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Windows 10: How to Change the Default Web Browser

Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge as the default web browser. This means that web pages opened using Cortana or the Start menu will...

Customize Gmail with Labs Features

The Gmail Labs service contain features that users can enable to customize their Gmail experience. Often this allows users to increase the functionality and...

View New York Times Articles for Free without Subscribing

The New York Times infamously uses a paywall to limit access. By using this technique you can bypass the ten articles per month restriction. The...

Springpad: What is it and how to get started

Recently, I started using a new free web service called Springpad to use for my online note taking and web clipping application and...

iPad / iBooks : How to add book coverart to purchased / free books via iTunes and a web browser

This recipe will explain how to add book coverart to your purchased and free books. We will use iTunes, a browser (IE8, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and Google Images to do this. 🙂

Firefox: Use a Bookmarklet to Download High Definition YouTube Clips

Along with the Standard and High Quality formats, YouTube offers a High Definition 720p MP4 format version of some videos. By using a bookmarklet, you can easily download these videos to your computer without the use of any other software. Once you have the video downloaded, you simply rename the file and it’s set to go.

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