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InterServer Reseller Hosting Review – Is It Reliable?

Are you planning to get into the web hosting business, but you aren’t sure which is the best reseller hosting company to choose? Well, InterServer reseller hosting can serve you right. Reselling hosting is a lucrative way of entering the hosting industry without possessing or operating your own server. InterServer is a renowned web hosting provider that was founded in 1999.

Over the years, the company has garnered massive customers for good reasons. It offers top-notch web hosting services at affordable prices. Also, InterServer provides a wide range of excellent features, including superb security, unlimited resources, and outstanding uptime. Continue reading this comprehensive review to learn everything about InterServer reseller hosting. From its hosting plans and pricing to its features.

InterServer Reseller Hosting Overall

If you are planning to start a web hosting business, it is not a surprise that InterServer reseller hosting will be your top choice. With more than 20 years of operation, InterServer has made a name in the industry.

With a ton of perks for every need InterServer can be a great partner for your business. It offers reseller web hosting with many great features that guarantee you and your clients an enjoyable experience. It provides:

Reseller Hosting


  • White labelling
  • A reliable network uptime of over 99.9%.
  • Impressive web loading ting
  • Average server speed

Furthermore, the provider gives customers unlimited emails, SSL certificates, and a money-back guarantee. Also, InterServer offers 24/7 technical support through phone, chat, and tickets.

There are five different InterServer Reseller hosting plans with different prices, varying levels of disk space, and bandwidth. The plans include RS one, RS two, RS three, RS four, and RS five. The RS one is the low-option resell hosting plan. It costs $19.95 per month and provides a bandwidth of 500GB and disk space of 80 GB. While RS five is the highest resell hosting plan by InterServer, which costs $69.95 monthly and offers 2000GB bandwidth and 280 GB disk space. There are no set-up fees in all the packages, and you enjoy unlimited domains.

InterServer makes it easy to manage your reseller-hosting business because you access all your accounts from a single dashboard. Moreover, InterServer can grow with you as your business scales up.




You don’t have to break the bank when starting a reselling hosting business! InterServer reseller hosting plans have fair pricing ranging between $ 19.95 to $69.96.

The RS one plan monthly cost is $19.50, RS two – $29.95, RS three – 39.95, RS four – 49.95, and RS five – $69.95.

InterServer includes support, reliability, and performance in all its plans to justify the costs.

One of the truly best things about getting hosting services from InterServer is its price lock guarantee program that prevents cost overruns. With this initiative, you don’t have to worry about the chance of any hidden costs of web hosting. The price lock guarantee implies that the fee you agree to pay monthly while signing up will be locked for a lifetime. That means you will pay the same amount if you retain your InterServer account.

InterServer Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller hosting is one of the most popular InterServer hosting types, thanks to the many benefits it offers to users. The InterServer reseller hosting includes all the features, protection, and security available in other web hosting packages. Also, reseller hosting is more cost-effective because resellers can offer it in low-cost plans. InterServer offers five reseller hosting plans with varying bandwidth, disk space, and pricing. Here are the five different InterServer reseller hosting packages explained.

Reseller Plans


1. RS One

First of the reseller hosting plans offered by InterServer is RS one. The RS one is the cheapest option going for $19.95 monthly. The package provides all features in Standard Web hosting, with each user getting a control panel login. The disk space in RS one is 80GB. That is the total space available to be used across all resold accounts. Also, RS one has a monthly bandwidth for all resold accounts of 500GB. This plan is ideal if you are relatively new in the web hosting business or have fewer customers.

2. RS Two

RS Two is the second InterServer reseller plan. It goes for $29.95 monthly but provides a larger disk space and monthly bandwidth than the RS one package. It features a disk space of 120GB and a monthly bandwidth of 700 GB. In this plan, you receive all client management and standard web hosting features you will require in the reseller control panel.

3. RS Three

You get more bandwidth and space with RS three plan than with RS one and two. It has a monthly bandwidth of 1000GB and a disk space of 160 GB. Furthermore, it has fair monthly pricing of $39.95.

4. RS Four

RS Four has a total disc space of 200GB and a monthly bandwidth of 1300 GB. Moreover, with this InterServer reseller hosting plan, you can connect to unlimited cPanel accounts. The monthly cost of the RS four plan is $49.95.

