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Everything You Need to Know About Unlimited Web Hosting

When you decide to set up a website, one thing you have to think about is hosting. If you are running a particularly large site, then you need a provider that guarantees smooth operations throughout. Unlimited web hosting promises enough resources for high-usage websites, which is why the packages are attractive for many businesses. With plans starting from as little as $10, the appeal of limit-free web hosting is clear.

However, choosing the right package for you can be tricky. What might look like the perfect service for your e-commerce platform could end up affecting sales due to bandwidth throttling. Therefore, you most be confident about the provider you decide to work with. Find out a few essentials about using unlimited hosting plans.

What Exactly is Unlimited Web Hosting?

Seeing unlimited hosting ads when searching for the right company to partner with can be confusing if you have never used the services before. When providers use the term ‘unlimited,’ they refer to the bandwidth available to handle traffic, the disk space to store files and other inclusive services. What it means is that you get high capacities for different features that a resource-intensive website can use without complications.

Most people will never exceed the limits unlimited hosting providers establish. A majority of providers indicate what they deem ‘acceptable use’ to avoid abuse. Therefore, you can tell when you surpass these limits. Unlimited hosting is ideal for video- and image-heavy sites.

Regular web hosting has caps on different resources, which can interfere with a website’s operations. Unlimited packages do away with those physical confines or rather push them. So, when your company site receives a sudden surge in traffic, you don’t have to worry about it crashing or lagging. The server housing your website allocates sufficient resources to satisfy your needs.

Because the server can accommodate an unlimited number of files, you can host large sites with a limitless plan. In an an age when online presence is fundamental for brand success, websites are almost a requirement. Unlimited hosting ensures your platform is always available regardless of the number of visitors it receives. For this reason, many website owners prefer paying for unlimited packages that guarantee uninterrupted website operations.

Let’s Dive In

So, you know what unlimited hosting can do for your business and believe it is just the service for you. However, knowing about limitless web hosting is only part of it, you must learn how to find the most suitable products. During your search, you will realise the market offers tons of options. As with any other service, web hosting is not created the same. What could be the perfect fit for one organisation might not work for yours. Each provider has its plus points and downsides, which you should consider carefully before entering a contract. This part of the guide looks at some of the top unlimited web hosting providers.

Unlimited Shared Hosting


Starting from $2.64 per month, Hostgator gives you some of the best shared hosting deals on the market. The provider offers a slew of features that makes your hosting uncomplicated. It allows one-click installs, making it easy to integrate apps on your platform. The Baby Plan offers unlimited sites, free 1 year domain registration and matches your Google Ads spending up to $500.

If it doesn't meet your requirements, Hostgator refunds you in the first 30 days. Other packages are available if you wish to upgrade. Housing more than 2.5 million websites, Hostgator has a reputation as a dependable company and that should give you some peace of mind as a beginner. It's also suitable for Windows server options.

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Major Perks

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Flexible conditions and no contract needed

  • Free custom website builder

  • 24/7 technical support


GoDaddy is among the most notable names in web hosting. Although popular for its domains, the company offers an array of other features that should prove invaluable if you need shared hosting. The provider has great discounts, which helps you save on entry-level hosting in the first year.

However, the company charges more for renewals than others. GoDaddy doesn't offer cloud hosting, which could be a deal breaker if your business is big on cloud services. You have two GoDaddy unlimited hosting packages to choose from, with the cheapest starting at $7.99 a month.

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Major Perks

  • Excellent integration with Microsoft 365

  • Offers Linux and Windows servers

  • Easy-to-use website builder

  • Provides unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth and unlimited websites

Unlimited VPS Hosting


Besides VPS hosting, DreamHost also offers shared, cloud and dedicated plans. Hence, it's a dream provider for an enterprise with varied needs. The company has reliable uptime, guaranteeing your site continues running seamlessly. DreamHost gives you a free domain name if you are on a yearly term.

If you choose DreamHost VPS hosting, you enjoy a better refund policy than what most companies offer. A big disadvantage is the absence of Windows-based servers, which makes it unsuitable for some businesses. If you are searching for a dependable and reputable VPS hosting provider at reasonable costs, DreamHost is a safe bet.

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Major Perks

  • Unlimited monthly data transfers

  • Offers a custom control panel

  • Unlimited emails

  • Automatic backup

  • 97-day money-back guarantee


One of the most popular hosting companies in the world, Hostinger delivers premium services. So, expect VPS hosting that hits all the right spots. It has plans starting from $3 a month. Three main packages are available from which to select. However, only one of the plans - the highest - provides daily backups.

Using LiteSpeed, IPv6 and HTTP/3 servers, the company provides some of the best hosting services. Thanks to free SSL certificates, you can encrypt all your sites and protect users at no extra cost. A 30-day money-back guarantee ensures you get your refund of the services are not satisfactory.

