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InterServer Dedicated Hosting Review – why is it the best?

Are you looking for a reliable, dedicated web hosting service provider? InterServer dedicated hosting can be a perfect option. Dedicated server hosting entails the process where a physical server is dedicated to a single client or business customer.

Dedicated hosting offers its users exclusive rights to the server. You can choose to install your software of choice as well as manage the site however you wish. You can also rent a single server and choose whether to pay for full management service. Moreover, InterServer has an excellent customer service team that offers around-the-clock monitoring support.

In addition, it provides pretty good performance and comes with affordable rates to all its clients across the globe. Keep reading this comprehensive review to understand InterServer dedicated hosting – from its features to its advantages and disadvantages.

Interserver Dedicated Hosting Overall

First and foremost – this company means business. It was initiated in 1999 by John Quaglieri and Mike Lavrik. The two college mates back then were fed up with their hosting options and decided to create an InterServer on a robust foundation.

Since its inception two decades ago, the company has built a modern infrastructure optimized for lightning-fast speeds. For example, loading an empty WordPress takes approximately 0.9secs. This speed is excellent when you assess it using google ranks of 2.5seconds. The platform has consistently delivered an average pace of 575 milliseconds.

Dedicated Hosting


With the help of the US-based professional customer support team, the company can offer their clients the necessary support and 24/7 monitoring services through chat, tickets, and phone. In case you have a burning query, chances are you will get one of the co-founders giving you a response in less than 30 minutes.

Their servers are up and running, and the least has 1GB of RAM, five IP addresses, 250GB of storage, and 10TB of bandwidth. Furthermore, the company base intel Dual–Core Atom setup costs approximately $50 every month. InterServer is known to bring affordable, outstanding, and longstanding high-end dedicated hosting products.

Another thing that will blow your mind is the amount of storage you can configure. For instance, clients can maximize their servers with not one but two 6TB SATA hard drives. If you need to use an SSD card, it allows you to install up to 2TB of the performant drive. In addition, you can set up 13 IP addresses that you can use in either Windows or Linux operating systems. Here is what you should expect when you enroll on InterServer dedicated hosting;

  • 12 operating systems and three control panels
  • You have a price-lock guarantee
  • Customizable configs built and managed in-house
  • Up to 25 cores and 100TB
  • 24/7 monitoring and private data center
  • 8 minutes sign up process




InterServer dedicated web hosting is relatively inexpensive and reasonably priced. Also, InterServer uses different pricing strategies. For instance, they have a fair strategy for their consumers, which ensures they do not have a concealed setup fee or solitary sales.

When signing up for InterServer services, you will pay the same amount for renewal. This action makes it cost-effective on the client side.

Furthermore, InterServer dedicated hosting justifies its expenses with friendly client support and reliable services. Also, it uses a price-lock guarantee, meaning you don’t have to feel pressured to sign up for long-term hosting subscriptions. With such perks, it becomes easy to know how much you will spend for the life of your account. As a new user, expect the following costs:

  • It will cost you a range of $44 to $530 per month, depending on your server specification
  • To register or transfer your domain, you need $7.99
  • Expect no contracts or sudden increases in price
  • Unlimited storage space for your data and emails.

Types of Interserver Dedicated Hosting

For the past 19 years, InterServer continues to provide budget-friendly and reliable web hosting services. InterServer has its own data center, 24/7 support, security tools, and a wide range of unlimited features for those willing to pay a little more for the extra goodies. Their additional features may seem intimidating for new site owners without experience. However, they are tailor-made to assist small and large businesses in their hosting projects. This review looks at the various hosting plans available at InterServer, features, and pricing.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated hosting option means your site has a devoted server or servers. While most new site owners may go for shared hosting options since they are cheaper, those with large or growing sites may prefer to have more control.

Since the owner is the single tenant of the site, it is easier to have control of the apps, staff, and operating systems. As such, they may choose to go for dedicated servers since they will take care of the site’s unique needs, such as flexibility, security, and performance.

Dedicated Servers


With the ever-increasing cybercrime incidents, some site owners would want more control over their sites’ security. InterServer provides this option by supplying site owners with physical servers and an environment exclusively devoted to their businesses. Their physical servers are located at their data center in Secaucus, New Jersey. InterServer also provides free features for those looking to upgrade. The best part of them – zero setup fees, remote reboots, 4-hour provisioning, managed support, and 150TB transfer.

