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Best of the Cheapest Reseller Hosting Providers to Seek

With surging online businesses, people have started looking for more and more affordable hosting options. This has led to a rise in budget-friendly hosting providers. You too can become a part of this by helping others get hosting-related resources at the cheapest possible rates by setting up your own reseller hosting business. Looking for a cheap, fast, and secured reseller hosting provider? Well, we have curated a list of the top 12 cheapest reseller hosting providers that are a big hit in 2022.

Comparison Table – Reseller Hosting Providers 2022



Cheapest Price per term

Money-back guarantee

Storage (Cheapest plan)

White label clients (Cheapest plan)



5.24$ per month

72-hour refund




6.69$ per month

30 day

20 GB web space



15.39$ per month

90 day




17.88$ per month

30 day

30 GB



17.99$ per month

30 day

10 GB




18.99$ per month

30 day




19.95$ per month

30 day




19.95$ per month

45 day




19.95$ per month

30 day

80 GB




29.99$ per month

30 day





29.99$ per month

30 day




39.99$ per month



Top cheap reseller hosting in 2022

1. Hostwinds

When it comes to the cheapest reseller web hosting, Hostwinds offers quite budget-friendly deals with a bevy of superb features. Affordability and performance are the two strong pillars of the company and these pillars have a solid base of modern infrastructure with round-the-clock support.

Boast your brands’ services by reselling reliable and trusted resources from Hostwinds and offer a custom experience to your customers. All the heavy lifting is done by the company and you enjoy the perks without any unnecessary hassle. With website monitoring and nightly backups, you can carry out different operations without any stress and experiment in new ways.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • More products with more discounts

  • 1-step installation

  • Free migration services

  • Cheap unlimited reseller hosting (Unlimited Disk space, bandwidth, domains, and databases)

2. SiteGround

With a wide array of services at its disposal, SiteGround provides custom solutions with premium support to its customers. Proving cloud-powered and scalable environments, SiteGround allows its customers to further offer reliable resources which guarantee high performance and speed. With the ability to handle different operations under one roof, you can complete several things in less time which increases your productivity.

The company boasts its customer support with its exclusive software. This elevates the customer satisfaction rate by allowing the in-house team to reply within ten minutes to different email queries and instantly to the phone queries. With a strong backhold of cutting-edge technologies, SiteGround promises to offer a perfect balance of affordable services with promising customer support.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Cheap cPanel reseller hosting

  • Reseller credits with no expiry date

  • White-label clients starting at just 10$

  • Quick and easy stating process

3. Inmotion

Looking for cheap reseller hosting with WHMCS? Don’t worry. Inmotion reseller hosting services is here to the rescue. The company has invested tons of money in their hardware to offer you premium services with excellent uptime of 99.99%. You can resell the basic resources to your clients and earn money quickly. Besides these basic resources, you can even resell SSL certificates and popular TLDs with Inmotion cheap reseller hosting.

No doubt, the initial investment is a little higher than some other available options in the market, but you will get an outstanding return of investment later. The company deploys SSDs for maximum speed and other latest technologies to offer great performance. Just join hands with Inmotion and see your business grow exponentially.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • SSD reseller hosting service

  • Full support on a server migration

  • Top-notch security protocols for reseller hosting services

  • Support of excellent auto-installer

4. Namecheap

Namecheap reseller hosting services provide a single hood under which you can manage several things and increase productivity. You get all the essential services in one single place, so you don’t need to look here and there wasting your time. You get a solid arsenal of the latest tools to perform different activities in a jiffy. With Namecheap on your side, you can offer premium services to your clients and pave your business to the top.

With SSD support in all the plans, you can guarantee top speed and performance to your customers and maintain long-term relations with them. Further, you get the power of premium reseller servers in your hands using which you can deliver reliable, fast, and optimum services to your clients.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Tons of email and cPanel features

  • WHMCS support available

  • Unmetered bandwidth

  • Access to personal nameservers

5. ResellerClub

ResellerClub is another great name when it comes to cheap reseller web hosting services. With their flexible plans, you can offer custom services to your clients and elevate the customer satisfaction level manifolds. Besides this, you get to sit in the driver’s seat when it comes to billing and customer management. The company offers tons of interactive interfaces to deal with all the aspects without any unnecessary hassle.

In case you face any issue, their support will devise a custom solution for your query and deliver it in the least possible time. With multiple products in their armory, you get a wide variety to select and enjoy tons of features. Even with the colossal bank of options, you will never experience any lag in performance or speed.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Multi-channel support

  • Interactive mobile app for quick operations

  • Expand your knowledge base with live videos and experts

  • Unlimited cPanel accounts

6. A2 Hosting

Power up your web hosting business with the A2 Hosting reseller hosting service. Harness the power of turbo servers and offer fast, reliable, and high-performance hosting services to your clients with custom pricing and experience. You can guarantee a solid uptime of 99.99% to your clients with the reliable and supportive reselling services of the A2 Hosting platform.

