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How to Tag Someone in Instagram Story Post the Easy Way


Yes,  You can now tag someone In Instagram story! Instagram stories finally have something that Snapchat stories lack. At least, Instagram finally comes up with something remotely original.

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How to Easily Login to Instagram

Use NFC on Samsung

You can set Instagram to remember your login credentials. This way, you can easily login to Instagram without entering the password of your account. Learn how to quickly login to Instagram without hassles by following the steps outlined in this article.

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How to Make Instagram Account Private


Worried that some creepy ex or an uninvited stalker might breach your privacy on Instagram? Privacy and security is something users take really seriously and after the recent accusations on Facebook, concerning the Cambridge analytical case, users have become overly cautious of their online data. Instagram provides its users a number of features to protect their […]

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How to Respond to Message Requests on Instagram Direct

How to Respond to Message Requests on Instagram

You can decline or accept message request on Instagram Direct even for those who are not your followers. This article will guide you in show two methods of responding to messages requests on Instagram Direct

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How to Reset Instagram Password

How to Reset Instagram Password

The more internet accounts you have like emails, social media accounts, subscriptions and the likes, the more there is a chance that you may forget your accounts’ passwords. If you forgot your Instagram password, this article would teach you how to reset Instagram password.

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How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts

How to Add and Switch Multiple Instagram Accounts

Instagram allows users to use multiple accounts on a single device. Recognizing that there could be more than one user of a mobile device, Instagram has an option to use up to five multiple Instagram accounts on the phone. You just need to add another Instagram account on your phone. This article will teach you […]

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How to Reactivate Instagram Account


Are you interested in retrieving an Instagram account that got disabled? This tutorial will tell you all the strategies to reactivate Instagram account. Before going towards that, let’s discuss the basic key roles of an Instagram account. Instagram is basically a social networking site where you share pictures and posts  publicly with the members of Instagram. It’s […]

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How to Clear Search History on Instagram

How to Clear Instagram Search History

The search box is one of the useful tools on Instagram. This feature can find everything we want to see or look for. For easy access to your most searched accounts, Instagram saved them for you. Like other app and online search engine, Instagram stores your frequently searched keywords. However, everyone may not want to […]

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How to Disable Similar Account Suggestions on Instagram | Stop Suggesting Your Instagram Account to Others

How to Disable Similar Account Suggestions

Instagram automatically shows suggestions of profiles similar to the ones that a user just followed. This is called the Similar Account Suggestions feature. The feature automatically suggests profiles and accounts that are similar to the one recently followed. The algorithm analyzes the last profile followed and suggested similar profiles that the user may be interested […]

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How to Set Instagram to Use Less Data

How to use Less Data on Instagram

Instagram, undoubtedly, is one of the more popular social media apps. Since Instagram is leaning more on posting pictures and videos, the app may consume a considerable amount of data. This may not be an issue if you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection or you are on an unlimited data plan. However, for those […]

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How to Change Instagram Language

How to Change Instagram Language

Upon installation to your phone, Instagram’s language is set English by default. If you prefer to use a language other than English, then you can change Instagram’s language through the Settings. This article will detail each step with a screenshot so you can easily change Instagram language.

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How to Whatsapp an International Number


We all have relatives living around the globe. Sometimes, it so happens that one of your best friends emigrates to a foreign country and you feel completely alone. In times like these we can whatsapp an international number and save ourselves from the pinching sadness. In ancient times, before the advent of messaging apps, such as Whatsapp, […]