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Fresh Tutorials
updated June 12, 2021
Posted May 17, 2021 by

How to Download Twitter Videos

Twitter community posts some of the best images, GIFs, and videos one can find. If you follow lots of topics on Twitter, you will come across all the more video-related content on your feed every day. But isn’t it a shame that you can’t save videos off Twitter that really pick your interest? Luckily, for you, there is now a way to easily do so. You can download videos and even GIFs and images from Twitter using third-party apps. There are many circulating within Twitter user circles these days. Let’s look at one below and find out how to download Twitter videos for free!

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Posted May 17, 2021 by

How to Follow Topics on Twitter

Simply put, a Twitter ‘topic’ is exactly what it sounds like: a trend that has further tweets related to it. Twitter users are now able to follow and unfollow whatever topic interests them, from a wide range of topics as well as sub-topics. For instance, you might want to follow a topic called ‘music’ but will come across a plethora of other sub-topics under that head. In this case, those sub-topics will be based on sub-genres of music. Following certain topics on Twitter creates a Twitter feed more in tune with your likes. So, keep on reading to find out how to follow topics on Twitter (via Android app).

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Posted May 13, 2021 by

How to Add Friends on Pinterest

Pinterest is more than just a great DIY platform. Sure, it’s fun having a collection of interior design ideas in a board. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to follow the designers themselves? Adding friends on Pinterest is perhaps the easiest way of adding friends on any other social platform. With a single tap of a ‘follow’ button, your Pinterest feed can start pouring your day with DIY content that’s even more in tune with your taste. So, keep reading to find out how to add friends on Pinterest, and make way for a more customized Pinterest user experience.

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Posted February 14, 2021 by

How to Have a Secure Instagram Account in 2022

Instagram is a stand-out among social media platforms. It provides users with a unique and appealing way to share snapshots of life’s highlights. 

Over the years, this social media giant has also become the go-to platform for influencers. Both mainstream and digital celebrities use it to upload photos. These include pics of events, travels, and favourite designer items.

Brands also favour Instagram to showcase their products and services. The image-driven site lends itself well to fashion labels, food companies, and hotels, among others.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this Facebook-owned network makes it susceptible to security threats. Its growth has attracted online harassers, hackers, and scammers. Now, they run rampant and are undermining the security and safety of the app’s 1 billion active users.

Cybersecurity Threats

Taking a proactive approach is crucial to keeping your Instagram account secure. And the first step is being aware of the schemes and scams prevalent on the app. 

So what are the most common threats you’d find on the site?

Phishing profiles 

Phishing is an online scam linked to identity theft. Phishers use social media sites type to steal sensitive information. 

Phishing profiles on Instagram will often resemble the account of a normal user. Many people on Instagram have reported having their profiles cloned. Phishers do this to try and trick that user’s followers into interacting with them.


Hackers prey on unsuspecting Instagram users. People who click on links in DMs; giving out their credentials on uncertified apps and fake web pages. 

Damaging Content Posted to the Site

Once a hacker or phisher manages to hack into a user’s account, they can transform that person’s profile into a source of malicious content or spam.

Protecting Yourself 

It starts with a strong password. It follows the guidelines given by the photo-based social media app. It also uses the maximum number of characters allowable. Never use references to personal data like birthdates.

Once you’ve chosen a potential password, plug it into How Secure Is My Password for a final check. This will let you know if your password’s strength is enough to withstand a hacking attempt.

If you’d rather not spend time thinking of a good password, consider using tools such as 1Password and LastPass. These password managers auto-generate random, complex passwords. Then, they store these passwords in a virtual vault. Encryption and multiple layers of authentication protect this repository. 

Password managers are a win-win. You get secure passwords without having to memorize a long stream of gibberish for every app or site you use.

Make sure to enable two-factor authentication.

Using a second form of authentication prevents hackers from accessing your account remotely. Even if they manage to get your password, they will need to have physical access to your connected device for it to work.

Below are steps you can follow in setting up two-factor authentication on Instagram (2FA).

  1. Go to your profile and tap on the hamburger icon (). 
  2. Then, select the Settings menu (top of the pop-up on iOS, bottom-right on Android). Once there, tap Security before getting to Two-Factor Authentication and Get Started. 
  3. Lastly, you can choose to set up 2FA through text message or an independent authentication app. One such app is Google Authenticator.

Track your third-party apps and revoke access to suspicious ones.

You can easily use Instagram to log in to another app or make purchases. You could have used it to sign up for a photo editing app or play online games, then forgot you granted them access. 