Depending on their needs, site owners can choose from servers ranging from 2-24 cores and RYZEN servers. The cheapest plan goes for $44.00 per month, with the top tier going for $530.00, depending on the needs of your business. The dedicated servers also support operating systems such as Windows, Unix, and Linux. Even if you do not find a plan suiting your needs, don’t worry. You can contact their sales department for customized solutions or any other complex hosting options you want for your site. In addition, InterServer also provides hardware options such as Ram, hardware RAID, and SSD to help your site be more flexible and perform optimally.

Storage Servers

Storage Servers


One of the main selling points of InterServer is its affordability. The hosting company is also popular with its flexible data storage options. They provide easy-to-use, fast, reliable, and secure cloud storage services. Site owners can privately or publicly archive their data, with storage options ranging from 100GB to 10TB starting from as low as $3.00 per month.

They also offer users an easy way to either upgrade or downgrade their plans anytime they want through the easy-to-use DirectAdmin panel.

The lowest pricing option of $3.00 gives users storage space of 200GB, up to 5 domains, and a transfer of 1TB. On the other end, the highest storage price option is $42, giving users up to 20TB of storage space, 20 domains, and a transfer of 20 TB.

Other options are priced at $5, $8, $10, and $25, which users can choose depending on their business needs. InterServer allows users the flexibility to back up their files in Rsync, FTP, or SFTP formats. The built-in NGINX web server allows users to share files, photos, or videos fast and effectively. Users can also install OwnCloud, allowing them to access their data from any device or location. The OwnCloud option is also ideal for collaborating on projects for remote work. InterServer provides users with 24/7 customer support where they can reach them via Live Chat, phone, and ticketing options. InterServer also uses fiber connectivity to facilitate ultra-fast data transfer for users.

10 GBPS Dedicated Servers

The 10Gbps is the ideal solution for owners who want fast, stable, and reliable performance for their sites. This reliable option provides more bandwidth, storage, CPU, and RAM power, thus allowing businesses to handle massive projects without issues.

While many of the options on the market are costly, InterServer offers some of the most user-friendly pricing options. The 10 GBPS option runs on a dedicated server that guarantees ultra-fast speeds, making it exceptionally fast to upload data and get fast response times for your site visitors.

10 GBPS Dedicated Servers


InterServer also allows users to customize their dedicated servers depending on their needs. For example, users may start as low as $44 per month to enjoy 32 GB memory and a hard drive space of 2000GB, and even go up to 128GB memory and 2000GB storage for a $530 per month plan. Users can also choose a bandwidth option of 150Tb for a 1Gb port at no cost per month or 100Gbps unmetered bandwidth for a 100Gb port for an extra $8000.

Other pricing options are $200 for 1Gbps, $800 for 10Gpbs, and 40Gbps for $2400. This dedicated 10Gbps option is connected to premium networks for fast speeds and monitors incoming and outgoing traffic to enhance your security and identify suspicious activity on your site. If the available options do not satisfy your site’s needs, you can contact them for customizable options and pricing.

GPU Dedicated Servers

GPU Dedicated Servers


In the past, GPUs were for gaming, analytics, mining, modelling, and rendering. Dedicated servers with GPU are now considered essential, especially for projects with extensive calculations due to their high processing speeds.

Since GPUs can process data quickly, there is little or no downtime, and businesses may carry out projects rapidly fast. InterServer provides users who want to handle multiple projects without downtime with GPU dedicated servers.

Their GPUs are powered by state-of-the-art technology from processing cards such as TESLA, NVIDIA GeForce, or GRIP GPU. Customers can also request to scale up to 4 GPU cards depending on the amount of data they want to process. GPU processing also saves business costs since they are cheaper to use compared to CPU resources. Users can also choose which type of GPU model to choose for their project. Since you will receive a dedicated GPU, you will be able to plan your project since you will not be facing any competition for your processing resources. The pricing for a single GPU is $250, while for the dual option, it is $700.

Furthermore, they also offer the option of custom configuration depending on your needs. Users can also choose other GPU brands such as Titan, Tesla, Xeon Phi, or GeForce series. When you choose the GPU-dedicated option, the speeds quoted are guaranteed. In addition to customers receiving generous bandwidth, InterServer also provides DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) protection to mitigate such attacks.

