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How To Turn off Automatic Updates on Instagram

Turn Off Automatic Updates On Instagram

Did you know that Instagram has a feature that lets or allows the App to update automatically over WIFI? Well, yes, there is. Personally, I think before any App should get an update, I should be notified first. This article is aimed at showing you how to turn off automatic updates on Instagram with much […]

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How To Change Google Assistant Voice

Change Google assistant voice

Google, as we all know, is likely the most popularly used search engine in the world, Google records billions of daily users thus far, this is because of its swift and amazing features, also google has provided quality service to its users over the years. One of the qualities and useful feature is the google […]

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How to Change Chat Wallpaper on WhatsApp web

Change Chat wallpaper on WhatsApp web

WhatsApp web is a computer-based extension of the WhatsApp account on your phones and mobile devices, messages that you send and receive on your mobile device are synchronized with your computer, meaning that there are visible on your computer system as well your mobile device, it can be defined as an online tool designed to […]

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How To Unlike Old Instagram Posts

unlike old instagram post

As a dedicated Instagram user there’s a very high tendency that you would like lots of posts daily, put all your likes on Instagram together and you’ll see that you have a whole lot of images liked on Instagram. How then can it be possible to unlike old Instagram post that you probably liked 2 months […]

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How To Block Someone From Commenting On Instagram

Block Someone From Commenting On Instagram

If you have been following Tech-recipes you will observe that recently we have been talking about Instagram and trying to bring to you amazing features that will help spice up each moment on Instagram. So what we have decided to teach you today about Instagram is  How To Block Someone From Commenting On Instagram. Trust me […]

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How To Use Manual keyword filter on Instagram

How To Use Manual Keyword Filter On Instagram

It has always been our pleasure to bring you the best result for your search and I believe your experience has always been putting a grin on your face. Today’s article is here to teach you something unique, which is How To Use Manual Keyword Filter On Instagram. Are you tired of seeing flimsy comment on […]

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How To Post Pictures On Instagram From A Laptop

Post Pictures On Instagram From A Laptop

Are you wondering if it’s really possible to post pictures on Instagram from a laptop maybe because you probably lost your phone or it suddenly got bad? Just relax, this article is going to help you get that done in less than no time as I share with you How To Post Pictures On Instagram […]

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How To Hide Offensive Comments On Instagram

Hide Offensive Comments On Instagram

Comments are actually a good thing. When you upload a recent image of you skydiving, singing, or doing something else amazing, you’d want someone to comment. Some of us find pleasure in listening to peoples response on our newly bought Range rover or something else. So yes, comments are actually cool. It only becomes bad when […]

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How to Automatically Share Instagram Story to Facebook

share instagram story to facebook

We are back again with yet another interesting session for you, I want to officially welcome you and also thank you for you for stopping by. We delight in helping you discover and utilize the coolest and latest features on your Android device and Android apps. Today I will show you how to automatically share […]

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Posted July 31, 2018 by

How to Enable Two-factor Authentication on Instagram

Enable two-factor authentication on Instagram

Hello there, are you a tech geek? Social media freak? Or just an android user? Well, I would say you are in the right place. I hope our articles have been very helpful? I want to welcome you to another interesting session, today I have chosen a very exciting topic that will answer your authentication […]

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How to Add Payment Method on Instagram

add payment method on Instagram

Hello, I want to officially welcome you to yet another intriguing topic that will be very helpful to Instagram users. Today I will show you how to add payment method on Instagram. Have you experienced any difficulty in trying to add payment method on Instagram? At the end of today’s article, you would be smiling […]

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How To Mute Instagram Stories

How To Mute Instagram Stories

Hello Reader, you welcome to another interesting moment with Tech-recipes, and today’s article is going to teach you something unique and that is basically How To Mute Instagram Stories using easy steps. Are you the kind that loves short but highly descriptive articles? well, here’s one. Okay, let’s dive right in.

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