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How to Pin Comments on Instagram

Pinning a comment on a post makes it live at the top of all the hundreds or even thousands of other comments made on that post. It’s a way of curating a conversation around a post, any post. You can set a certain kind of tone to your post(s) by pinning comments. You could, for instance, pin only positive or some sort of informative comments, while negative and/or abusive ones stay at the bottom. This way, you can also add follow-up information on your posts. So, keep on reading to find out how to pin comments on Instagram and receive all the perks on the Facebook-owned sharing app.

Pinning Comments on Instagram – Latest Feature Update 

Pinning comments in Instagram is really simple. To do so:

1. Open Instagram app.

2. Go to the post you wish to pin comments of.

3. Open post’s comments.

4. Swipe left on comment you want to pin.

5. Tap on thumbtack

6. Comment has been pinned to top of comments.

You can pin up to 3 comments by repeating these steps for each comment. It’s that easy to curate your conversations on Instagram posts now.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pinning Comments

1. Can I unpin a comment once it has been pinned?

Absolutely. You can go to a pinned comment, swipe left, tap on thumbtack icon again and it will be unpinned. Also, there is no time limit within which you can unpin/re-pin a comment.

2. Can I pin my own comments on a post?

Yes, you can. This feature applies to all comments—others’ comments on your posts, comments made by you on your posts and/or others’ posts. There is no criteria as to the type of commenter who’s comments can be pinned.

3. How many comments can I pin?

As of yet, the feature only allows 3 comments to be pinned for any one post.

4. Is the feature available for Instagram for desktop?

So far, it is not…same as many feature updates that are only reserved for the iOS and Android apps and don’t make it to the desktop version.

Why Pin Comments on Instagram Anyway?

Despite how average this feature might seem at first mention, it really isn’t. For it does more than set a tone, organize, curate and hide offensive conversations on Instagram posts. It’s also beneficial in circumstances where, for instance, you need a follow-up for a contest, vote, campaign, etc. For instance, you can pin a comment containing, lets say, important announcements related to any such event(s). It can thus serve as a reminder for you as well as others, once it’s pinned.

Furthermore, businesses and/or startups on Instagram can greatly benefit from this feature. You can also pin important comments made by other business ventures, promoters and the like to help your own Instagram business profile grow.

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