Rapid Deploy Servers

In this world characterized by stiff competition, acting fast may mean all the difference between success and failure. With the numerous benefits of having a dedicated server, business owners may want to act fast and have it configured as soon as possible.

InterServer provides Rapid Deploy Servers, which are set up in less than 20 minutes rather than waiting for months to have it set up.

Rapid Deploy Servers


While they are delivered with the complete resources one would get with any other dedicated server from the company, this option will operate under KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization. Users who choose this option will be granted access to the management system, where they can reboot, reinstall and access band consoles. InterServer monitors and manages all the hardware. An advantage of choosing this option is that the user has complete control, is not bound by long-term contracts, and is pocket-friendly.

Furthermore, there are no setup fees, and users can upgrade and downgrade at will. Users wishing to apply for this option can fill out the form by choosing different pricing options, with the lowest going for $35 while the higher tier is $245. Some of the additional features of this option are that the control panel is easy to use. You will not be charged extra for additional panels, and you only deploy the software you need.

Colocation Services

Colocation Services


InterServer has a data center located in Secaucus, New Jersey. Its administrators and tech staff are trained and skilled in Windows and Linux systems, which enables them to respond quickly to any queries that customers may face.

In addition to assisting customers, they also provide solutions such as processing shipments and customization services. The tech staff is also tasked with performing OS installations into rack/stack servers in the customer’s colocation space.

InterServer also allows customers to schedule tours to see their colocation space. Some features of the New Jersey Colocation space are that it is accessible 24/7 and offers fast and friendly services, roof rights, UPS, and Generator backup options. Users are also accorded reboots and console checks at no cost. When a customer’s new equipment is delivered for the first time for racking and stacking, they will not be charged anything. Users using the colocation service will enjoy 24/7 support for services such as network configurations, hard drive replacements, OS installation, and troubleshooting at reasonable hourly charges.

Customers may also be able to purchase 48u or 42u full cabinets. Customers are also not subjected to long-term contracts; thus, they can pay monthly and opt out at their will. The pricing is also reasonable, with packages starting at $99/month for 1U colocation, $750/monthly for ½ shared rack (20U), $400/month for ¼ shared rack (10U), and $1200/month for full closed cabinet (48U).

Since it is built by web hosting geeks and has over 19 years of experience in the market, InterServer has a broad appeal to site owners. It is rich in features, and the fact that it can it customized adds to its appeal. The refreshing web hosting company is built on solid and modern infrastructure, making it a refreshing option for site owners.

While its long list of features may seem intimidating for rookies, they are there for a reason to help propel sites toward success based on the many years and expertise that has been collected over the years. The fact that there is a price lock guarantee means you will be paying whatever price you signed up for life. Security is also of utmost importance for the small but dedicated team at InterServer.

Dedicated Hosting Features

Nowadays, businesses across the globe, whether large or small, are faced with a wide range of hosting companies to choose from for their website. Many clients will opt for a hosting provider who gives them an opportunity to have more control over their website.

With a range of exciting features that give clients more control over their servers, InterServer is one of the most suitable providers in the hosting market.



Also, this company works hand in hand with their clients to ensure they receive professional customer service. With InterServer dedicated hosting, a potential client can either chooses to own or rent a server. Here are some of the features that will inform you more about the importance of choosing a dedicated server for your websites.

Custom Domain

One of the great features of dedicated hosting from InterServer is that it offers unlimited websites and custom domains. InterServer dedicated hosting allows you add as many databases as you wish. Then you can utilize the domain manager to put in additional domains.

InterServer’s domain manager allows you to manage and run different types of websites. InterServer becomes a perfect option if you want to maximize your website activities as you minimize its traffic. This feature allows you to handle your domain, addon domains, subdomains, aliases, and redirects.

Free Email

Another great feature of InterServer dedicated hosting is that it offers its customers free email addresses. The email address will correspond with your email account which matches your domain. That improves your company image making it look more professional and respectable. Nonetheless, with more than 25 GB mailboxes, the email account has no restriction on the number of emails you can receive or send.

