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InterServer Review – Is It the Ultimate Hosting Provider?

For the last 22 years, InterServer hosting has been committed to offering customers superior and reliable hosting services. The company keeps service, quality, and support as its driving principles to offer best-in-class services to its customers. The team draws on its vast experience and incorporates the latest technology to spread its wings in different markets and cater to the needs of its customers.

Here in this article, we will discuss different aspects of the company. You will get to know its services, major perks, performance metrics, and the pros and cons. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive into this detailed InterServer review.

Overall Rating

Overall Rating


In the hosting world, InterServer has accumulated a long experience and dug its feet deep down in the market. The platform keeps evolving with the capricious nature of the hosting market and offers outstanding plans that exceed the expectations of the customers.

From shared to dedicated, InterServer offers you lucrative plans with lots of different features. You get everything under one hood. Even if it is remotely connected to the hosting world, InterServer will offer you everything so that you don’t have to look here and there for resources.

The company boasts its services by offering unlimited bandwidth, storage, SSL certificates, emails, and FTP accounts. If you don’t have any domain, you can find the right one with the platform at just $7.99. As your online business will grow, you will need more resources to meet the rising demands. With InterServer, you can quickly upscale to any plan and cater to the needs of your business without any halt. The company promises 100% power uptime and 99.9% network uptime for its services. So, you can keep your mind at peace when it comes to website availability. Your customers will be able to access your website without any interruptions.

In terms of customer support, the platform offers 24/7 live chat, email, phone, and FB chat support to all its customers. No matter the issue or query, the expert team at InterServer will guide you through the issue and present the best solution in the least possible time. Besides this, the platform offers a vast blog where it presents several articles, tips, and guides to expand your knowledge base. You can look for solutions there and get instant help for your queries. The platform also extends its support to customers having hacked or exploited accounts. The expert team cleans the account, looks for the cause of the issue, and takes all the measures to prevent any future damage. InterServer has a solid foundation and aims to offer superlative services to all its customers.


InterServer pricing for shared hosting starts from just $2.50 per month. You enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage with this plan and tons of other perks. Moreover, you get outstanding round-the-clock support from InterServer’s expert team.

You can further opt for other services like VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting at budget-friendly prices. VPS plans start from $6 per month. The price will vary depending on the resources you choose.



Meanwhile, dedicated plans begin at $67 per month with a ton of superb features. There are more than 10 terrific plans to choose from with varying features for every need.

The best thing is the implementation of a price lock guarantee. Meaning that the renewal cost of the plan after the first term remains the same for life. Other competitors in the market raise their price after the first term but with InterServer you will pay the same renewal cost.

With standard, WordPress and Windows hosting, you can get a full refund on your money if you are not fully satisfied with the services. You can avail a full refund within the first 30 days of the purchase without going through any complex process. On top of this, there are several discount coupons and offers offered by the platform on your first purchase.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting


Looking for the ultimate hosting plan? Well, InterServer web hosting is all you need to get the best facilities served at your doorstep. Starting at the cheapest rate of $2.50 per month, you avail an exclusive bundle of all the amazing services.

The imperative security implementation via InterShield allows for blocking different types of web attacks with the help of an internal Malware database, automatic virus detector, and Machine Learning Firewall.

There are also a lot of terrific services they provide at a quite low price. Beginning from the 30-day money-back guarantee, access to more than 450 Cloud Apps, Inter-Proxy caching provision, and unlimited email accounts to Unmetered SSD Storage, SitePad Website Builder, hassle-free zero-charge website migration facility, noteworthy Intershield Protection, and free SSL Certificates, InterServer shared hosting is your go-to destination at all times.

You will love the one-click installation facility for about 461 Cloud Apps which leads to faster application installations. In addition to this, their own Linux-based control panel named DirectAdmin helps in smooth website maintenance and renders all the top-notch tools necessary for site owners, resellers as well as admins. This allows them to control all the aspects and manage their online site extensively. Since they work on 50% server capacities, they can easily manage everything without facing any performance-related troubles.

