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updated April 1, 2015
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How Do I Limit the Time My Children Can Use My Mac?


If you let your children use the computer while you are at work, it may be very hard to limit their usage because there is no one at home to monitor them. Fortunately, OS X comes with a feature called Parental Control that lets you limit the time your children can use the computer. When this setting is turned on, the computer will track the time they use the computer, and it will shut down the account when a certain limit is reached. Continue reading to find out how to use this feature.

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How Do I Change the Default Keyboard on My iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Switch Between Multiple Keyboards on iPhone

For years, Apple has restricted the use of third-party keyboards on iPhones. Though there are workarounds to this issue (i.e. jailbreaking your iPhone), users who do not want to void their warranty try to avoid them. Now, Apple has opened its doors to third-party keyboard developers. You can replace your default iPhone keyboard with other keyboard applications on the App store without jailbreaking your iphone. By following this simple step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to switch between different keyboard apps on your device.

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How Do I Group My YouTube Subscriptions?

YouTube 618

By default, YouTube lists all the videos or activities from your subscriptions under one list. If you have subscribed to channels in several different categories, the list could become unorganized which makes keeping up with the channels difficult. Just imagine that you want to view a gaming video, but you have to scroll through a long list of music videos to find it. Luckily, YouTube provides a way to group related channels together so that you can view updates from all of them in one go. Other unrelated channels will be filtered out. Here is how to do it.

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Turn off Geolocation on iPad Camera

turn off location ipad camera

The iPad and iPhone obtain your position using either the GPS device or your wireless connection. Apple says it uses crowdsourcing to obtain a map of wireless connection points and their locations. That is a polite way of saying that it has recorded the longitude and latitude of wireless routers, without asking one’s permission. When you use an iOS app, it broadcasts your networking connection information to Apple. If Apple knows where the router is located, it knows where you are located. Knowing one gives them the other and that works in both directions. Fortunately, Apple provides a way for you to turn off geolocation.

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Battlefield Hardline: Evidence Locations in Episode 9: Independence Day and Episode 10: Legacy


This comprehensive guide will help you collect all the evidence in the last two episodes of Battlefield Hardline.

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Battlefield Hardline: Evidence Locations in Episode 8: Sovereign Land


The following guide will help you find all the evidence in Episode 8: Sovereign Land in Battlefield Hardline’s campaign mode.

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