About Us

Originally developed as a computer cookbook, tech-recipes was brought online in October of 2003. Millions of visitors have received help from the over two thousand step-by-step tutorials found on the site. Most of these were authored by the large community of users that have registered through the site. The most helpful of users are often rewarded with t-shirts, hats, gift certificates, and even personal blogs. The blogs provide the tech-recipes editors and legendary recipe authors a place to express their thoughts and ramblings.

Alexa places tech-recipes visitor traffic as one of the top 15,000 sites on the internet. Tech-Recipes sees almost 1.5 million unique visitors and almost two million pageviews per month.


David Kirk (aka Davak) has been a long time net junkie. He first received recognition in the late 90s for the now buried Moan and Groan Page. Computer Life, Internet World, and Information Week all highlighted the pro-consumer site that would influence future power sites like epinions.com. After taking some time off to develop his medical career, Davak is back developing web projects in full force. He welcome meeting people through his facebook profile and twitter.

Quinn McHenry (aka Q) is the code monkey of the duo. He is a Biomedical Engineer and dabbled in neuroscience (ask him about the monkeys if you dare). You can also follow him through twitter and facebook.

With the success of tech-recipes and the atypical backgrounds of the two, Kirk and McHenry formed QD Ideas as a way to fund future projects. Biomedical, computer hardware, and several web services projects are in development currently by the team.