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updated January 15, 2019
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How To Play Games With Friends On Facebook

It wasn’t too long ago that the Facebook social media platform officially launched its Instant Online Games. Around November 2016, the social media platform brought over 17 enjoyable and fun-to-play games to the News Feed and Messenger. Since then, the number of games has rapidly increased to almost 50.  You can enjoy these games with your friends on Facebook, via the Facebook official website on your PC. Let’s take a closer look at some of the greatest and latest games you can play on Facebook. In this post I will show you how to play games with friends on Facebook. Continue Reading

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How To Add An Address In Google Chrome

How To Add An Address In Google Chrome

Web users hate filling out forms online, especially on a PC. They can be frustrating and slow to complete and usually contain several steps and validation problems. These lead to high user frustration and drop-off. In order to make things easier for users, browsers have for long been able to autocomplete certain fields on behalf of users. Google Chrome, however, took this a step further in mid-2012 by introducing the Autofill option, which can fill in forms based on users’ Autofill profile. Continue Reading

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How To Use Unique Constraint In SQL Server

How To Save Query Execution Plan In SQL Server

Unique constraint prevents duplicates and ensures that there is only one distinct value of their own in a column. Perhaps, the most widely used constraint in a database to maintain data integrity is Primary key. Though, practically a table can have only one primary key. Therefore, to enforce further uniqueness in other columns we use Unique key constraint. Continue Reading

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How To Create Collage on Google Photos

Google photos is nothing far from amazing. Unlike the original version, Google Photos does not work exclusively in conjunction with the Google Plus app. You don’t need to use Google plus to use Google Photos, but you still can if you want. With Google photos, you can save up an unlimited amount of images on the cloud, and manage all your pictures locally. By default, your photos are separated in folders, but you can manually reorder them if you want. Continue Reading

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How to Make Bold Text in Facebook Status

how to create bold text in FB Status

You surf your Facebook account and see one of your friends has posted a beautiful status in bold text. You want to do the same but unable to find an option. Don’t worry, this “How to” guide from Tech-Recipes explains how to make bold text in a Facebook status. Continue Reading

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How to Search for Anything in Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best photography apps in both the Play Store and the App Store. The most common reasons why people love the app is due to its offer of free unlimited storage for photos and videos. What most people do not know is that the extremely advanced AI-powered recognition capabilities of the app allows you to search for anything in Google Photos.
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How To Create A Shared Album On Google Photos

How To Create A Shared Album On Google Photos

Whether you wish to share family photos with faraway family members or make a shared group of event photos or vacation with friends, it is quite easy to create and share collaborative photo albums in Google Photos. While there are diverse ways to share photos among your colleagues and friends. Google Photos offers some other enticing options, giving you more reason to make it your favorite photo sharing platform. Continue Reading

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How To Change The Default Language On Google Drive

Google Drive is a synchronizing and file storage service developed by Google. Google Drive allows users to synchronize files across different devices, store files on their individual servers, and share files. In addition to the Google website, Google Drive also offers applications with offline abilities for Android, MacOS computers, Windows, and iOS smartphones. Continue Reading

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How To Change Background On Google Slide

A well-designed Google slide presentation does more than just being professional. It could help in bolstering your confidence as an online presenter and can also make it easier for you when creating a new presentation. Google slides has several ways to assist you in putting together awesome background color or custom images on your presentation, even if you have not yet taken a course on Google slides before now.  In case you are wondering how to change the background on a Google slide presentation, then you are in luck. Working with a background color or custom image you like on Google slides is not too difficult, once you know what you are doing. Here’s how to change background on Google Slide. Continue Reading

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How To Get Add-ons On Google Slide

Google Slides is an online presentation solution with a real-time collaboration as well as several powerful tools which allows users to easily build up customs slide presentations and decks. You can also extend Google slides presentation with several add-ons which help users in constructing new presentations on Google slides, establish connectivity with third-party systems, and also integrate Slides data with similar Google suites applications (such as Google Sheets) Continue Reading

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How to Send and Receive Money Using Facebook Messenger

You can now use Messenger to make financial transactions. By linking an online payment processor to your Messenger account, you can send and receive money using Facebook Messenger without ever leaving the Messenger app. This article will guide you on how to use Messenger to make online payments so you won’t have to switch to a separate payment processor app.
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