5. RS Five

The highest InterServer resell hosting plan is RS Five. The package is best for well-established resell hosting businesses with quite many clients. The plan provides direct admin, client management, and all web hosting feature you will need in your reselling account. The plan costs $69.95 monthly and has a disk space and bandwidth of 280GB and 2000GB consecutively. Also, the plan does not limit the number of accounts you can connect.

The above are the 5 InterServer reseller plans. Choose one that is in line with the space and bandwidth you need. Also, the number of your clients will determine the one that will be ideal for you. The best thing is, in all the reseller hosting plans, no set-up fees are needed. Also, all the plans include additional features such as unlimited domains, one-click scripts, and MYSQL on SSD drives.

Reseller Hosting Features



InterServer is one of the best web hosting service providers on the market, and for good reasons. It offers a wide selection of hosting options, including VPS, dedicated hosting, colocation, reseller hosting, web hosting, and many more.

InterServer offers excellent features in all its plans that ensure reliability, performance, and security to all customers who host their websites with them.

From top-notch customer support, advanced security features, free emails, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and an easy-to-use control panel, there are many great features and perks to enjoy when hosting with InterServer. Here are the leading reseller hosting features.

Custom Domain

One of the key features of InterServer is that it offers unlimited custom domains on all its plans. A domain refers to your name on the internet. However, hosting your website with only an IP address without a domain is technically possible. A domain is imperative as it ensures you are known online.

Luckily, InterServer provides the service of registering and maintaining customers’ domains. It provides unlimited custom domains. With this feature, you can register as many domains as you want with your hosting plan. Moreover, you aren’t limited to the number of domains you can have on your account. You should note, however, that domain names are not included in your plan and can be purchased separately.

Free Email

Finding a web hosting provider offering emails as free perks makes it a suitable choice. InterServer reseller hosting provides customers with free email accounts that match their domain. That means when you buy a reseller, you will not need to use other 3rd party services for email accounts like Google. Furthermore, this perk saves you from expenses you would otherwise incur.


When choosing a reseller hosting provider, it is always wise to go for one that offers white labelling performance. One of the great features of InterServer reseller hosting is that it allows the resellers to white-label their services. White labelling allows hosting resellers to rebrand InterServer hosting products and offer them under their brand name. That means your customers will never know your vendors nor know you are not the exclusive owner. A white label provides flexibility and can help grow your brand by increasing customer retention.


One of the key features of InterServer hosting is that it provides excellent customer support. The provider is quite efficient in offering both technical and non-technical support and can quickly solve any issue you throw at them. InterServer provides 24/7/365 support. Also, you can reach the agents via multiple channels. You can either reach InterServer customer support via live chat, phone support, or through their email.

You can also reach them via their social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. The most efficient way to reach customer support if you have a pressing issue is by calling them directly or via live chat. The response time is usually instant and latest – 10 minutes. However, when you email them, it may take a bit longer before they respond.


One of the factors website owners consider when choosing a web hosting provider is security. InterServer is very secure. It offers a variety of advanced security features in all its plans protecting your page from attacks. It includes free SSL certificates on all its plans. A secure Socket Layering (SSL) helps in securing website transactions by creating an encryption connection.

Also, InterServer conducts weekly backups to ensure all your data is safe. For added security, the backups are stored on a remote server. Another security feature you can access when you purchase InterServer reseller hosting is the Cloudflare content delivery network which comes together with DDoS attack protection. Integrating CDNs while web hosting defends your website from attacks.

InterServer also features a security suite known as InterShield. InterShield features four tools that help in preventing and detecting attacks. The tools include; web attack blocking, machine learning firewall, In house malware database, and automation virus scanner.

Control Panel

Another great feature of InterServer hosting is that it uses a Linux-based control panel, cPanel. cPanel is a standard hosting control panel that has become the most famous and widely used in today’s world. cPanel provides you with complete access to your website.

This control panel has a well-organized interface that makes manoeuvring your website easy. It has many click functions that make it easy to perform tasks. Moreover, it provides all the crucial tools to resellers and end-user website owners to help them successfully control and manage their accounts. With a cPanel, you can easily add a domain or a webmail account installs WordPress,or edit files in the file manager.

