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Pokemon GO: Unlock Pikachu as a Starter Pokemon


I have good news for Pokemon fans: Pokemon GO has officially launched on iOS and Android! Now, you can catch and train Pokemon in your very own home. Pokemon GO uses your camera, GPS, and augmented reality technology to merge the Pokemon world with ours. As you start your Pokemon journey, you will have the option to choose between three starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Pokemon GO has also hidden a fourth Pokemon right under our noses. If you are a true Pokemon fan, you can guess that it is Pikachu! Learn how to unlock Pikachu as a starter Pokemon here.

Pokemon Easter Egg: Pikachu as a Starter Pokemon

To unlock Pikachu as your first Pokemon, you just have to be a bit stubborn and continue ignoring the starter Pokemon on the screen. Here’s a step by step guide.
1.Go to your device’s Home Screen.Home screen on Android
2.Locate the Pokemon Go app. Tap on the Pokeball icon to launch the app.Pokemon Go icon
3.On the initial screen, enter your birthday, and tap the Submit button.Pokemon Go - birthday
4.Sign up with Pokemon Go. You have two options – you can sign up using your Google account or use your Pokemon Trainer Club account. If you do not have either of those two options, the easiest way for you is to create a Google account.Pokemon Go - Sign up
5.Wait for the game to load. Pokemon Go - Game Loading
6.Go through the Pokemon GO Terms of Service. Pokemon Go - TOS Terms of Service
7.Tap on the Accept button to proceed to the next screen. Pokemon Go - TOS Terms of Service - Accept
8.You will be taken to Professor Oak’s screen. Tap on the screen after reading his messages.Pokemon Go - Professor Oak
9.Choose your gender. Tap on either the boy or the girl icon to choose between the two characters.Pokemon Go - Tap on Gender
10.Tap on the Check icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.Pokemon Go - Tap on Gender - Check button
11.Choose the style of character that you prefer by tapping on the character’s equipment slot. Pokemon Go - Customize Character - choose equipment slot
12.Tap on the the left and right arrows to switch between styles.Pokemon Go - Customize Character - choose equipment style switcher
13.Tap on the Check icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to proceed.Pokemon Go - Customize Character - OK button
14.Tap on the YES button to proceed.Pokemon Go - All Set
15.Professor Oak will give you some Pokeballs to help you catch your first Pokemon.Pokemon Go - Prof Oak
16.These starter Pokemon will appear for you to catch: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander. Ignore them.Pokemon Go - First Pokemon
17.Keep walking until you are out of the starter Pokemon’s range.1. POKEMON GO - Keep ignoring starter Pokemon
18.A new set of starter Pokemon will respawn. Ignore them again and keep walking.1. POKEMON GO - another set of starter Pokemon
19.Keep ignoring the starter Pokemon for the last time.1. POKEMON GO - ignore starter Pokemon
20.On the fourth respawn of the starter Pokemon, four Pokemon will appear. The fourth one is a Pikachu. Tap on the Pikachu to focus on it1. POKEMON GO - Pikachu as Starter Pokemon
21.Go ahead and catch the Pikachu using your Pokeballs.1. POKEMON GO - Catch your first pikachu
21.You have just unlocked Pikachu as a starter Pokemon. Congratulations! Pokemon Go - Pokeon Caught

Go ahead and boast about Pikachu, your unique starter, to your friends. Be a lovable Pokemon trainer by sharing this article with your them. If you are having trouble catching Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, leave a message in the comments section so that I can help you sort out the problem.



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