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How to Track Dog Walks with GPS

Dog Walk GPS Tracking

Dog owners in the digital age have scores of tools available to them. You can now download a free app to your smartphone that will use GPS to record all kinds of statistics as you take your dog on a walk. I have checked out a few dog walk tracking apps, and my favorite is Dog Walk by Tractive. […]

Posted August 25, 2015 by

How to Clear an App’s Cache and Data on Android

Clear Cache and App Data on Android

An application’s cache and data store the information you enter, achieve, or save while you use the app. An application’s data is responsible for storing offline app and game data, which allows you to save games and continue where you left off at a later time. However, as time goes by, some applications may horde […]

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Posted August 23, 2015 by

How to Get eBooks from Your Library

How to use OverDrive

I am a huge fan of eBooks from my public library. Most public libraries now have sizable eBook offerings, and the number of digital titles is increasing every day. Here is the lowdown on how to check out eBooks from your library and download them to your device using the free OverDrive app.

Posted August 14, 2015 by

How to Enable Smart Lock and Trusted Face on Your Android Phone

Mobile Security for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Here is some good news for you. Lollipop 5.0 comes with features to keep your Android phone secure without having to punch in your passcode constantly. With Smart Lock, you type your passcode once, and as long as your phone stays near you or in a trusted location, you do not have to type it […]

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Posted August 13, 2015 by

The Easiest Way to Create a Google Account Using an Android Device

Create a Google Account Using Android

To maximize the use of your Android phone, you need a Google Account. Without one, you cannot even start downloading free applications and content from the Play Store. You can create a Google account through a website. However, you still need to verify your Google account via SMS or a phone call. This control is […]

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Posted August 11, 2015 by

How Do I Send an Emergency Message Using My Samsung Galaxy Device

Send Emergency Message Using Samsung Galaxy Phone

The latest Samsung Galaxy devices have safety features that are helpful during emergencies. One of them is Emergency Message Mode that allows you quickly to send a message showing your current location and address. You need to enable Emergency Message Mode on your device so that you can use it. Read on to learn how […]

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Posted August 1, 2015 by

How to Move Photos from Your Phone to Blogger

Google Photos to Blogger

You can move photos from your phone to your blog in several ways. However, if you use Blogger, then the easiest method by far is using the Google Photos App. When you have certain settings adjusted on your phone, Google will automatically back up all of your pictures, and they will be conveniently accessible while […]

Posted July 28, 2015 by

Google Photos: How to Set Up Auto Sync from Your Phone

Auto Sync with Google Photos

Google Photos is a great option for automatically backing up the photos you take with your phone to the cloud, and it offers unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos for free. That is hard to beat! On top of that, Google Photos has a built in Assistant that can generate Auto Awesome pictures, movies, and collages […]

Posted June 16, 2015 by

How Do I Set and Clear Default Apps on Android?

Set and Clear Default Apps on Android

Depending on your Android device, you could possibly have different applications that perform the same function. In some situations, you may find that you want to execute a certain command automatically using a specific application (e.g., opening the message application). There will also be times when you want to choose a specific app for opening […]

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Posted May 21, 2015 by

How Do I Reject Calls Using the Heart Rate Monitor on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Reject and Send Auto-Reply SMS Using Heart Rate Monitor on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Here’s the scenario. You are in an important meeting. You do not want to pick up your phone so as not to distract anyone from the meeting. However, you are expecting a call from someone, and you do not want the person to feel ignored. What should you do? If you are using a Samsung […]

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