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How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

If your iPhone is stuck and iTunes does not recognize the device, you can put your it into recovery mode to see if restoring via iTunes fixes any software issue. This article will teach you how to put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore the device using iTunes.

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How to Upgrade to macOS Mojave

laptop with MacOS Mojave On

Get the best out of your Macbooks and Macs by getting the latest operating system for your devices. Upgrade to macOS Mojave and experience what’s new with Apple’s famous computer operating system.

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How to Use Dual SIM on iPhone

In some countries, Apple offers a dual SIM option for iPhones. You can insert two nano-SIM cards on your iPhone which allows you to use two phone numbers on your iPhone. This article will guide you on how you can use dual SIM on iPhone. Dual SIM phones are not new. Some phones running on […]

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How to Put on a Santa Hat on Your Memoji for iPhone

It’s the season to be jolly. What jollier would it be if you can add the spirit of Christmas on your iPhone messages? Do you know that you can now put on a Santa hat on your Memoji for iPhone? No? What a shame! Let us teach you. Apple pushed an update on the iOS […]

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How to Wipe a Lost iPhone Remotely

A lost iPhone is more than just a lost device. A lost iPhone could mean a potential exposure to your data and privacy especially if the device falls in the wrong hands. If you can’t find your device and you want to clear the data off of it, here’s how you can wipe a lost […]

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How to Add and Remove Home Screens on iPhone

As you install apps on your iPhone, the Home screen extends to give space for the app icons. Though Home screens are automatically added, there is a way to manually add and remove Home screens on iPhone. This article will teach the step-by-step guide on how to add and remove Home screens on iPhone.

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How to Use Low Power Mode on iPhone

low power mode in iPhone

Enabling Low Power Mode on an iPhone is one of the best methods to save its battery power. This amazing feature in iPhone lowers down the consumption of power by stopping the operations such as automatic downloads, mail fetching, and background app refresh. Moreover, this feature also turns off the most of the visual effects that […]

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How to Fix iPhone Deleting Messages By Itself

By default, iPhones messages are saved into the phone until you delete them. With the introduction of iOS 11, Apple gives users the option to set iPhone to automatically delete messages to save on storage. If for some reasons you have enabled the auto-delete messages on iPhone, this article will guide you on how to […]

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How to Sync Your Mac with iPhone

how to sync your Mac with i

Syncing your Mac with your iPhone has a plenty of advantages that you can’t afford to miss if you own both devices. Its benefits include more than just transferring files and internet sharing. If you know how to take full advantages of synchronization capabilities and features these devices (Mac & iPhone) have to offer you, it can […]

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How to Back up Your Mac

how to backup your mac

We are not saying it to scare you but if you don’t back up your Mac, sooner or later you may lose something that is crucial and irreplaceable. So that you don’t blame past you, it is advisable to create back up for your Mac.

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How to Set a Daily Reminder on Your Facebook Usage

Facebook now has a feature that reminds you daily that you are using Facebook too much. This handy feature can help you limit and monitor your day-to-day Facebook usage. This article will give out a reminder whenever you reach your target maximum Facebook usage. Read on to learn how to set a daily reminder on […]

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How to Track the Time Spent on Facebook

With the latest update to their app, Facebook now allows you to track the number of hours you spend on the app. Facebook helps you manage your time on the app by showing your usage daily in the last seven days. This article will help you learn how to track the time spent on Facebook.