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How to snooze someone on Facebook

Facebook is one of the worlds largest social media platform with billions of daily users. The population of Facebook users is quite vast and as such, you can build a Fan base and make a lot of friends on Facebook. These friends and followers on social media can be very discomforting too. Sometimes you get […]

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Posted September 6, 2018 by

How To Block Apps On Facebook

how to block Apps on Facebook

Tech-recipes is here again with another amazing tutorial that’s going to reveal to you How To Block Apps On Facebook. Ultimately, I will presume we all know that Facebook is a Social media that has gone viral with about 2.13 billion active monthly users. And almost all Facebook users carry out various personal activities on […]

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Posted September 4, 2018 by

How to Hide The Sidebar on Facebook

hide the sidebar on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking media that connects family and friends from any destination online, it allows you to share media to individuals or groups and even chat with friends and family. History has it that Facebook records about 2.13 billion active users, all these numerously increasing statistics can be attributed to the positive results […]

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Posted September 1, 2018 by

How to turn off active status on Facebook

turn off active status on Facebook

Have you built your friend/fan base to an extent where you do not always want to be seen active on Facebook? probably because you may not be able to give attention adequately to your fans/friends or you can not probably respond to chats as it were. Well, that should not be a problem anymore because […]

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Posted August 28, 2018 by

How to Use Facebook Camera Effects

It is affirmative that Facebook is a social media that has gone viral with approximately 2.13 billion active monthly users, every user on Facebook carry out different personal activities on daily basis and Facebook has provided useful and amazing features that keep you going. This has prompted me to talk on One of Facebook’s amazing […]

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Posted August 27, 2018 by

How To Stop All Friend Requests On Facebook

Facebook, as we all know is an amazing platform which is fun filled and also more likely the best place to get a huge circle of friends. I know almost everyone loves friends on Facebook but it gets really annoying when people you don’t know send requests. I am going to teach you How To Stop […]

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Posted August 25, 2018 by

How to Disable Automatic Facebook Updates on Android

Disable Automatic Facebook Updates on Android

Some time ago I wrote an article on How to block a page on Facebook and I want to believe that it was helpful to everyone who read it. I was actually about to write an article on another topic when a friend of mine asked me if it’s possible to Disable Automatic Facebook Updates On […]

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Posted August 23, 2018 by

How To Block A Page On Facebook

Are you an active Facebook user? and is there a particular page you want to block? maybe because they post too much or engage in all manner of unpleasant conversations that you sometimes don’t find interesting at all? And some time ago you spent time in removing some of these unnecessary conversations yet it keeps […]

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Posted August 22, 2018 by

How To Go Live on Facebook Page

Go live On Facebook Page

Do you own a Facebook page where you advertise your business brand? or perhaps you are an administrator on a Facebook page? well, the good news is that you can share Live feeds with your page followers. How to go live on Facebook is a key topic that has been searched by Facebook page administrators […]

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Posted August 19, 2018 by

How to Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger

Hide Active Status On Facebook Messenger

Some days Ago I wrote an article on how to hide active status on Facebook an I guess it worked out for everyone who read it. Hours ago from writing this article I received a question from a friend, he asked, “Can I hide active status on Facebook messenger?” The answer to that question is […]

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Posted August 12, 2018 by

How To Report A Problem on Facebook

Report a Problem on Facebook

Sometimes we discover that some things on Facebook are not working correctly, it could range from a payment issue, a broken feature, or having problems logging into your account. Facebook Has provided a section where you can report a problem and alert Facebook of your challenge and in turn, Facebook helps you fix these problems […]

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Posted July 22, 2018 by

How To Download Your Facebook Data

Download Your Facebook Data

Facebook has gone through a lot of transformations over the years since it was founded in February 2004, just to make the platform worth one’s while so many cool features have been embedded. In this article, you will learn how to download your Facebook data.  Yes! Facebook has an option that lets you download data […]

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