In case you are a business owner or an organization you will have the ability to create unlimited accounts for your members. It is good to know that you don’t need to use a third-party service to access your email account. The email hosting offers its clients webmail and mobile access support. Thus, these free services save you money on services you would have to pay for. In case you are looking for open-source email solutions that have user-friendly features, it will cost you $5 every month.


InterServer dedicated hosting provides superb customer support around the clock. Previously, InterServer customer support has won awards thanks to the quality of service they offer especially when it comes to swiftness in responding to complaints. Furthermore, the company provides multiple ways of reaching them. If you have any queries, you can contact them through email, phone, or live chat. However, phone support is only available for Brazil, Us, UK, Mexico, and Israel customers.

If you have an urgent issue it is advisable to reach the support either through live chat or phone because using email can take several hours to a day. Unfortunately, the hosting provider does not have a knowledge base. Nonetheless, InterServer support team is extremely professional. They have received a happy customer rating of a 92%.


Security is something InterServer does not compromise on. Your plan will come with a ton of security tools helping you keep everything safe and secure. One of the best perks is the built-in InterShield. InterShield is an in-house security solution blocking web attacks, utilizing automatic virus scans, a machine learning firewall, and maintaining an in-house malware database.

Furthermore, with InterServer you get:

  • DDoS Protection
  • SSL certificate
  • cPanel security
  • PHP security.


One of the key features business owners look for when selecting a website host provider is the reliability factor. A dedicated server by InterServer offers its customers excellent performance making it highly reliable. It has a good uptime of 99.92% with very few downtime incidents. Also, its loading and response time is super-fast. In addition, InterServer dedicated servers utilize the available resources so rationally that everything is used splendidly throughout the process, from storage and power to speed and bandwidth.


One of the reasons why many people consider dedicated servers is because of their scalability. Unlike shared or cloud hosting, where you have to work with the available resources despite the expansion of your website, with a dedicated server, you can scale the server up and down to fit the load on your website. The dedicated server offers great bandwidth that can allow scalability. This way you can keep up with frequent spikes and traffic growth when your business increases in terms of customer base, revenues and visitors.

Control Panel

Another great feature of InterServer’s dedicated solution is that it offers the best control panels in the market. You can use cPanel, Cloud Linux, Direct admin or PLESK.


It is among the best control panels on the market. It is easy to use and allows you full access to your website. Furthermore, it has a well-organized user interface with all the tools you need to install and manage your website. This tool can add your domain, install WordPress, webmail, or even edit files in the file manager.

Direct Admin

Direct Admin is another user-friendly control panel with tons of functionalities you can use on a dedicated server on Interserver. It is especially ideal for use if you are new to managing a server. It has a simple interface and comes with all tools necessary to run your website successfully.


It is a robust control panel with tons of built-in advanced features. Furthermore, it is available in different packages at very affordable pricing.


Plesk offers a centralized control panel with top-notch security. Also, it is fully customizable and compatible with many major platforms.




Do you know? Website performance plays a vital role in attracting new visitors and traffic conversion. One of InterServer dedicated server’s great features is its impressive performance. When you are hosting your website on Interserver, you are guaranteed it will always be available to your users.

It offers good content download speeds, records very low downtimes, and has an A+ response time. Below are the details on speed, uptime, response time, and load time when using InterServer dedicated hosting.


InterServer believes in giving its customers the best web page speed. The company truly shines when it comes to speed and boasts of a response time of 0.9 seconds. This speed is impressive, and according to Google, you are safe if your hosting company provides a speed of 2.5 seconds. This speed justifies their allegation to be true. Moreover, they have consistently delivered an average pace of 575 milliseconds for the twelve months.


Delivery is one of the essential qualities of any hosting provider. InterServer dedicated hosting boasts as one of the most reliable hosts. It offers industry-leading reliability of content and service delivery. The provider has an uptime guarantee backed up by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It guarantees 100% monthly uninterrupted power. And 99.9% network availability to all dedicated servers in the InterServer data centre except during scheduled maintenance.

Any time the host fails to meet the guarantee, you receive a credit on a case but case basis. But on average, the server has an uptime of 99.92%. Therefore, with the dedicated server from InterServer, you are assured of around-the-clock uptime, and in case of a technical hitch, they compensate and do speedy interventions.