There is an Inter-Insurance facility that comes with each plan freely to help in cleaning up compromised and hacked accounts. Their expert teams first investigate the problem and then work rigorously to restore back to the normal settings and then, fix that cause to prevent such things from happening in the future. Even on migration, account cleaning is the first thing to keep your data removed in a perfectly fine state.

Non-profit hosting

In case your non-profit organization is registered as well as verified by IRS as 501C3, you are eligible to enjoy free InterServer hosting. Mind you! It is one of the best InterServer hosting plans for non-profit organizations to rise and reach the zenith of their future goals.

This free plan includes unlimited storage, email, websites, and transfer. Isn’t it amazing? You only have to pay for registering a new domain name if you don’t own any already!

Non-profit hosting


To get started, you need to visit their official site and set up an account. For that, just send an email to the email id: [email protected] and share a 501C3 tax identification letter copy. Also, you must share the domain name that you want to host on our platform. In this way, you’ll have your account set up by their expert team in no time. All they want in return is placing an anchor text mentioning, “Powered by InterServer” that links to If this condition is not met in 30 days, they will charge for the free plan.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting


InterServer’s VPS hosting is something to be looked out for if you are into reliable, customizable, and super affordable hosting options. You can choose among Linux, Storage, and Windows VPS plans that start at as low as $6 per month.

Not only does it offer limitless access anytime and anywhere but also imparts full control to your site. This means you don’t need any authorization to install InterServer cPanel since you get direct root access.

With a promise of fast-loading speed, InterServer cloud VPS services are terrific enough to grab the attention of all the new customers coming your way. Since they wholeheartedly believe in the policy of “Pay for what you consume”, they will let you enjoy all the dedicated resources that you may need be it memory, CPU core, transfer, or storage.

If there is any bug detected in the hardware, they have an advanced self-healing hardware detection system harnessing the power of AI to help in automatic detection and redirection of your site to some other node. All this happens at a blazing fast speed to ensure no site performance issues from their end. Along with this, you get top-notch security features since they make use of Hyper-v, KVM, Virtuozzo, and OpenVZ virtualization platforms and excellent security practices at all times.

Coming with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, InterServer VPS also offers remote backup facility support to help you save your data time and again securely. Besides this, you get the support of multiple database types and all users are permitted to deploy different SQL servers as well including MongoDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, etc.

Dedicated Hosting

Starting at just $67 per month, Dedicated hosting plans from InterServer offer a fully customizable environment. If you are looking for flexible and powerful dedicated hosting, every InterServer dedicated server is useful in providing an apt environment for the consistent growth of your business software and application.

You can rely on their jam-packed servers for both impeccable security and hassle-free managed support.

Dedicated Hosting


Not just this, they are also renowned for excellent performance, advanced DDOS protection, remote reboots, 150 TB transfer, no fees for setup, easy-peasy data migration facility.

You can choose between 1GB or 10GB Ports and get the best features with IPMI or iLo Access. There are a plethora of options when picking the best-suited dedicated server for your needs. These include 2-Cores, 4-Cores, 12-Cores, 16-Cores, 24-Cores, and Ryzen Servers. Since you get uptime monitoring all day and night, you can easily manage everything related to your site remotely without fail.

In addition to this, remote KVM and OS reinstallation are super easy to implement as you get a 4-hour provisioning time. So, if you have decided to go with dedicated hosting, do have a look at InterServer pricing to get started!

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting


Looking for extraordinary cloud hosting, InterServer cloud hosting provides you with the best features bundled at reasonable prices. InterServer’s 99.9% uptime guarantee makes it a highly trustworthy option when choosing cloud hosting.

Since users get their preferred OS choice between Linux and Windows, they feel more empowered with the top-notch speed and unlimited access at any time and place.

Their plans start from just $6 a month with a “Pay as per consumption” policy, making it more simplified for users.

Moreover, they get absolute site control and ultimate security features that grab everyone’s attention easily. Some of its advanced security features include AI-powered automatic bug detection and node redirection and the use of outstanding virtualization platforms such as Virtuozzo, KVM, OpenVZ, Hyper-v, etc.