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Major Perks

  • Unlimited emails, websites and databases

  • Custom-developed control panel

  • Offers fast hosting used innovative technologies

  • 99% uptime guaranteed

  • 24/7 customer support

Unlimited Dedicated Hosting


With Bluehost dedicated hosting services, you get excellent value at reasonable prices. It's suitable for big sites because all elements are unlimited. You receive up to 1 TB of storage and 8 GB of RAM with the Enhanced plan. Two other packages are available, ensuring you can find something that works for your business.

Bluehost is one of the best for managed WordPress hosting. The provider boasts great SEO tools, making it ideal for a growing enterprise that needs to enhances its online visibility. Powering more than 2 million websites, Bluehost assures you of credibility. Although Bluehost has customer support around the clock, it could do better on response times.

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Major Perks

  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage

  • Unlimited domains, subdomains and websites

  • One-click WordPress installation

  • Free SSL certificates and other security features

A2 Hosting

If speed is a priority for your dedicated hosting, then A2 Hosting is your best pick. The company invests heavily in its hardware, which ensures exceptional website performance. A2 Hosting has a range of managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting, allowing you to decide which one aligns with your hosting demands.

Whether you are running a blog or a small business, expect to find something suitable. A2 Hosting lets you migrate accounts for free, making it easy to try its stellar services. The provider not only has more plans than the average company, but it's also costlier. Thus, have a decent budget if you wish to leverage premium A2 Hosting dedicated hosting services.

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Major Perks

  • Unlimited websites and databases

  • Unmetered storage and bandwidth

  • Professional and knowledgeable support team

  • Provides uncomplicated site migration

  • Favourable money-back policy

Unlimited Cloud Hosting


It might not be as well known as the others on this list, but Hostwinds is proving to be a worthy contender in the sector. It delivers reliable services that include top-notch customer support. Hostwinds is tailored for business owners looking for top-tier reseller hosting plans. With Hostwinds web hosting, your websites enjoy great speed and uptime, which is critical in retaining visitors.

The services are ideal if you intend to host a RAM-heavy platform, such as an e-commerce website. Hostwinds has several unlimited cloud hosting plans, with only the highest one providing limitless websites. However, the provider has one of the poorest refunds policies, giving you only 72 hours to get your money back.

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Major Perks

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth

  • Free dedicated IP address

  • Free SSL certificates

  • Eat to set up

  • Excellent customer service


Five managed cloud platforms are available to choose from with Cloudways, enabling you to settle on the most suitable foundation for your site. Google, AWS, Vultr, Digital Ocean and Linode are available as Infrastructure-as-a-Service. You get up to 192GB of disk space, depending on the package. Since Cloudways has pay-as-you-go pricing, you can only pay for the required resources and scale them according to a site's needs.

The cloud hosting is easy to set up and ensures smooth site operations, courtesy of the excellent uptime. One downside of hosting your website with Cloudways is that you have to pay extra for emails. If you wish to boost your website's stability and support with cloud hosting, then Cloudways is worth the money.

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Major Perks

  • Auto-healing cloud servers

  • Get unlimited apps without a definite contract

  • Around-the-clock monitoring for cloud hosting

  • 1-click site cloning with easy management

  • 3-day free trial before signing up

Is Unlimited Truly Unlimited?

The ultimate question you have to ask before signing up to an unlimited hosting plan – is it limitless? ‘Unlimited’ is a marketing term hosting companies use to attract customers. When a web host says it provides limitless services, it doesn’t mean you can use resources endlessly, and this factor is one you shouldn’t forget.

Unlimited web hosting avails more resources to website owners than regular hosting. Emails, storage, bandwidth, domains and other services come in such high capacities that it would be impossible to deplete them. Therefore, these hosting options work for much larger sites that would otherwise fail if hosted under traditional offerings.

Providers set high limits for some features, like RAM and CPU, such that websites can use them as necessary without worrying about running out. Of course, there is always a chance that some clients can take advantage of the available services. Consequently, hosting suppliers put limits in place to prevent abuse. Another angle to look at is the business aspect.

If web hosting was truly unlimited, suppliers couldn’t generate profits. Hosting companies are businesses with employees. They can’t afford to give every website owner limitless resources. The bottom line is that unlimited hosting is not actually limit-free. As you compare various providers, check the caps established for different features to find the most appropriate offerings.

Is There Free Unlimited Hosting?

You won’t have trouble finding free unlimited hosting offers. When you want to host your site but have a small budget, free hosting is one solution. A fair number of providers have free hosting alternatives with unlimited bandwidth, storage and sites. You can find a myriad of other features, including website builders, dedicated domains, and solid security.

