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    Working with NULL Values in SQL Server


    We cannot predict values for most future data points while working with database systems. For example, tables used for customer information often have a mobile number column. It is possible that a customer does not hold a mobile number, or for reasons of privacy, he does not want to share his mobile number. In such […]

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    Finding Duplicate Records Using GROUP BY in SQL Server


    There are various times when we need to find duplicate records in SQL Server. It is possible to find duplicates using DISTINCT, ROW NUMBER as well as the GROUP BY approach.

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    Is_ms_shipped Property in SQL Server


    Most of the time, we need to search for objects using metadata (data about data) to get information about SQL Server. For example, we use a query to find which version of SQL server is running on a particular machine. Metadata helps us to find settings and configurations for various objects in our database.

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    View and Edit Two Files Side By Side in SQL Server and Notepad++

    notepad-plus-plus and sql server

    Notepad++ is the editor that programmers prefer most because it is fast and lightweight. It is also bundled with tons of features and smart plugins. Notepad++ can be downloaded for free and is available on Windows as well as other operating systems. There are various tips and tricks that you can use to increase your […]

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    Select Text Columns or Boxes Vertically in Notepad++ and SQL Server 2012

    notepad-plus-plus and sql server

    In any source code, we frequently need to select a piece of text vertically (column mode). This is not possible with typical editors such as Notepad or Wordpad. Vertically selecting text columns or boxes is one of the coolest tricks everyone should know in order to save time and increase productivity. This tutorial explains how […]

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    Turn Off Automatic Spell Check in Notepad++ Editor

    notepad-plus-plus automatic spell check disable

    Notepad++ is the editor that programmers most widely use because it is fast, lightweight, and filled with tons of useful features and plugins. Recently, Notepad++ added a built-in plugin for automatic spell checking. Unfortunately, this new feature can be annoying to some as it shows a red mark under most programming language keywords, under some […]

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    How to Prevent Images from Loading Automatically in Mozilla Firefox 23 and Later Versions

    How to Prevent Automatic Images Loading in Mozilla Firefox 23 and Later Versions

    With Mozilla Firefox 23 and later releases, the options Disable Javascript and Load Images Automatically have been officially removed from the main menu user interface. In previous versions of Firefox, users could turn off the Load Images Automatically option in order to minimize their internet bandwidth usage. Now, with the release of Mozilla Firefox 23 […]

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    Microsoft Excel: Create a Hyperlink to Another Worksheet or Excel Sheet

    Creating hyperlinks within a Microsoft Excel sheet helps you to navigate quickly to another worksheet or to another Excel sheet. By creating hyperlinks on the main page, you can keep a list of other worksheets and easily navigate through it. This definitely helps save time if you have several worksheets under an Excel sheet.

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    A Beginner’s Guide to Flash Fill in Microsoft Excel 2013

    flash fill in excel featured

    Some of the most time consuming and irritating aspects of Excel are working with repetitive information. This included writing formulas, formatting, separating dates, and entering names and email addresses manually. Fortunately, the Flash Fill feature introduced with Microsoft Excel’s 2013 edition makes these tasks easier with brilliant automatic filling.

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    How to Disable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox 23 and Later Versions

    firefox disable javascript featured

    While working with a web application project, I wanted to test how my website would render if JavaScript were disabled in Mozilla Firefox. I soon found that the option to turn it off is no longer available on the primary interface. Read on to find out how I solved this issue.