPhone.

How to Use Dual SIM on iPhone

To use on dual SIM on iPhone, you need to have an iPhone XS and iPhone XR, two-Nano SIM cards, and network connection that supports both SIM cards. It is also important to note that as of the moment, dual nano-SIM cards are only available for iPhone XS and XR in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. If you are from a different device or using a different device, you may get a still use dual SIM on iPhone using an eSIM.

How to Insert the Nano-SIM Cards on iPhone

Note: Everytime you eject the iPhone’s SIM tray, see to it that the device is turned off. Your phone or your SIM cards may be damaged or may incur issues if you insert or remove a tray while the device is turned on.

To insert the two nano-SIM cards on your iPhone, push in the SIM eject tool into the hole in the SIM card tray. With a little force exerted, the SIM tray should come out. Place in the first SIM card, facing down, into the SIM card’s bottom tray. After that, place the second SIM card, facing up, into the top tray.

Once the two SIM-cards are secured, insert the tray back into the SIM tray slot. Make sure that the SIM tray is fully inserted into the iPhone. You can then turn on your device and start enjoying dual SIM on iPhone.

How to Set a Default Number for Messages, Calls, and Data

If it is the first time that you set up dual SIM on iPhone, you can go to iMessage to set the default line used for calling and SMS as well as the default line for the use of cellular data.

You have three different default line options. The three choices are as follows:

Use Primary as your default line: Your Primary SIM card will be used by default for calls, messages, data, iMessage, and Facetime. Your Secondary SIM will be available used only for voice and messages.

Use Secondary as your default line: Your Secondary SIM card will be used by default for calls, messages, data, iMessage, and Facetime. Your Primary SIM will be available used only for voice and messages.

Use Secondary for cellular data only: Your Primary SIM card will be used by default for calls, messages, iMessage, and Facetime. Your secondary will only use data. The option can be helpful if you are traveling abroad while keeping your Primary phone number.

How to Make a Call With the Dual SIM Cards?

Calling using a dual SiM iPhone is easy. Simply do the usual method of calling your contact. iPhone uses the last number used to call your contact. If it is the first time that you called the contact, iPhone will use the default line to call your contact. You can also go to the Settings to determine the preferred line for the said contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can both of my phone numbers receive calls and SMS?
A: Both of your SIM cards can make and receive calls and messages. The iPhone uses the Dual SIM Dual Standby technology to manage both SIMs easily. However, data can only be accessed by one network at a time.

Q: What if I get a call while another call is still on-going? What will happen?
A: The iPhone will send the second call to your voicemail.

You just learned how to use dual SIM on iPhone. Do you think that having two numbers in a single phone is a good idea? What will you make use of this latest offering from Apple? If you have questions about any of the information in this article, let us know in the comments section.

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How to Put on a Santa Hat on Your Memoji for iPhone

It’s the season to be jolly. What jollier would it be if you can add the spirit of Christmas on your iPhone messages? Do you know that you can now put on a Santa hat on your Memoji for iPhone? No? What a shame! Let us teach you.

Apple pushed an update on the iOS to add a Santa hat and an elf hat on the Memoji. Just in time for the Christmas season, you can use the season-themed headgear to make your Memoji look good for the holidays. So are you excited to put on the newest Christmas headgears on your Memoji? We are! Trust us, they look good on any mini-me. Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions below to put on a Santa hat on your Memoji for iPhone.

How to Use a Santa Hat on Your Memoji

Memojis are Animoji of yourself (me+Animoji). If you are not familiar with Animojis yet, these are animated Emojis that Apple introduced together with the iPhone X. Animojis copy your facial expressions and movements. You can check out our article on how to use Animoji on the iPhone X.

Memoji was included as part of Animoji in the iOS 12. Currently, Memoji is only available for iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPad Pro.

How to Create a Memoji With a Santa Hat

To make a Memoji with a Santa hat on your iPhone, do these:

1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone. Make sure that you open your iPhone’s native Messages app and not any other third-party messaging app.

2. Tap on the App button on your Message app.

3. From the apps on Messages, tap on the Animoji icon on your Messages app.

4. Choose the Memoji that you want to add a Santa hat.

5. Tap on the More Options button (three dots icon).

6. Tap on the Edit button from the screen that pops up.

7. From the Memoji edit page, tap on the Headwear tab.

8. Select the Memoji wearing a Santa hat and you’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have an iPhone 6. Will the steps work for me?
A: Unfortunately, the Animoji and Memoji require the face tracking software that is only available on the iPhone X and newer devices. iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 do not support the feature.

Q: From what I know, the face tracking technology exists on the iPhones 6, iPhone 7, and the iPhone 8. Why can’t they make the Animoji and Memoji available on these devices?
A: Though the technology exists for older iPhone devices, Apple chose to have the Animoji and Memoji only available for iPhone X. There could be a few reasons why Apple chose this and part of this could be to market their newer phone lineup.

