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updated October 18, 2018
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What is PHP Website Hosting?

php website hosting

When it comes to choosing the web hosting service for your website, you have a myriad of options at your disposal. However, it is important that you pick a hosting environment that has certain technical capabilities your site needs to grow. In addition to this, it must have adequate scripting capabilities so that your website can function properly. Well, PHP hosting is one of the hosting types that offer similar hosting environment. Continue Reading

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How To Customize Google Chrome Background

If you are looking for a way you can customize Google Chrome background to any image of your choice, it’s very possible. Customizing your Google Chrome background is very cool, it adds beauty and a bit of yourself into your Google Chrome background and makes it come alive. You can customize Google Chrome background to make it look like whatever you want it to look like. Continue Reading

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How to Use Downtime to Disable App Usage on Specific Times on iPhone

Downtime is a Screen Time feature that allows you to turn off usage of pre-selected apps on pre-selected times. This means that during your preferred times, only messages, calls, and apps that you allow are available on the iPhone. The rest cannot be accessed until the end of Downtime. If you want to learn how to disable app usage on specific times on iPhone, then this article is for you.
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Top 5 Web Hosting PHP MySQL Providers for 2018


Finding a reliable web hosting PHP MySQL provider is tall order but not with Tech-Recipes!

Whenever we talk about the most popular scripting languages, PHP is the first name that comes to our mind. And why not? It is free to use and lets us create dynamic website quite quickly. In addition to this, like other scripting languages, it doesn’t require many assets of frameworks to function.

Speaking of MySQL, it is a Relational Database Management System (RDMS) that utilizes the Structured Query Language. Like PHP, it is also an open source and free to use.

When you combine PHP and MySQL, you can just build any kind of website you want. Whether you need to create a small blog or a large-sized corporate portal, the combination of these two can do magic to your site. However, you will need to look for a web host that supports these two.

If you are in search of such hosting providers, you have landed to the right place. As we have created a list of hosting providers that are renowned for their support for PHP and MySQL.

So, let’s jump into the list. Continue Reading

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How to view chrome saved passwords

Hello there, and welcome to another informative article on How to view chrome saved passwords. When working with your PC or Android device, you must have gone through certain platforms where you are asked to fill in either your email address or create a username to have access into that platform. Now, none of those platforms will ask for a username or email address without asking for a password, and I think I’m correct to say that most of us can remember our usernames to any internet platform but find it difficult to remember the passwords that follow.

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Top 5 Free Java Hosting Providers for 2018

free java-web-hosting

Today, Java is one of the most recognized programming languages available. And why not? There are several frameworks for Java, making web developers’ work effortless. Some of the popular Java frameworks are Grails, JSF, Springs, etc.

If your website has been built using Java language or it has Java applications, you should look for a web hosting service that supports Java. After all, the Java web hosting offers a powerful hosting environment to websites and usually comes with the latest server technologies such as XML, EJB, JSP, Servlets and so on. Moreover, with Java hosting service, your website won’t have portability issues. Continue Reading

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How To Downgrade Microsoft Edge Browser

Hey there, thanks for joining in this totally enlightening article that will show you How to downgrade Microsoft edge browser. Microsoft Edge is a simple and cool way to access the internet, an amazing lightweight browser, gives you unlimited access through your windows 10 on pc and windows 10 on mobile, Android devices, IOS and even though any Xbox One console or device. Continue Reading

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How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password on Your Computer

Forgetting one’s Wi-Fi password is never an uncommon thing. With the amount of data stored and being processed by our brains every second, some data can get discarded especially if you do not use it all the time – like your Wi-Fi password. Don’t worry. We got you covered. This article will discuss how to find your Wi-Fi password on your computer and laptop.

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