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updated January 17, 2018
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How to chat in Gmail


Hello everyone ! Do you love your Gmail profile but do not continually wish to make an effort to write down a long Email when you’re getting in touch with someone? Why not try Gmail’s built-in chat features, which enables you to immediately strike up conversations along with your contacts, making them ultimate for short messages and speedy requests. Trust me, you gonna love the feature after learning how to chat in Gmail. Continue Reading

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How To Export Google Chrome Bookmarks

export google chrome bookmarks

Hello everyone! This Tech-Recipe is based on how to export Google Chrome bookmarks as a file. After exporting you can add your Chrome bookmark to any browser by means of importing the bookmarks file. Currently, it’s only viable to export your bookmarks from the computer version of the Chrome browser and not from the phone app. Nevertheless, if your phone bookmarks are synced with your Google Chrome account, they are going to be exported as well when exporting your bookmarks to the computing device version. Continue Reading

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How to Stop Auto Download on Viber

Disable Viber auto Download

By default, Viber automatically downloads media files such as photos and videos when your device is connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Though this does not necessarily equate to a problem, users with low phone storage may find the auto-download feature a headache. Looking for the right photos when uploading or attaching them can be a challenge too especially if you are part of a Viber group who frequently sends images and videos. This article discusses how to stop auto download on Viber.

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How To Change Twitter Username

change twitter username

Hello loyal reader, Today article is centered on Twitter, I know many people who have come to me and asked me in the past. Hey Beejay! How do I change Twitter Username? Well, the same thing I told them is the same thing I will teach you. Continue Reading

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How To Use Hashtag On Twitter

use hashtag on twitter

Hello there!

You’ve probably been seeing #Hashtags┬áin every single place at the present time. Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and lots of different social websites use hashtags to create ”on the spot” connections with other users. When one more consumer makes use of hashtags to find a special phrase, they are going to see all posts containing that hashtagged phrase. In a bit, I’ll show you how to use hashtag on Twitter. Continue Reading

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How To Quit Firefox And Save Tabs

quit firefox and save tabs

Hey there, do you know you can tweak your Firefox browser to Save tabs even after you exit the browser? Now, Most fans of Firefox that do not know about this will want to learn how to Quit Firefox and Save tabs. This article is dedicated to giving you step by step process on how to do this. Continue Reading

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How To Add Trusted Site To Firefox

add trusted site to firefox

Todays tech-recipe will teach you how you can add the URL of a website to your browser’s “trusted sites” list. Any website on “trusted websites” record will not have cookies, notifications, or pop-ups blocked by using your browser’s protection settings.

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How to setup Gmail with Aliases

setup Gmail with Aliases

Hello Everyone! (practically everyone) makes use of Gmail. Some people best use Gmail. An inbox can rapidly suppose like everlasting pandemonium, with work, personal, and some other messages all flooding into the identical place (one email). You can set an Alias and use Gmail to send from your other Email addresses. Cool right? Continue Reading

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