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Posted March 5, 2020 by

How to Enable Dark Mode in Whatsapp in Easy Steps

Finally, Facebook! Instagram had a dark mode. Soundcloud had a dark mode. Heck, you could even enable dark mode in Google Chrome. But, Facebook took its time. After taking over Whatsapp for a staggering 19 billion dollars, Facebook finally realized the importance of the dark and elegant Whatsapp for some people. The new update is […]

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Posted July 24, 2019 by

How to Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers Instantly

Whatsapp rolled out its newest update to introduce fun and exciting Whatsapp stickers. While it is very straightforward to use Whatsapp stickers in the Whatsapp app, it isn’t as easy to create your own, personalized Whatsapp stickers.

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Posted July 22, 2019 by

How to Use WhatsApp Stickers – Add and Manage WhatsApp Stickers

The Whatsapp sticker feature is the result of years of gradual evolution.

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Posted October 25, 2018 by

How To Use The Sticker Feature in WhatsApp

Use The Sticker Feature in WhatsApp

Whatsapp just rolled out an amazing sticker feature available on both Android and IOS devices. This new feature has been anticipated for quite a long time now, and it has finally arrived. I’m super excited and ready to show you how to get this feature and also How To Use The Sticker Feature In Whatsapp.

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Posted September 11, 2018 by

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

WhatsApp features a two-step verification process to enable users to verify before accessing WhatsApp account. WhatsApp is an app that was originally created for communication purposes, these communications can be through text or media (audio, pictures, video). In recent times fraudulent activities have been perpetuated through this medium. WhatsApp records about 1 billion users in over 180 countries and some […]

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Posted July 17, 2018 by

How To Clear Storage Usage On WhatsApp

clear storage usage on WhatsApp

Hey There! want to know How To Clear Storage Usage On WhatsApp? You are welcome to today’s post that’s programmed to bring the solution to your doorstep and make you smile right back again on this issue. To many WhatsApp users out there, this article is really going to be of utmost help so I will […]

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Posted July 15, 2018 by

How To Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

Hey reader! Are wondering how to hide WhatsApp profile picture from some certain persons? Or for personal reasons, it’s time to relax your worries because you are lucky to be on the right page. I have taken out time to deliver in this article the best possible way to help you hide your WhatsApp profile […]

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Posted July 14, 2018 by

How To Request Account Info on WhatsApp

Request Account Info on WhatsApp

Hello there, I want to welcome you to another interesting session where I will be showing you how to request account info on WhatsApp. As official as it may sound, most people desire to get their account info on WhatsApp and they have searched for ways to achieving this but to no avail. Well, search […]

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Posted June 27, 2018 by

How To Set Status Privacy On WhatsApp

Hello, I hope our articles have been very helpful so far? I have literally taken out time to elate you with an interesting topic today, a topic that will clear the doubt on your mind of the possibility of having privacy on your WhatsApp status. At the end of this article, you will have learned how to set […]

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Posted May 19, 2018 by

How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on Whatsapp

Worried someone you have a huge crush on has blocked you on Whatsapp?  If someone is ignoring you for days, there might be some reason behind your fears. Whatsapp doesn’t really notify you when a contact blocks you on its platform. But there are several methods that can help you in ascertaining if a close […]

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Posted May 2, 2018 by

How to Delete Whatsapp Messages — Recall an Embarrassing Message

Accidentally sending a sexy text message to your dad is embarrassingly disastrous.  I wouldn’t face him for days if I did something like that. But, hey! We’re all prone to silly mistakes. Who hasn’t among the human race done something to shame themselves? This how to delete Whatsapp messages  tutorial can however make amends for a message […]

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Posted April 28, 2018 by

How to Share Live Location On Whatsapp

Whatsapp  is rolling out the new live location feature; Some users are yet to receive this update on their Android and iOS devices. Many popular Android apps, such as Facebook Messenger and Google Maps integrated this feature a long time ago. If you share live location on Whatsapp, not only will it inform your friends and siblings […]