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How To Change Country Region On Bing

Bing is an online web search engine that is owned and managed by Microsoft. This service has its origin in Microsoft’s older search engines: Windows Live Search, MSN Search, and later Live Search. The Bing search engine provides different search services, including image, video, wen, and map search products.  The service uses a secret algorithm to show the results or outcomes of a user’s search query. The Bing search engine is also used as an advertisement to pay per click platform that allows traders and merchants to offer respective discounts to online shoppers and customers.

Bing was first introduced on May 29th, 2009 by Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballet at a conference held in San Diego and was later released on June 1st, of that same year. As earlier said, Bing was introduced to replace MSN Search and Live Search. During July 2009, Microsoft went ahead to announce a new deal with Yahoo in which the previous Yahoo search engine will now be powered by the Bing search engine.

Also, Bing powers Apple searches, this was after they decided to drop Google in favor of Bing way back in 2013. Bing has continuously kept on making improvements and has also increased its market share, however, it still lags far behind Google, so much that there is no real comparison. However, one thing in Bing search engine favor is that it owns the second largest global market after Google.

Microsoft also refers to Bing as “Decision Engine” this is because it is designed to return search queries in a format that arranges answers according to the need of users. Whenever you search on Bing, in addition to returning essential search results, the Microsoft search engine also shows a list of other related searches on the left-hand corner of the results page.

It also allows users to access a quick link to view their recent search history. The Bing search engine uses technology from a company known as Powerset, which is also owned by Microsoft.


How To Change Country Region on Bing

One very important Bing feature is the ability to change your region/country. Changing your country on Bing is important because it helps Bing filter the relevant search results to display for your search query.

Are you wondering how you can set Bing to your country or region? Fortunately for you, in today’s post, I will be showing you just how to do that. Follow the steps provided below.


1. Open from your browser.

2. Click on settings.

How To Change Country Region On Bing


3. Click on country/region.


4. Click on change your country/region.


5. Select your preferred country/region.

How To Change Country Region On Bing


And there you have it. With just 5 simple steps you too can change country region on Bing


Bing launched with many different features that are quite peculiar in the search market. For instance, whenever you point the mouse cursor over a Bing search result, a pop-up provides extra information for the search result, including the email address of the contact if available (i.e. if you perform a search on a person). The main Bing search box features related suggestions as you input the search words.  

That’s enough for one post folks, turn on your PC and try this out. And please, do not forget to leave a comment for me. Thanks!


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