Their high-powered infrastructure and interactive tools have a solid backhold of a responsive team that works round the clock to answer all the client queries and offer optimum solutions in the least possible time.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Free WHMCS and SSL certification

  • Tons of luxury features and affordable prices

  • 24/7/365 support of the industrious team

  • High speeds with premium SSD support

7. GreenGeeks

Whether you want to incorporate web hosting with your business or build your web hosting company from scratch, GreenGeeks’s cheap reseller hosting will help you grow and pave your way to the top. With solid account automation and easy billing management, you will enjoy tons of features that will reduce your hassle and take your productivity to new levels. The company performs timely backups so that in case of any disaster, you can get your data back and keep your business on track.

One of the major concerns in web hosting is security. By incorporating the reseller services of the GreenGeeks platform, you can guarantee highly secured and reliable services to your clients and aim on building long-term and trusted relationships with them.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Free SSL certificates and cPanel Migrations

  • Access to host unlimited domains

  • Developer-friendly

  • Breezy client management

8. HostGator

Join hands with one of the oldest players in the web hosting domain to spread your roots and grow your business. Here you will get the perfect blend of reliable and powerful tools that will help you serve your clients in the best possible way. With its interactive cPanel, you will enjoy easy and quick installs and several other features that will uplift productivity.

With Hostgator's cheap unlimited reseller hosting, you enjoy full control of the features without worrying about backend management. Besides this, the support works 24/7 to monitor all the aspects and deploy optimum solutions in the least possible time so that you can carry out the operations without any downtime. Choose any Hostgator reseller plan and open the gateway to unlimited possibilities.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Super scalable services

  • Cheap cPanel reseller hosting

  • Unlimited email accounts, domains, and sub-domains

9. Interserver

Interserver is a popular choice when it comes to cheap reseller hosting services. With this, you get the power to create different cPanel logins for your customers. Not only this, but you also eliminate the threat to lose everything when a single account faces any security threat. You can complete all the operations in a jiffy with the help of their interactive cPanel. The company owns independent data centers so you can stop worrying about data security as well.

The company has invested in excellent hardware which you can be used ahead to gain more clients in the web hosting domain. You can even set up the account in a blink of an eye and gain an edge over your competitors in the market in no time. The support team works 24/7 to offer the required support in case you are stuck with any aspect.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Unlimited accounts and domains

  • Proactive backups for data security

  • No setup fee

10. AccuWeb

With 100% customer satisfaction, AccuWeb Hosting plans proffer tons of interactive features that will help you boost your business exponentially. With their distributed server architecture, you don’t need to worry about any security breach or downtime period. You can impart premium services to their clients and support PHP, WordPress, and other technologies with MySQL database.

For customer management, you get access to a Plesk panel that reduces your work time and elevates the productivity level. The panel is easy to use and is fully loaded with a plethora of features. The company performs automatic backups to keep your data safe in case of any unexpected accidents. Besides this, as your business will grow, you can upgrade the resources with the platform without facing any hassle.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Stable servers with 99.99% uptime

  • Cheap Linux reseller hosting just at 11.99$

  • Access to special hosting services for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and many more

  • Undaunted technical support

11. HostPapa

Get ready to get limitless resources with unlimited support in the web hosting domain by integrating with HostPapa reseller hosting services. Upgrade your business by incorporating the power of automation and minimizing the work time on the same routines. You will get access to an interactive portal where you can perform different actions in a matter of just a few minutes.

You build your business on the three solid cornerstones, namely, power, control, and security. With the solid power of SSDs, reliable servers, and user-friendly CDN, you can offer elite services to your customers and upscale your business. You will get a single bill for all your resources and services with no hidden cost. Besides this, the account manager will suggest appropriate products according to your needs so that you can refine your services on your end.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Easy management with WHMCS

  • Cheap unlimited reseller hosting

  • Scalable and flexible resources and services

12. GoDaddy

Skyrocket your profits with reliable resources and reseller service of GoDaddy hosting. In the GoDaddy reseller program, you get no stress over the backend management. All you need to do is adjust the resources and pricing and enjoy the services without any unnecessary hassle. With one roof management option, you can automate several operations and improve your productivity to make more gains.