Besides InterServer email, cPanel, CPU core, memory, and storage options, you get many more tempting offers. There is a full remote backup provision that safeguards both your time and data to tackle any hacking activity without losing valuable data. Also, they provide multiple database support that helps in managing all your site data in an organized manner. Some of these popular database servers are SQLite, MariaDB, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

Reseller Hosting

Are you an industry professional looking forward to running and reselling multiple sites? If yes, InterServer reseller hosting is your ideal choice for all the obvious reasons.

Firstly, they provide you with unlimited accounts at all times making it super easy to enjoy using the sites with as many accounts as you like. Moreover, the creation of new cPanel logins for every website or customer is done smoothly.

Reseller Hosting


The best part is that all accounts get access to all the standard InterServer web hosting features at all times.

Besides that, security is always kept top-notch which means in case one of your websites gets flawed, there will be no potential harm to any other site. Also, their proactive backups system and web-based manager allow hassle-free account management and staying on top of the A-game.

You can have a look at their InterServer reseller plans to ensure you get optimum InterServer Uptime, storage, bandwidth, and other general settings. You will be surprised by the use of premium hardware which promises best-in-class performance features at your fingertips.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting


Want to enjoy a fast and friendly colocation hosting service? InterServer Colocation service offers 4 main plans:

  • 1/2 SHARED RACK (20U)
  • 1/4 SHARED RACK (10U)

You will love the fact that they provide free Reboots, KVM Plug-In as well as Console Checks at zero cost. Who wouldn’t love that?

To add a cherry to the cake, you are bound to get initial racking as well as Stacking at absolutely no cost. When new equipment reaches their data center, they will all get racked as well as plugged in as per their required specifications without spending a single penny!

Furthermore, they offer undaunting 24/7 Support via their expert administrators at their site. This helps them in performing simple OS installations, OS troubleshooting, hard drive replacements, network configurations, etc., in a jiffy. You will be astounded at hearing the super decent hourly rates that they charge for these swift services.

You even get the benefit of purchasing full-size 42u and 48u locking cabinets in just a few clicks. Owing to their Month to Month billing cycle, you can easily use their service without falling for any long-term commitment.

WordPress Hosting

InterServer WordPress hosting services come at budget-friendly prices. For $6 per month, you get one CPU core with 2 GB RAM and 30 GB SSD storage.

Besides this, you get a 2 TB transfer ability in the plan. You can upscale anytime when your business demands more resources. The plan comes with essential functionalities that are completely dedicated to WordPress. You will be able to start with a WordPress-optimized website within a few minutes without going through any unnecessary hassle.

WordPress Hosting


The SSD storage provides 20 times better speed with which you can gain a cutting edge over your competitors. Furthermore, you can manage everything with the support of an industry-standard control panel. Through it you can add or reduce resources on the go in a jiffy. You get full flexibility with this WordPress-optimized plan. On top of this, you get full root access to your server. You can install any software to enjoy a better hosting experience.

The expert team at InterServer stands by your side to help you with your queries and issues. No matter the complexity, the team will offer the best solution in the least possible time.

The platform offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In case they fall short on their promise, they will refund your money.

Website Builder

Website Builder


The website builder allows you to build and publish a website within a few clicks of your mouse. Even if you don’t have any coding skills, you can easily create an interactive website in a jiffy. InterServer plans come with an amazing website builder, SitePad, that supports 300+ themes.

You can select any one and tweak some elements to add your personal touch. You can install widgets to further improve the functionality and aesthetics of your website.

All the sites created through this interactive website builder are fully responsive. You can even add static pages to your website through SitePad. The builder is quite easy to use. You can navigate through different functions easily. You get the drag and drop ability to add and remove certain elements. This saves your time and helps you create a beautiful website for your brand with ease.

The best thing is that you can publish your website with a single click of your mouse. No need to go through the complex process and waste a lot of time handling the technicalities. Just create your website through SitePad, publish it with a single click and give a solid boost to your online campaign.