Free services are suitable for personal blogs and small businesses that might not want or can’t afford or shell out money for premium unlimited hosting. Some companies have free hosting for a lifetime, while others offer it for specific periods, say one year.

Free hosting comes with a catch, though. It imposes tough restrictions that make the option unsuitable for business needs. For example, the bandwidth might be capped at 5 GB, which could be too small for a platform that posts videos and photos. Free unlimited web hosting could also mean putting up with a lot of ads, which is how the provider recoups its investment.

Hosting your website for free might also mean you receive limited or no technical support. For these reasons, rather than get free hosting, you would be better off finding cheap unlimited hosting plans. However, if your needs are simple, then compare the best free unlimited hosting providers in the market and try one.

What to Look for When Choosing

How do you tell if an unlimited hosting service is right for you. The dozens of alternatives available can make settling on a provider challenging. Your criteria should start with reputation. A website is an extension of your brand. So, it must be impeccable. The host you pick can make or break your website. Ensure your hire a company that takes your interests seriously. Remember, big doesn’t equal reputable. You can find boutique providers with excellent service delivery.

Look at the packages offered. Make certain you have multiple options for comparison. Most providers have at least three plans. Consider the features each one offers and decide if they align with your objectives. Of course, you must first identify your hosting goals so you know if a provider meets them.

Compare prices from several companies to get value for money. The right solution should fit your budget without requiring you to give up important elements. Watch out for hidden fees and activation charges that could increase the monthly payment dramatically.

How Does it Work?

A large website can consume up to a Gigabyte of web space. If it’s popular, it might receive several thousand visitors a month. For such a platform to keep running smoothly, regardless of the visitor count, it requires enough CPU and RAM. You can’t afford to have your website crashing because the server it’s on ran out of disk space to load images.

Unlimited hosting exists precisely for this scenario. Providers offers limitless resources to website owners to facilitate efficient site operations. A hosting company provides unlimited storage and bandwidth to ensure a website can store as many files as it needs and transfer all the data required to cater to visitors.

Sometimes, providers use ‘unmetered’ to describe the bandwidth offered. It means the provider is not charging you based on usage. So, you don’t pay more for using 3 GB a month instead of 1 GB. As much as some companies provide unlimited hosting, different limits apply. An example is a scalable service. With this alternative, the supplier recommends an upgrade once you outgrow the standard offering. Thus, you would have to pay more to get the services you need. Fair use policies are other crucial parts of unlimited hosting.

Whatever plan you select, expect it to almost always be subject to fair use terms. These conditions may out the various restrictions for a particular package. For instance, a provider may allow 10GB of videos and other media.

Different Types of Hosting

Shared hosting

Unlimited shared hosting is designed for website owners who are new to hosting. With shared hosting, your website is on the same server as other sites. Therefore, you have to share resources, including CPU (Central Processing Unit) and RAM (Random Access Memory), with other users. Since multiple sites use the same server, the cost of shared hosting is typically lower than other packages.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting means your website gets its own server. For this reason, you get full control of the service since your site is the only one being hosted. With unmanaged hosting, you handle everything from configuration to security while managed hosting leaves most of the work to the provider. Dedicated hosting is suitable for big websites with large traffic volumes and platforms that require strict security.

VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is for website owners who want more than shared hosting but not the full exclusivity of dedicated services. VPS hosting stores multiple sites on a single server but with with each one getting its own space. Hence, you share resources with the advantage of increased control. You can customise different aspects to match your website demands.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting involves numerous computers working together to create computing resources to run applications. The computers use a network to develop infrastructure that enterprises can use as a utility. When you host a website with this option, it is distributed across multiple servers. For this reason, downtime issues are not common. Cloud hosting is highly scalable, making it perfect for growing businesses.

Wrapping Up

You know more about unlimited web hosting than when you started reading this guide. Searching for the right hosting solutions can be daunting, what with a ton of alternatives at your disposal. Unlimited hosting offers can be especially alluring, with the promise of limitless storage and bandwidth. However, until you understand what these deals mean, don’t commit anything. Unlimited hosting caters to resource-intensive websites. A photography blog that uploads and downloads dozens of pictures daily needs enough bandwidth to ensure high-quality images. An e-commerce platform that stores hundreds of catalogues demands a lot of storage space.

Hosting your site under an unlimited plan means you can accommodate growth comfortably since the server has enough resources. When your website experiences traffic surges, it continues loading optimally. However, the resources available are not really unlimited, which is one factor to always keep in mind. Different restrictions apply, and you should know what they are up front. You should also learn about the various forms of unlimited hosting available on the market. Does you need shared to dedicated hosting? Is managed hosting better than unmanaged hosting. Understand the different elements involved in unlimited web hosting to make the selection process easy.




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