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Posted January 3, 2008 by

Linux: How To Find the Default Gateway

Whether you’re troubleshooting network problems or trying to set up a VPN, knowing what address your computer has configured as the default gateway is always useful. Running a simple command from the terminal can give you this.

Posted February 2, 2004 by

RedHat Linux IP Forwarding

Use the following to enable IP (IPv4) Forwarding in RedHat linux.

Posted September 5, 2003 by

Disable ICMP echo (ping) responses in Linux

Many malicious attacks begin with a ping scan. Disabling ICMP echo requests prevents your system’s discovery with a ping.

Posted September 3, 2003 by

Determine Linux ethernet interface speed and duplex

Determine the auto-negotiated Ethernet connection speed and duplex using the mii-tool command.

Posted September 3, 2003 by

Force the speed and duplex of a Linux ethernet interface

Using mii-tool, the speed and duplex of an ethernet interface can be set manually.