Important features

Hosting plans should all come with some essential perks that allow you to increase your productivity and reduce the stress on your shoulders. Getting familiar with all of your provider’s features before choosing is important. Make sure you make no compromises on the most important aspects such as security and support.

Interserver’s plans surely come with some great perks. In this section, you will get to know about the important features that are included.

Important Features



When it comes to security, InterServer has a robust system to protect your sensitive data. They have an in-house security system known as InterShield security. Under this program, they have collected tons of data from different servers and websites to detect the attacks on your site at the earliest. Besides this, they apply proper protection protocols for all the servers so that these attacks can be prevented in the future. The IntereShield security blocks web attacks so that your data stays safe from cyber threats. The security program comes with an automatic virus scanner and a smart machine learning firewall.

With cloud hosting, you get self-healing servers. The smart AI system detects the error on the hardware system and redirects the node so that your website does not face any downtime. The whole process occurs in a jiffy so you don’t suffer any loss.


InterServer extends excellent support to all its customers. No matter the service, you will get the best solutions to your issues in the least possible time. The expert team provides round-the-clock support with live chat, email, phone, and Facebook chat. You can connect to them through any mode you find comfortable.

In case, someone has hacked your account or exploited it due to any reason, the expert team will clean it for you. Moreover, they will find the root cause of the issue and take the necessary steps so that you don’t face the same issue in the future.

Besides all this, there is a vast blog, where you can find different guides and articles to expand your knowledge base in the hosting niche. You can simply find different solutions to your issues and get instant help.

Free Trial

Currently, there is no free trial going on for the services offered by the platform. There is, however, a money-back guarantee which gives you a great peace of mind. We should mention that with the low prices the lack of free trial is not a big deal. VPS and Dedicated services further implement the “pay as you go” model so you have no worries.

Money-back Guarantee

One of the major perks that you enjoy with InterServer is the money-back guarantee for standard, WordPress, and Windows hosting options. You can avail full refund of your money within the first 30 days of your purchase.

Some alternatives in the market offer a refund policy but may ask a lot of questions before refunding your money back. With InterServer, you don’t have to face any issues. You will get your money back without any unnecessary hassle.

However, keep in mind that the 30-day money-back guarantee is only applicable for WordPress, Standard, and Windows hosting packages.

Control Panel

With InterServer hosting services, you get different control panels at your disposal. You can choose between cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, and CloudLinux. The platform supports all the control panels and offers different plans according to your needs.

Besides this, you can opt for InterServer cPanel, Direct Admin, or Plesk by opting for a suitable hosting plan. This way you can enjoy the hosting services with the full support of a control panel at budget-friendly prices. You can get a good package deal and boost your online business campaign. With the right control panel, you can elevate the productivity level and earn better profits for your brand.

Email Hosting

Get your hands on a secure and private email for your business with InterServer email hosting services. For $2.50 per month for a one-year time period you will enjoy the outstanding services.

You will get a professional email and a personal mailbox with automatic spam and virus filtration. Having a good professional email will surely help you elevate the trust level of your clients in your brand. With other alternatives, you may think twice before switching to the email hosting provider as the process can be tiresome and overwhelming. However, with Interserver, you can sit back, relax, and let the expert team handle the whole migration process.


Getting the right domain can bring wonders to the online presence of your brand. You can target the right audience and build a solid pool. On top of this, you can elevate your brand awareness and give a boost to your profits. With InterServer, you don’t have to look here and there to find the right one for your brand.

You can look for the right extension and domain with InterServer domain services and get started with your online campaign in a jiffy. The platform supports tons of domains, so search the list and pin down the suitable option for your brand.


Ameliorate your online campaign with the power of InterServer eCommerce services. You can quickly set up a store for your brand and start making a good profit from your products. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can easily set up a store for your brand and enjoy the perks that come with eCommerce hosting services.

You can get your website line within a few minutes and enjoy different products without any unnecessary hassle. There are no hidden costs in the eCommerce services of the platform. In case, you don’t have the time to manage everything, you can opt for managed eCommerce hosting services. This way you will let the expert team handle all the technical and managerial aspects.




