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How To Mute Instagram Stories

How To Mute Instagram Stories

Hello Reader, you welcome to another interesting moment with Tech-recipes, and today’s article is going to teach you something unique and that is basically How To Mute Instagram Stories using easy steps. Are you the kind that loves short but highly descriptive articles? well, here’s one. Okay, let’s dive right in.

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How to Download All your Instagram Data

Download all your Instagram data

Hello, let me use this medium to welcome you and also thank you for sticking around and reading our articles, your passion makes us steadfast and willing to offer more. I am sure we have been able to help you sort out some of your android and personal computer problems or enlighten you on swift […]

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How To Use Less Data On Instagram

Use Less Data On Instagram

Hello Reader, you welcome to another interesting moment with Tech-recipes, and today’s article is basically going to teach you How To Use Less Data On Instagram and it’s trusted to show you the best and easy steps. I know a lot of Instagram users have really experienced increased data usage in the process of using […]

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How To Share Boomerang On Facebook

share boomerang on instagram

Hey There! you’re welcome to today’s post on a mind-blowing topic that I have titled How To Share Boomerang On Facebook. Trust me this post is going to add something to your knowledge and make you feel on top of the world. Okay I know today’s topic may sound strange, but don’t worry after careful […]

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How To Clear Storage Usage On WhatsApp

clear storage usage on WhatsApp

Hey There! want to know How To Clear Storage Usage On WhatsApp? You are welcome to today’s post that’s programmed to bring the solution to your doorstep and make you smile right back again on this issue. To many WhatsApp users out there, this article is really going to be of utmost help so I will […]

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How To Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

Hey reader! Are wondering how to hide WhatsApp profile picture from some certain persons? Or for personal reasons, it’s time to relax your worries because you are lucky to be on the right page. I have taken out time to deliver in this article the best possible way to help you hide your WhatsApp profile […]

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How To Request Account Info on WhatsApp

Request Account Info on WhatsApp

Hello there, I want to welcome you to another interesting session where I will be showing you how to request account info on WhatsApp. As official as it may sound, most people desire to get their account info on WhatsApp and they have searched for ways to achieving this but to no avail. Well, search […]

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How To Set Status Privacy On WhatsApp

Hello, I hope our articles have been very helpful so far? I have literally taken out time to elate you with an interesting topic today, a topic that will clear the doubt on your mind of the possibility of having privacy on your WhatsApp status. At the end of this article, you will have learned how to set […]

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How Do I Repost on Instagram — Best Repost App

Instagram is a great platform to share the exciting aspects of your life with others. You can build your own profile by sharing your photos or you can just follow other creators if you want to. Often we come across pictures on Instagram and we go like ” how do I Repost on Instagram”. There […]

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How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Catching up with Snapchat’s buzz, Instagram followed suit and introduced the 24-hour story feature to their app. It has become a fairly popular way to share your photos and videos with your followers when you don’t want to post them on your Feed. People are also using this feature to get a preview of their posts […]

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How to Add Music to Instagram Story — Make Your Stories Compelling

Stories can entice your followers in many ways. Through them, you can ask for opinions on a sensitive world matter, or get recommendations for a product your business is about to launch. They are also a great way to let your followers know when you make a new post on your profile because more than […]

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How to Get a Collage of Your Best Nine Instagram Photos from 2018

With the year coming to an end you feel overwhelmed with nostalgia for the year you’re leaving behind. This is the perfect time to look back on your best moments of the year and see how far you’ve come ahead. Reminiscing the past by finding out your best nine Instagram photos is becoming a great […]

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