You just learned how to put a Santa hat on your Memoji. What are your thoughts on Memoji and the Santa hat headgear? Do you have some Animoji tips that you want to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments section!

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How To Start Secret Conversations On Facebook Messenger

start secret conversations on Facebook Messenger

In case you have been searching for a way to make your conversations on Facebook even more secure, today is your lucky day! Facebook Messenger now offers the “secret conversation” option. So how exactly can you use this Facebook Messenger secret conversations option? Fortunately for you, it is quite simple. Continue Reading

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How to Wipe a Lost iPhone Remotely

A lost iPhone is more than just a lost device. A lost iPhone could mean a potential exposure to your data and privacy especially if the device falls in the wrong hands. If you can’t find your device and you want to clear the data off of it, here’s how you can wipe a lost iPhone remotely.

iPhones are one of the most secure devices in the world. One can’t just tap into an iPhone, hack it, and gain access to the device. Even the FBI had a hard time getting into a person’s iPhone as Apple refused to help unlock the device

A 2018 update on the iPhone’s software disables the phone and data port making it harder for law enforcement agencies to crack into an iPhone forcefully. Still, it pays to be on the safe side. Sometimes, your iPhone may be in possession by someone who knows your passcode. This article should be your guide in can you need to wipe a lost iPhone remotely.

How to Erase Data on a Lost or Stolen iPhone

Erasing the data on a lost iPhone prevents your data from being exposed to malicious use. If you enabled the Find My iPhone feature on your device, things would be easier and smoother for you. The next section details the steps on how to remotely wipe a lost iPhone.

Before You Wipe Your iPhone

Confirm that your iPhone is lost before actually trying to erase your phone’s data. Try to locate your iPhone using the Find My iPhone feature or remotely play a sound on the iPhone even if the device is set to silent.

Remote Wipe a Lost iPhone Using Find My iPhone

If you are convinced that your phone is lost and you set up the Find My iPhone feature on your device, do the next steps to use Find My iPhone to erase all content, settings, and data on your phone:

1. Sign into your iCloud account.

2. Click on the Find My iPhone icon located on the lower part of the screen.

3. Find My iPhone displays a list of turned on devices where your iCloud account is logged in. Tap on the device you want to erase remotely.

4. The next screen shows the selected device’s information. Tap on the Erase iPhone button to start to wipe a lost iPhone remotely.

5. Confirm the action to start the deletion process. Once confirmed, all data on the iPhone will be deleted, and there is no way to reverse the process back. The device will then be deleted from the list of your devices on your iCloud account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I checked the Find My iPhone on my iCloud account, but I can’t find my iPhone. Did I miss something?
A: You need to enable Find My iPhone on your iPhone to take advantage of the feature. If you have not activated the Find My iPhone feature on your device, your iPhone won’t be displayed on your list of devices in your iCloud account.

Q: After doing the steps in this article, my device was no longer available on my list of devices? What does that mean?
A: It means that the device has been successfully removed off of your account. Data on the device were deleted including the Apple ID on it – this the reason why the device no longer shows on your list.

Q: Will the remote erase begins right away?
A: The system will automatically start to remotely wipe a lost iPhone as soon as your device is online.

Q: What will happen if my device was turned off or offline during the process?
A: The remote erase activates once your device goes online.

Q: I found my iPhone. Can I undo the reset?
A: You cannot undo the changes that you made to your iPhone. However, you can restore backed up data by following the steps in our article on how to recover deleted files on iPhone.

Q: Will the credit and debit cards information on my device be removed during the remote erase?
A: All data including credit and debit cards are removed once you erase data on your iPhone. Unlike general data, financial data are immediately removed without waiting for the device to go online.

Q: Is a remote wipe the only thing I should do when my iPhone gets lost?
A: Most of the time, doing a remote wipe on a lost iPhone is enough. Still, we recommend that you report the lost iPhone to your carrier or the authorities. It’s best that you document the loss of the device.

Having a lost iPhone may be a bad thing but getting your data exposed could be worse. Learning how to wipe a lost iPhone remotely is essential to keep you safe from issues such as online fraud.

You just learned how to wipe a lost iPhone remotely. If you have questions about any of the steps above, let us know in the comments section.

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How To Check If A Browser Is Clearing Cookies Automatically

Check If A Browser Is Clearing Cookies Automatically

Most people already know that there are several cookies scattered all over the Internet, and these cookies are ready to be eaten up by anyone who finds them first. Hold on, what? That cannot be right. Yes, cookies exist on the Internet (the World Wide Web), and yes, they are truly called “cookies”.  However, they are not delicious, and they can also affect your privacy, so you have to know what they do. Here’s how to Check If A Browser Is Clearing Cookies Automatically. Continue Reading

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