Performance metrics allow you to analyze the platform’s ability to work under stress and offer reliable services. The major metrics are speed, uptime, load time, and response time.

In this section, we will discuss these important performance metrics for the InterServer platform and how they make it stand apart from the other alternatives in the market.


The InterServer network is powered by 10 Gbps ethernet connections, which offer superlative network speed. The platform uses the best tools and technology to further power its mesh and offer quality services to all its customers. The route-optimized network further improves the overall speed and allows you to load your website without any lag.

Besides this, the platform has its own private data centers which ensure optimum speeds on its network. An expert support team ensures you don’t face any issues with your website while working with the InterServer platform.


As per your reading of this InterServer hosting review till now, you know precisely about its 99.9% uptime guarantee in different hosting services. The platform incorporates supreme data centers that are maintained by the expert support team 24/7. The team has a strong back hold of the latest tools and technologies to keep everything up to date with the latest security protocols.

All the data centers are fully staffed to cover all the aspects round the clock. Besides this, the platform promises 100% uptime with the power and network operation to offer quality services to all its clients.

Response Time

Having a route-optimized network mesh and state-of-the-art data centers at its disposal, Intereserver offers superlative response time on your website. Besides this, the platform gives a 100% SLA uptime guarantee when it comes to network operation and power. So, you can keep your mind calm when it comes to catering to the needs of your clients.

Load Time

With the expert support teams monitoring the data centers and network 24/7, InterServer offers quality services to all the clients in all its services. The platform encompasses the power of the latest tools with which they offer high speed on their network and outstanding load time for your website. Your customers don’t need to wait long for your website to load properly. They will get the desired results in a jiffy without any unnecessary delay.

Ease of Use

The InterServer platform holds a clean, clutter-free interface for all its customers. It is quite interactive, and you get most of the options easily. However, as compared to other options available in the market, it lacks certain visual aesthetics.

Nevertheless, you can easily navigate through the interface and get to the desired results. The platform offers several kinds of services, so you can opt for the one that caters to your business needs properly.

Ease of Use


When it comes to quality, the platform holds nothing back. You get premium quality services with budget-friendly prices so that you can kickstart your online campaign. This way you can easily grab new opportunities and earn more profits.

Pros and Cons of InterServer Hosting

InterServer Pros

InterServer Cons

  • 99.9% services uptime and 100% SLA uptime for power and network operation

  • Free migrations services

  • Undaunted round-the-clock support from an expert team

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Same renewal cost throughout the lifespan of the services

  • Old-fashioned interface lacking certain visual aesthetics

  • No free domain

  • No free trial

  • No money-back guarantee for VPS and Dedicated plans

Final Verdict

Well, now you have a solid pool of information on the InterServer platform and its services. The platform breaks the limits to provide you with quality services at budget-friendly prices. You rarely come across a platform where one co-founder is overlooking the data centers and the other one backing the support system of the platform. InterServer aims to offer reliable and excellent services to all its clients. The team is definitely working tirelessly to stand its ground. There are different hosting options available on the platform. Therefore, everyone can find the most suitable one and enjoy the premium perks.


Shared Hosting
Non-Profit Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Reseller Hosting
Colocation Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Website Builder
Ease of Use


InterServer is among the best providers on the web hosting market. With a variety of different plans all packed with superb features, the platform can offers something for every need - no matter if you are a newbie or operate a well-established company. The InterShield security program, a price lock guarantee, 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support are just a few of the full array of perks that make InterServer worth your trust. From shared plans to dedicated servers, teaming up with InterServers is a great choice.


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InterServer is among the best providers on the web hosting market. With a variety of different plans all packed with superb features, the platform can offers something for every need - no matter if you are a newbie or operate a well-established company. The InterShield security program, a price lock guarantee, 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support are just a few of the full array of perks that make InterServer worth your trust. From shared plans to dedicated servers, teaming up with InterServers is a great choice. InterServer Review - Is It the Ultimate Hosting Provider?
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