In addition, cPanel is beginner friendly. You can work on the platform with little or no technical knowledge.

Free Trial

Another great thing about hosting with InterServer is that it offers a free trial. Usually, web hosting is expensive, and no website owner can want to take any risks, especially if you are starting out and you are on a budget. InterServer offers 30 days of free usage on all its hosting plans, including reseller hosting.

During this period, you get to know more about the plan you want to purchase and ascertain if it’s worthwhile to pay without risking your money. InterServer hosting free trials cost $ 0.01, and the amount covers the entire period. After that, if you are satisfied with the service, you can go ahead and pay for the monthly subscription. However, if you are not contented, you can leave at no cost.

Money-back guarantee

Did you purchase InterServer reseller hosting plans or any other plan but change your mind? You don’t have to worry. Regardless of the reason making you cancel the plan, you can do so with confidence because there is a guarantee of getting your money paid back. InterServer provides a thirty-day money-back guarantee if you want to cancel the service midway.

Furthermore, the cancellation process is simple. To receive the refund, just login into the InterServer dashboard and select the plan you want to cancel. Then scroll down and select cancel website and confirm cancellation. Also, you can email the support and request cancellation. Once you have cancelled, your refund should be processed within a few days.


The InterServer reseller hosting offers standard hosting to its clients. The platform is very reliable, with 99.99% uptime; this is more than expected for an average server. Also, it has a good website loading time when the system is under pressure.

To check how articulate InterServer performs its task, you should do a reliable test that entails speed, uptime, response time, and load time. InterServer is suitable for daily mailing needs and other crucial tasks.




When it comes to speed, InterServer reseller hosting boasts a good loading number when installing an empty website. Depending on where you server is located, it will give exceptional results. For instance, when tested from a server based in the USA, expect a load time of approximately 0.9s. However, Google suggests if your web page has a speed of 2.5 seconds, you are good to go.

It is good to note the further you go from a data centre or the further you are from a server, the longer it will take for your website to load. That is why it is advisable when you start to build a website, invest in good website hosting rather than chasing numbers that will affect your success with the launch of your website.


What is uptime, you may wonder. Uptime is the aggregate time a server hosting your website is up and running. It is generally listed as percentages. It is good to note that a good hosting company has a high uptime rate. As a result, substantial uptime guarantees that your website will be up nearly all the time. InterServer has a performance uptime of 99.99% for both long-term performance monitoring results. With barely an hour or less downtime in a year, that is the best you should expect from any reliable server. Furthermore, the result is highly recommendable when you are deliberating the provider’s official SLA uptime of 99.99%.

Response Time

A server response time is an opportune time it takes to load an HTML page that you require use from your server. Typically, when exploring a server response time, you subtract out the network latency between your servers and google. The variance between a particular run to the next should not vary or be too large. When a response differs, it may indicate an underlying performance issue. For InterServer reseller, expect an average of 662ms, which is an average performance that is not badly off. Note that your server’s slow response time impacts your capability to retain and create new clientele.

Load time

A load time is basically the amount of time it takes for a page to download and display the entire web content. Page load time is a web performance measure that has a direct assignation to a business. Load time showcases how long a page should fully load when you click on a link or enter it initially in a browser. Nonetheless, for an InterServer reselling hosting, accept nothing less. A loading time of 0.52s is pretty excellent and insane fast. However, the speed at which your website loads a page depends on your hosting server, the design, traffic, and the page’s weight.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use


One of the distinct features that are associated with InterServer hosting is as easy-to-use tool as it can possibly be. For instance, if you purchase a domain, it is automatically activated, and SSL certificates are pre-installed.

InterServer has a clean interface that is easy to navigate. Those who have used this platform can attest to how easily the provider has designed it. You can easily manage your account with ease.

Also, there are lots of forums online that create added support for a client. Nonetheless, all the InterServer hosting services are easily accessible and have several options that allow the clients to customize.

You shouldn’t worry about the technical part when using this service. There is a ready customer service team that is ready to help you address any technical challenge you might encounter with ease. All you will need is to forward your concern to the technical support team, and they will get back to you with a solution.

