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How Do I Set Up Battery Optimization on Samsung Galaxy S7

Setup Battery Optimization on Samsung Galaxy S7

For most people, having a phone with a long battery life is essential. The Galaxy S7’s 3600 mAh battery capacity may be Samsung’s biggest battery to date, but saving your battery power is still a good idea. Though you can extend your phone’s battery life by enabling Power Saving Mode for your Android device, Samsung […]

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Posted March 19, 2016 by

How Do I Enable Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Activate Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a feature known as Always On Display that keeps the screen dimly lit when it is locked and displays information such as the time, date, and even images. You may be thinking that this feature is just another flowery battery hog, but this is not the case. Samsung’s AMOLED technology […]

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Posted March 18, 2016 by

How Do I Customize Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S7?

Customize Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S7

The Always On Display feature on the Samsung Galaxy S7 allows the phone’s screen to stay dimly lit without actually utilizing much power. By default, Always On Display shows the date, time and the phone’s battery level. When you turn on Always On Display, you can select what data is displayed on the screen. You […]

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Posted March 7, 2016 by

iPhone and Android: Automatically Add a Task to a To-Do List Using Email

Android and iPhone - Automate To DO List using Email

For work, business, or other personal activities, using a to-do list app can help you organize important tasks. Such apps help you manage your time and keep track of all your scheduled activities and meetings. The usual way of accomplishing a to-do list is to input a task manually and save it. What you may […]

Posted March 5, 2016 by

How Do I Automatically Save Photos from an iPhone or Android to a Computer?

Automatic Saving of files and data

If you are one who is always on the go and likes efficiency, then you will be pleased to know that you can automatically save photos from an iPhone or Android to a computer. Once you have taken any photo with your phone, the picture will be saved to your computer. This may sound difficult, […]

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Posted February 18, 2016 by

How to Download Blocked Android Apps on Play Store


Downloading APK files distributed on websites is a popular method Android users employ to access apps and games that are only available in certain countries and regions. While this method is rather straightforward, it can be risky as the unofficial files can be modified to include dangerous codes that steal user data. Furthermore, users have […]

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Posted February 1, 2016 by

All You Need to Know About Locked Vs. Unlocked Phones

Locked vs unlocked phones

What’s a locked phone? A locked phone will only work with a specific network provider. The phone’s network provider can install memory-hogging apps, ringtones and logos that you cannot remove when your phone is locked. Network carriers sell locked phones at prices lower than those of their unlocked equivalents, which is why locked phones are so […]

Posted January 23, 2016 by

How to Use Pandora Outside of the US, Australia or New Zealand


Pandora is a well-known music streaming and music recommendation service. The only drawback is that it is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Even if you come from one of these countries, but you are currently living somewhere else, you will not be able to use Pandora as it blocks your IP. […]

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Posted January 11, 2016 by

How to Create a Google Photos Shared Album

Google Photos Shared Album

The recently released Google Photos shared album is a fantastic feature for people who manage all of their photos using the Google Photos app. It allows you to share an album with other cross-platform Google Photos users who can join and contribute. Shared albums can be created on the mobile app or on Creating […]

Posted December 18, 2015 by

How to Make a Google Photos Movie

Google Photos

Google Photos movie maker is truly incredible. Choose a few videos or pictures on your phone, and Google Photos will automatically pick out short clips from each, slap a cool filter on them, and add a soundtrack. You get a fun, quality movie montage in less than a minute with absolutely no skill required. If […]

Posted November 5, 2015 by

Find Gas Prices While Navigating with Google Maps


You are on a road trip, and your fuel level is dropping lower and lower. You know you are going to have to stop for gas soon, but you want to choose a gas station that is on your way and is as cheap as possible. You are already using Google Maps for navigation, so […]

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Posted October 22, 2015 by

How to Add Notes to Cells in Google Sheets Mobile

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free alternative to Microsoft Excel that has a mobile and web version. Sheets does not have the full functionality of Excel, but it works well with the touch interface of a mobile phone. Although I would not use Sheets to manage large datasets or do any serious computation, it has the […]