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updated May 29, 2016
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A Newbie’s Guide to WordPress Hosting Options

A Newbies Guide to WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system on the market, beloved by both new bloggers and well established e-commerce providers. With a wide array of plug-ins, unlimited customization options, ease of operation, and a high level of support, it is easy to see why so many businesses and bloggers turn to WordPress hosting.

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How to Enable Narrator in Windows 10

Enable and Disable Narrator in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a voice narrator that can be enabled to assist those who are visually impaired. When you enable Narrator in Windows 10, your computer will read aloud all that keys that you press as well as the text that is on your screen. It will even read notifications and calendar appointments on your Windows PC. This feature can also be useful if you have a problematic computer screen. Narrator can be enabled or disabled in the Settings menu. You can also choose your preferred Narrator voice, change the pitch, and adjust the speed of narration. Read on to discover how to maximize your Windows experience using Narrator.

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Posted May 16, 2016 by

How to Access the Hidden Messages in Facebook Messenger

Access Hidden Messages in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has an algorithm that screens out messages from people who are not connected to you. Should the algorithm deem that a message from a stranger is not worth reading, it redirects the message to a filtered messages folder. Messages in the filtered folder do not give any notification. You can still access the hidden messages in Facebook to view these unread messages. You may be surprised at the number of messages you have in your filtered messages, and you may find some of these messages are important to you. This tutorial outlines the different ways to access the hidden messages in Facebook using your Windows computer, Android, and iPhone.

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Posted May 14, 2016 by

How to Use Google Sheets DMAX Function

Google Sheets

You can use Google Sheets DMAX function to find the maximum value in a range based on some criteria. For example, if you have a table of data with outstanding payments you are owed from each of your clients, you can use DMAX to find the oldest of the outstanding payments for each client.

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Posted May 13, 2016 by

How to Keep Your Data Backups Safe

Data Backup

We have all heard the horror stories: You receive a late night call from the office, the caller frantically telling you that the entire network has gone down and the backups are corrupted, or even worse, missing entirely. The IT landscape is littered with tales of backups gone wrong, both deliberately and accidentally. Businesses have suffered, jobs have been lost, and reams of data have been compromised, all because of mishandled data backups.
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Posted May 12, 2016 by

How to Use Google Sheets Filter Function

Google Sheets

I was working in Google Sheets creating a dashboard that summarized data in another sheet. Specifically, I was trying to make a table that showed a list of each client that owed money. I tried to do this with a pivot table, but for some mysterious reason, pivot tables in Google Sheets do not automatically update. Because of this, it did not reflect changes in my source data until I manually updated the pivot table. That is when I discovered Google Sheets Filter function.

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