Keep an eye on these apps and sites. Check them regularly to avoid racking up suspicious third-party apps. When in doubt, revoke access.

Here’s a handy guide to managing your third-party applications.

  1. Open your Instagram profile on your desktop computer.
  2. Click the settings button and then on “Apps and Website.” You’ll find a list of apps that you’ve given access.
  3. If you notice any suspicious apps, you can easily click the “Revoke Access” or “View and edit” button.

Make your account private and disable your activity status.

Anyone on Instagram can see the pictures and videos you post by default. It’s always safer to interact with people you already know on the platform. 

You can do this by setting our account to private. In doing so, Google also won’t index any of your photos to Google Images. 

You can also filter new followers before they can even check out your images or videos. Only followers you’ve approved will be able to find your posts through search. They are the only ones who can see which posts you’ve liked and send you direct messages.

There’s also an Activity Status feature on the app. This allows people to see when you are actively using the app.

But, this feature can be a bit invasive when you don’t want to deal with people at times. Go to the Settings of your account to turn this off. Then, tap on Privacy before going to Activity Status and toggling the option off.

Instagram Takes Action

Since its humble beginnings, Instagram has been questioned about its user safety. In July 2021, it announced the implementation of the Security Checkup. 

This new feature aims to keep people’s accounts secure. It also guides those whose accounts may have been hacked. They only need to go through the steps provided to secure them. 

Enable the Security Checkup on your own account and follow the tips provided above. Then, you can rest easy that you won’t fall prey to hackers and schemers in 2022.

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Posted January 25, 2021 by

How to Win Like a Pro When Playing Spider Solitaire


Image Source: Tech News Watch

I bet you have heard or played Spider Solitaire at some point. It used to be one of our favorites before online games peaked. Although many consider it an old-school game, it was able to adapt to the trend in games and devices. Now, it’s reemerging as one of the most addictive computer and mobile games.  Continue Reading

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Posted November 9, 2012 by

Review: Fenix International ReadySet Solar Kit

Our gadget geek provides an extensive evaluation of this off-the-grid charging solution.

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Posted January 4, 2019 by

How To Use Twitter Promote Mode

Are you looking for a better way of promoting your brand online? The new Twitter Promote Mode is an amazing way to automate all your brand marketing efforts for a very low price per day, giving you the opportunity to focus on making your best marketing tweets. It is affordable, and an always active promotion engine, so irrespective of the fact that you are building a business or your personal marketing brand, the Twitter Promote Mode help you gain popularity and build influence for you by automatically sending your messages and tweets to an interested audience. Continue Reading

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Posted February 20, 2021 by

How To Connect HDMI Monitor To PC Without HDMI

Are you looking to connect your HDMI monitor to your PC but not have an HDMI port? Don’t worry; there are many different ways to do this. This blog post will show you three different ways to connect your HDMI monitor to your PC. So, we have to cover whether you have a laptop or a desktop. Let’s get started.

Ways to connect HDMI monitor to PC without HDMI:

  1. There are a few different ways to connect an HDMI monitor to a PC without using an HDMI cable. One is to use a VGA to HDMI converter, which will convert the VGA signal from the PC into an HDMI signal that the monitor can understand.
  2. Another way is to use a DVI to HDMI adapter, doing the same thing as the VGA to HDMI converter.
  3. Finally, some monitors have both a VGA and an HDMI input, so if your PC has a DVI port, you can buy a DVI-to-HDMI cable and use that instead of the adapter.

Can I consider my laptop as a PC?

So many of you have a question: is a laptop considered a pc? So Yes, you can view your laptop as a PC because they both approximately have the same specs and qualities. And, Yes. You can connect your laptop to an external monitor using an HDMI cable without an HDMI port on your laptop. However, you will need a mini–Display Port to HDMI adapter. 

This is a common problem with newer laptops that have eliminated the traditional VGA and DVI ports favouring USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports.

One of the most important things is that “if the laptop has an HDMI port, then it can be used to connect a monitor without an HDMI port; however, if the monitor does not have an HDMI port, then it cannot be connected to the laptop in that way.”

What do I do if my computer doesn’t have an HDMI port?

Consider installing a new graphics card if you don’t have an HDMI output on your desktop computer. You can get one with the necessary connection ports for connecting it to other electronic devices such as monitors and TVs (although not all of them). 

A DVI-to HDMI cable will work too but if that’s not available, then just purchase both—a standard ‘old’ fashioned male/female type set-top box standardized cables are usually long enough. 

