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In Windows how do I check my hard drive for errors?

Hard drives are one of the most common computer components to develop errors. Microsoft Windows contains actions that will scan your drives for errors. Often these errors can fixed to prevent lost of data.

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Download Free AntiSpyware Software from Microsoft

Microsoft is deep into the spyware market. If you have Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, you can download antispyware software from Microsoft for free. If you have Windows 8, the security software is already included.

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Debug Your Memory with Windows Free Memory Diagnostic Program

If you are experiencing random crashes, failing memory is often to blame. This Tech-Recipes tutorial explains how to test your system’s memory for free.

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Windows 7: Set a Program’s Affinity for Better Performance

Whether you want to sqeak out some extra performance on your multi-core processor or run older programs flawlessly, in Windows 7 you can set programs to run on certain cores in your processor – speeding up your computers performance.

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Windows 7 and 8: Change the Size of Virtual Memory

Virtual memory helps your PC execute programs and actions quickly when you are running low on random-access memory (RAM). Virtual memory combines your RAM memory with your hard drive space. These two work together to compensate for lack of RAM and attempt to speed up your system.

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Windows: Speed Up Shut Down Time via Registry

You may have an obvious delay between the press of the shutdown button and the actual shutdown of your Windows operating system. This registry tweak works in all versions of Windows including Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Windows: Disable the “Use the Web service to find the correct program” Dialog Box

When opening a new file without an extension, Windows asks if you want to go on the Internet and download an appropriate program to use to open the file. This dialog box pops up before you have the opportunity to manually select a program.

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Windows: Schedule a Repeating Alarm

Do you constantly find yourself forgetting an appointment or important meeting? Using Window’s Task Scheduler, you can create an alarm for yourself without having to download any extra software.

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Windows: Change Default Screenshot Folder Location

When you first install your operating system, the default screenshot folder location is in the Pictures/Screenshots folder structure. If you use screenshots frequently, changing where these images are saved helps to keep everything organized.

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Windows 7 Parental Controls: Set Time-Based Restrictions

Parents can set limits on when their children can use their computer systems.

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Windows 7: Remove or Hide Taskbar Icons

Is your taskbar cluttered with application icons that you do not use often enough to be helpful? The clock, volume, network, power, and action center icons can all be hidden through this method.

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Find Your WiFi Password for Windows

Sometimes Internet service providers equip you with a Wifi password so difficult that you may have trouble remembering it. If that is the case, then follow these steps to retrieve your wireless password directly from your Windows computer.