All in all, InterServer is easy to use on day-to-day tasks like WordPress installations or email management. This platform is user-friendly and performs such duties in seconds.

Can I resell VPS or dedicated plans with InterServer?

Yes. You can resell VPS or dedicated plans with InterServer. Getting a Virtual Private Server to resell web hosting is a popular option among resellers. To start reselling InterServer VPS plans, you first need to rent a server with the company, divide the resources and resell to your customers at a higher price. The best thing is that Virtual Private Servers have more demand; hence you can resell them more efficiently. However, the VPS can be more expensive than the reseller plans. Also, with a VPS, you may need to pay for some free features in the reseller plans, such as management fees.

VPS is an ideal option if you have a large number of clients, making you outgrow the reseller plans. Also, if you require more control over your server and want to install custom scripts, you can opt for VPS.

Moreover, InterServer has automated systems useful in resell of a dedicated server. However, to become an InterServer dedicated server reseller, you must meet several requirements. One must be an active InterServer customer with an excellent payment history. Also, your monthly bill must at least be $300 monthly, and be ready to pay a resell set up fee of $150.

A dedicated server is ideal if you want absolute control over your server, have established an extensive list of clienteles, or have outgrown reseller plans.

What to look for in a reseller hosting provider

When choosing the right hosting reseller, there are several things you need to look out for, including


One of the critical factors you need to check when looking for a reseller hosting provider is uptime. Which is the measure of a web server’s reliability. Go for a reseller hosting provider that guarantees high uptime rates of at least 99.9%. Any provider promising an uptime less than that won’t be worth your cash.

SSL Certificate

A good reseller hosting provider should contain an SSL certificate, either paid or free. An SSL certificate enables your clients to execute HTTPS commands, which guarantees the safety of the customer’s critical data.

A powerful and accessible control panel

Different reseller hosting providers offer different control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, etc. Therefore, the type of control panels a provider offers should be a crucial thing to look out for. It is best to opt for a reseller hosting provider with cPanel. It is considered the industry standard and can be helpful in the management of simple but essential reseller hosting plans.

White label branding

Another thing to check is whether the reseller hosting provider allows white label branding. Go for a provider that provides white labelling to help market the hosting services to your end users.

Technical support

Check if the hosting provider offers the proper technical support. A good provider should offer technical support around the clock and can be reached via multiple channels.

Final verdict

If you are a business-minded person, reselling hosting services can be a profitable business. However, looking for the best reseller hosting provider is paramount to avoid frustration down the road. It would be best to consider several factors when choosing the best provider, including disk space, bandwidth, customer support, security, white labelling, and many more.

One of the best reseller hosting providers you can consider is InterServer. InterServer is one of the giants in the web hosting industry. Besides reseller hosting, the provider offers other hosting options, including shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. InterServer provides white labelling solutions and offers scalable server resources. It is available in 5 different plans, each with different prices, disk space, and bandwidth. However, in all the plans, you do not require set-up fees and enjoy unlimited domains.

Furthemore, InterServer offers exceptional reseller hosting features, including excellent performance, generous disk space, unlimited MySQL database, and superb customer support. Also, InterServer reseller hosting offers users unlimited email accounts and an easy-to-use control panel. Furthermore, you shouldn’t worry if you want to cancel your subscription. InterServer offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee.



Reseller Plans
Ease of Use


Starting a reselling business is an appealing idea for a lot of business-oriented people. Teaming up with InterServer to start your business endeavour is an amazing choice. With five different plans to choose from - all with great features - you are sure to find one fitting your needs. Unlimited email accounts, InterShield security, price lock guarantee are just some of the many perks you will enjoy with InterServer reseller hosting.


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Starting a reselling business is an appealing idea for a lot of business-oriented people. Teaming up with InterServer to start your business endeavour is an amazing choice. With five different plans to choose from - all with great features - you are sure to find one fitting your needs. Unlimited email accounts, InterShield security, price lock guarantee are just some of the many perks you will enjoy with InterServer reseller hosting.InterServer Reseller Hosting Review - Is It Reliable?
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