If your computer doesn’t have an HDMI port, there are a few different options. One option is to use a VGA to HDMI converter. Another option is to use an adapter that converts from DisplayPort or Thunderbolt to HDMI. Finally, you can also use an external video card with an HDMI port.

Can I convert a USB port to HDMI?

It’s possible to provide HDMI capabilities through a USB-C adapter. However, not all adapters are created equally, and some perform better than others. One way to do this is to plug the keyboard into your TV or display monitor with a USB cable and then connect the adapter to output video from your laptop’s built-in USB port to your TV or monitor in HDMI mode.

Most versions of MacBook’s come with a Thunderbolt interface in addition to a headphone jack, a lightning connector for charging, and an SD card reader. These ports allow you to set from the computer when it’s disconnected from power and offer you various connectivity options such as connecting external storage devices for data transfer between computers.

Can we get 4Kor 8K video quality without HDMI?

It is a difficult question. can you use 8k hdmi cable on 4k tv? Well video signals are so large; they cannot pass through many old connections to our TVs, such as HDMI. To get 4Kor 8K without losing quality, you would need a direct link from your TV set-top box to your TV’s port that can handle 4K signals. 

Your cables may not carry this kind of signal because they’re intended only for standard definition video; no matter how much adding that didn’t make sense before now, it will after be reading what I just said! Stories about people getting exposed to electricity will also make complete sense now since my last sentence was a little brief, but I hope you still got excited about it. 

This can be an issue with how the video is digitized. It is possible that the video might not be in a format that can, then, be compressed and streamed effectively. 

High-frame rates and ultra-high resolution present new challenges for digital streaming technologies to support this demanding content – bandwidth must dramatically increase to accommodate these demands – even as we face the challenge of ever-growing numbers of viewers. 

It will eventually solve itself as 4Kor 8K gradually become popular enough (likely after one or more manufacturers make investments) for technological breakthroughs to make it cheaper to stream such videos. 


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Posted January 2, 2021 by

Top Sports to Bet On in NYC

New York remains one of the most fascinating and important cities in the United States. Apart from the food and music, New York is also known for its baseball teams and people who are passionate about the teams they support. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or place only a few bets from time to time, you will be glad to know that retail sports betting was legalized in the state in 2019, and online and mobile bets were approved in 2021, although they are still being rolled out. If you live in New York, there is no shortage of betting options and sports to bet on. Here are the top sports you can place a wager on in the state.

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Posted January 14, 2019 by

How To Play Games With Friends On Facebook

It wasn’t too long ago that the Facebook social media platform officially launched its Instant Online Games. Around November 2016, the social media platform brought over 17 enjoyable and fun-to-play games to the News Feed and Messenger. Since then, the number of games has rapidly increased to almost 50.  You can enjoy these games with your friends on Facebook, via the Facebook official website on your PC. Let’s take a closer look at some of the greatest and latest games you can play on Facebook. In this post I will show you how to play games with friends on Facebook. Continue Reading

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Posted January 2, 2021 by

How to use Spotify’s ‘Only You’ feature

Spotify is currently the biggest streaming platform in the world, with more and more users joining every day. The platform loves to innovate: while changing the way in which audiences listen to music, Spotify is also changing the fundamental way that streaming platforms operate. 

The new ‘Only Feature’ tool enables listeners to get to know their favorite musical artist from the past six months, while having access to some other fun information about other favorite songs and artists.  Continue Reading

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Posted January 17, 2021 by

How to Choose Which Slot Game to Play

Online slots games are now incredibly popular, with an ever-increasing selection for players to choose from. With highly varied themes and gameplay mechanisms, how can you hope to make the right choice when looking to play some spins? 

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Posted January 30, 2019 by

How to Start Playing Games Online

Technology has been slowly revolutionizing the way we go about our daily lives. Among the many advancements that we have seen over the last decade, there has been a significant change in the gaming and gambling industry. We are going to show you how to Start Playing Games Online. Continue Reading

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Posted February 5, 2019 by

Features To Look for When Looking for Tracking Apps for Your Devices

A tracker can help you keep track of your loved ones, especially your children or the progress of your business. How do you get the best tracking app in the market? A lot of companies have come up with different tracking apps. However, they all have different features that sets each of them apart. Continue Reading

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Posted February 12, 2019 by

How To Get The Best Hosting Prices In 2019

best hosting

When you’re setting up your website, the best web hosting is not necessarily the cheapest. You should never settle for second best, considering how important reliable hosting is. Choose the right hosting option for you, and pay whatever it takes. Continue Reading

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