Response Time

Response time is one of the metrics that determine the performance of a server. It refers to the duration it takes a computer or any other device to receive feedback after successfully sending a request to the server to load a website page. A server response time translates to a lower bounce rate, better visitors experience, and improved SEO experience.

InterServer’s dedicated server has a pretty good response time of about 512 milliseconds without any speed-enhanced features. Furthermore, you can install other tools to make it faster.

Load time

Consumer experts believe that when visitors land on your website, chances are they will leave it if the loading time exceeds 3.5 seconds. When load time exceeds this limit, clients won’t bother to see what you are offering. When you experience a poor load time, as a website owner, it is advisable to look for a long-term solution to address the issue. The best solution is to shift your website to InterServer dedicated hosting. Their servers will allow you to do extensive configurations that boost your web page load time. This feature also allows you to set up your server to prevent an overwhelming situation like the influx of users on your website.

Ease of use

InterServer dedicated hosting has a minimalistic and easy-to-navigate interface. However, the dedicated server packs a serious punch for many consumers. Many wonder if these features are as easy to use as they are powerful.

Although some people may encounter some challenges, there are no major problems to be faced. After you settle on which dedicated server package will meet your needs, it is time to create an account.

Ease of use


The process is generic, and after keying your biodata and credit card information, your domain server will be ready for use within four hours. Furthermore, the installation of WordPress is automatic and pretty easy.

If you encounter any issues, the dedicated servers have a ready customer service team who responds to your query quickly. Also, you can use self-explanatory user guides to aid in proper management.

Advantages and disadvantages of Interserver Dedicated Hosting


Flexible, controllable & scalable

One of the advantages of an Interserve dedicated server is that you have complete control over your server. That means you can set up your server to meet your needs. Also, you can scale when there is a need to put up with functions at different developmental stages.

Excellent Performance

InterServer dedicated hosting offers excellent performance. Since you do not share any resources on your server with others, such as RAM and bandwidth. That means all resources will be available for your website in abundance, which gives your website better performance, from better loading time to reliable uptime.

Enhanced security

Security is a crucial factor when hosting a website. One of the best perks of InterServer dedicated hosting is that it guarantees security. Furthermore, you can put in place all the measures you think will enhance the safety provided by the host.


Despite the many advantages of InterServer dedicated hosting, it has its downsides, too:

It is expensive

It is a bit more expensive than other hosting plans, such as shared and VPS hosting. That makes InterServer dedicated hosting unaffordable for start-up businesses and personal sites. Also, if you are working on a slim budget for hosting, then a dedicated plan won’t be a viable option.

Usability and Technical Knowledge

Since a dedicated server requires regular updates and maintenance, it can be challenging to handle if you don’t have the technical know-how to work with a web server. You require skills to install, set up and manage a server. Besides, it requires frequent monitoring to ensure the reliability of the server.

Final verdict

There are tons of hosting providers on the market. One of the best-dedicated hosting providers you can consider, however, is InterServer. InterServer dedicated hosting is budget friendly and has excellent performance. It has a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed up with SLA. Furthermore, its speed, load, and response time are pretty good. Although InterServer dedicated hosting does not provide a free domain, it offers other perks, including free migration, a money-back guarantee, and reliable support.

With InterServer you can select the CPU, RAM, and disk space that will meet your specifications. The provider offers three control panels and 12 operating systems giving its clients more than enough options. Also, clients can choose the platform and software that are essential to the functioning of their site. Dedicated servers in general allow clients to have more rights and control to configure their servers as they wish.

From the pricing and performance to its range of dedicated hosting plans, InterServer has everything that any website owner who wants a dedicated server will need.



Dedicated Servers
Storage Servers
10 GBPS Dedicated Servers
GPU Dedicated Servers
Rapid Deploy Servers
Colocation Services
Ease of Use


InterServer Dedicated Hosting can be the perfect fit for those looking for smooth performance and great security. With tons of features at your disposal, a choice between operating systems and control panels and great reliability, InterServer is here to meet all your needs. Great speed, top of the line security and affordable prices surely seal the deal.


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InterServer Dedicated Hosting can be the perfect fit for those looking for smooth performance and great security. With tons of features at your disposal, a choice between operating systems and control panels and great reliability, InterServer is here to meet all your needs. Great speed, top of the line security and affordable prices surely seal the deal.InterServer Dedicated Hosting Review - why is it the best?
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