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updated May 28, 2020
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How to Establish a Single Switched Network

If you have not read our previous tech-recipe, please do. The previous article was an introduction to eNSP and Wireshark Huawei. In this article, we will see how we can establish a single switched network. Continue Reading

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How to Create Messenger Rooms on Instagram Direct

Facebook recently came up with a group calling feature in its Messenger app. Most of the world is working from home and Facebook could not stay behind in the provision of a platform that makes it easier. On 14th May, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Messenger Rooms worldwide. Initially, the feature was only available on Facebook’s messaging app, allowing up to 50 people to join a room at the same time. However, other social networking apps under Facebook’s hood were announced to get the same feature soon. Accordingly came two weeks after Messenger Rooms’ launch, its integration in Instagram.

As easy as it is to create a Messenger Room on Facebook, Instagram does not make any more difficult. Making a Room is as easy as starting an Instagram Direct video chat. Messenger Rooms on Instagram is still, originally, a Facebook feature. Therefore, starting a Room on Instagram will simply move one to a room created in Messenger. Continue Reading

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How to Record your WhatsApp Calls Using a Third-Party App

It is nice to look at photographs and memorabilia from the past. Likewise, listening to saved audios is another way to reminisce. Besides voice recording, you can also save audio calls on your phone.  Some conversations are worth listening to, again.  Sometimes people record calls for future reference purposes. Others have this habit of quoting and transcribing in professional settings. Whatever your situation, you can record calls in a matter of few easy steps. While you can directly record calls received on your phone, it is also possible to record WhatsApp calls. Third-party apps have made this a reality. Since WhatsApp does not have a recording feature, here’s a quick guide to help you record your WhatsApp calls using call recording apps. Continue Reading

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How to Get Started With Huawei eNSP and Wireshark

This tech-recipe is an introduction to two of the most frequently used networking tools. eNSP and Wireshark. Throughout the next tech-recipes, we will understand network product configurations using Huawei products. How to Get Started With Huawei eNSP and Wireshark is just a brief introduction to both the tools.
Continue Reading

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How to Retweet with Comments on Twitter (Easily Quote your Tweets)

Typing it out in a few words what you think about something is the trending way of sharing opinions today. Twitter, therefore, has been around for more than a decade now. It is a microblogging service. For the same reason, it is named Twitter: the chirping of a bird before it flies away. Likewise, the posts are called Tweets for which the word limit has recently been upgraded from 140 to 280. Moreover, the app/website allows sharing the tweets. They call the process retweeting. It is like sharing a post on Facebook with a caption. Interestingly, a user had to “quote” a tweet if they wished to give their opinion on it up until 2015. Now, with the constant tests and changes on the website, one can simply retweet with comments on twitter. Continue Reading

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How to Create a Facebook Messenger Room in Easy Steps

Millions of people are using online meeting rooms to work from home in this worldwide lockdown. Apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have experienced a surge in profits. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, also hasn’t let this opportunity pass. On May 14th, he announced the release of Messenger Rooms. This new feature allows group-calling and is built in the Facebook Messenger app. It is available for android, iOS as well as desktop users. A Messenger Room lets you invite 50 people at once. Most importantly, it stands out because users, both on and off Facebook, can join a room by accessing the shared link. This independence makes it widely feasible. Continue Reading

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How to Download Everything You Ever Shared on Instagram

Instagram (IG) is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. More than 40 billion photos have been shared in Instagram history. Also, around 95 million photos are uploaded per a single day. Incredible, no? This Tech-recipe is for you in case you have decided to delete your Instagram and you want to save all your posts. Check out this quick tutorial on “How to Download Everything You Ever Shared on Instagram” Continue Reading

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How to Use Google Keep Android App

For the past few days, we have been talking about Google Keep. It is one of the best yet very underrated Google services. We have covered the use of Google Keep Chrome extension and keep in Gmail. Google Keep is now available as an android app too. Lets check out How to Use Google Keep Android App. Continue Reading

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How to See Everyone on Zoom (Accessing the Gallery View)

Zoom is the video conferencing behemoth nowadays. Everyone’s scrambling to salvage a semblance of the integrity their actual social lives brought with its teleconferencing capacities. While students have not appreciated the idea of using Zoom to attend online classes, others have certainly been more receptive. And it’s understandable. The application has some kickass features. From hosting zoom meetings to letting you change your background so that you can hold meetings in the convenience of your messy room, it has revolutionized the way businesses look at online communication. In this article, we’re going to show you how to see everyone on Zoom by accessing the gallery view. This will help you interact with up to 49 Zoom users on a single screen. This is another one of the app’s pretty rad features. Continue Reading

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How to Delete Messages from Facebook Messenger

delete messages from facebook messenger

Mark Zuckerberg alone had the authority to delete individual messages from Facebook Messenger. Mainstream users were only allowed to delete group Facebook chats. But, now everyone can access this feature. It lets you delete mistyped and accidental messages from your FB messenger inbox. Maybe you sent a proposal to a crush you weren’t ready for but your hand slipped. Or maybe some of your friends messed around with your Fb messenger account and took a prank too far. Whatever the situation, this new messenger feature gives you the ability to delete these FB messenger messages and make easy amends. Continue Reading

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How to Use Google Keep in Gmail

Google Keep is one of the best management based services that Google ever created. Google Keep is a note-taking service. Microsoft integrates this service with many of its applications. For Example, you can Use Google Keep in Gmail, MS Teams, and other online apps. Continue Reading

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