You also get access to free WHMCS for better billing management. All the resources in the reseller program are isolated so there is no chance of any downtime period. Further, the support team monitors everything to keep all the things streamlined. Besides this, you can showcase SSL certificates to elevate the reliability and trust of your brand in your customers.

Our Expert Rating:


Major Perks

  • Access to unlimited websites and domains

  • 250+ white-labeled accounts on the go

  • One-call away expert advice

  • Easy and quick setup

Some Common FAQs

What is a Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a chance to become a hosting provider and help others with all the hosting-related resources. All this is done with the help of white-label products in your company’s brand name where they are available for reselling at reasonable rates. In this way, your company can earn every month without taking any service hassle.

How can I make my reseller hosting business successful?

Follow the 4 step route to establishing your reseller hosting business:

1. Find your target audience

Once the business niche is decided, you need to set the target audience. Try to understand who will buy your reseller cloud hosting plans. Once you decide on that, you just need to purchase cheap reseller hosting from your parent host.

2. Buying best plans from parent hosting company

Select the parent host based on a bevy of aspects such as client servicing, order management, reviews, etc. For that, you need to do rigorous research online and only then, finalize the best company for your reseller hosting services.

3. Setting budget and pricing

Investing in the chosen hosting company is a big decision. Have a look at all of their reseller hosting plans and pick the ones that include all necessary resources. Note: Your chosen plans from the parent hosting company must suffice everything so that your future customers get all the necessary things under one roof. Putting a decent price on your products is equally crucial. Always be reasonable with them however, keep a check that they aren’t so cheap that your business goes in loss. Always go for a middle ground where both you and your customers get benefitted. Once your brand value increases, you can revise your rates too.

4. Promoting your reselling business

Now that all the website creation steps are over, it is time to advertise your business. This is essential to get more and more customers under your belt. You must also try using SEO keywords for ranking and search engine indexing.

What is the difference between VPS and reseller hosting?

VPS hosting is for all who are into online businesses or have blogs or websites while reseller hosting helps only those who want to launch their own reselling business online. This means that reseller hosting can have all types of hosting be it, the best VPS reseller hosting, dedicated reseller hosting, or others. With a clear difference between VPS vs reseller hosting, now it is up to you to decide what you actually want to invest in.

How to select the best among the parent companies for your reseller hosting business?

Research plays a key role in scrutinizing your search for the best company to set up your reseller hosting business. Follow the 5 given steps to pick the best one among the given parent companies.

  • Check out all-inclusive plans with their respective prices
  • Read out their existing clients’ reviews for better clarity of service
  • Check out the parent company’s brand value and reliability
  • Know their total number of years in the industry
  • Read their BBB or other relevant ratings

Is the Reseller hosting business profitable?

The Internet has connected the entire world together. Owing to the increasing number of online businesses, the need for reliable, secured, and affordable hosting will always prevail. We know that reseller hosting providers are allowed to set their own plans and rates. So, yes, absolutely! Reseller Hosting business can be super profitable since the profit margin depends solely on you.

Who needs dedicated reseller hosting?

When the client demands exclusive control for the website, then you need to provide a dedicated server to him/her. Several web hosting companies offer a dedicated server reseller program in which you get affordable prices and tons of advanced tools which elevate your productivity. Here are some examples of the parties to whom you can sell a dedicated server.

  • IT business, veteran developers
    Both parties need to customize the environment according to their specific needs. It is because they need to run resource-rich applications which give optimum performance on a dedicated server reseller program.
  • Midsize companies to corporate beasts
    Companies that need to store colossal amounts of data and handle tons of transactions on an hourly basis need to work on a dedicated server to perform efficiently. It is one of the basic necessities for them to survive in the competition.
  • Web hosting resellers and agencies
    Companies who want to handle their client’s websites under a single account need to work on a dedicated server. With this server, they can work efficiently without any unnecessary stress.

Who will provide technical support to my clients?

The answer to this query relies on what is included in the offerings presented by your parent company’s reseller hosting plan. In most cases, you will have to cater to your client’s queries and cater to their required needs. Well, this may seem an issue for you since you may not be available 24/7 and they can need assistance anytime. So, to get past this, you must keep in mind to pick only those hosting providers which are backed by a “white-label” service. This means that your parent company will be responsible for providing intended support to all your customers whenever they demand it. But mind you, they should not uncover their actual identity as your hosting service provider.

Final Verdict

By now, you must be aware of all the cheapest reseller web hosting providers and their terrific plans that offer affordability with quality service. Thus, now all you need to do is choose the apt reseller hosting plans for your new reseller hosting business to get maximum customers onboard. In this way, not just your customers will enjoy your cheap reseller web hosting but you too will have a profitable business experience.



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