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The Easiest Way to Create a Google Account Using an Android Device

To maximize the use of your Android phone, you need a Google Account. Without one, you cannot even start downloading free applications and content from the Play Store. You can create a Google account through a website. However, you still need to verify your Google account via SMS or a phone call. This control is in place to prevent the creation of multiple Google accounts using automated procedures. This verification process may inconvenience some users as you need a unique, previously unregistered phone number to verify your newly created account. What most Android users do not know is that an Android phone can be used to create a Google account quickly and easily. This article explains how to create a Google account in a few steps using your Android phone or tablet.

Setting Up a Google Account on Android

To create an account on Google using your Android device, follow these procedures:

1.Press the Home button of your phone to get to the Home Screen.Home screen on Android
2.From the Home Screen, tap on the Apps icon to get to the Application list.Android - Apps icon
3.From the list of applications on your phone, tap on Settings.Android - Settings
4.In Settings, go to the General tab.Android - Settings - General
5.In the General tab, tap on Accounts.Android - Settings - General - Accounts
6.From the list of available accounts, tap on Add Account > Google to begin the process of setting up your own Google account.Android - Settings - General - Accounts - Add Acount
7.First, enter your first and last name. Tap on the Next icon.Android - Create Google - Name
8.Choose a unique Google username. Google will check and let you know if your username is acceptable. If it is already taken, you will have to choose a different account name. Android - Create Google - Choose Username
9.Enter and verify your password. The password must contain at least eight characters.Android - Create Google - Enter password
10.If you prefer, you can set up your recovery options. For the purposes of this tutorial, I have chosen Not now.Android - Create Google - Account Recovery
11.In the Google Services page, choose if you want to be updated with news and offers from Google Play. Tap on the Next button to proceed.Android - Create Google - Communications
12.On the Finish Account page, tap on the I Accept button to indicate that you agree to Google’s terms of use and privacy policy. Wait for Google to save the information.Android - Create Google - I Accept
13.Enter the text displayed on the Authenticating page. Android - Create Google - Captcha
14.Your phone will contact Google to save all the data entered on your account. Wait for the process to complete. Depending on your internet connection, it may take a few seconds or up to five minutes.Android - Create Google - Communications
15.You can Skip setting up your payment information.Android - Create Google - Payment
16.You will be taken to the Account Sign-in Successful page once your account information has been saved. Tap on the Next button.Android - Create Google - Account Sign in successful
17.Your newly created Google account will now be displayed on your Google account list. Android - Create Google - Google Accounts
18.You are done. You can now start using Google services with your new Google account.

Did you have problems with creating a Google account on your Android device? Did you get stuck on any of the steps above? Do you have a faster way of legally creating a Google account? Let us know in the comments section below.

Leomar Umpad
Leomar Umpad
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