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updated November 30, 2016
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How Do I Set Screen Security on Google Pixel


Pixel, Google’s flagship phone for 2016, is a strong contender for the best phone of the year. Both Pixel and Pixel XL have enough power and features to go head-to-head with other smartphone manufacturers’ flagship devices. Aside from the the software and hardware, Google has also made sure that Pixel’s security is top-notch. This tutorial explains how you can set screen security on Google Pixel.

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How to Improve Ecommerce SEO

Improve Ecommerce SEO

For Ecommerce business owners, the traffic that one gets is one of the key points that translates to the success or failure of a business. Doing it right guarantees the success of the whole process. The popularity that a site attains, on the other hand, will depend on its overall ranking on the search engines. One can use both on-page as well as off-page SEO factors to obtain a better ranking, which translates to more traffic for the website.

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Posted November 11, 2016 by

How to Activate Night Shift Mode on iPhone


As the sun sets, Night Shift Mode on iPhone will gradually adjust your phone’s screen to yellowish hues instead of the usual bright blue. Studies have shown that exposure to blue light at night time is disruptive to your circadian rhythm and is bad for your health. Incidentally, most of our phones, tablets, and laptops emit blue light. Blue light boosts our attention during the day, but it interferes with our ability to wind down and get ready for sleep at night. This is the reason why Apple introduced Night Shift Mode on iPhone. This tutorial explains how to use this feature on your iOS device.

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How to Use Emergency Bypass on iPhone


iPhone’s iOS 10 has a little-known feature that can help you avoid missing important calls. Who has used the Do Not Disturb feature of our iPhones only to find out later that a certain important call or message went unnoticed because the phone forced incoming calls and messages to be silent? This is one downside of iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature. Luckily, Apple has acknowledged the fact that certain contacts must be able to reach you at all times. To address this situation, Apple has introduced Emergency Bypass on iPhone.

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Posted November 9, 2016 by

Take a Picture While Recording a Video on Google Pixel


Google Pixel’s camera is one of the best cell phone cameras available to date. Topping DxOMark Mobile camera test ratings at a score of 89, Google Pixel packs a powerful 12.3 MP camera that you can use to capture that perfect moment with your family and friends. One interesting feature of the phone’s app is its ability to take a picture while recording a video. This tutorial describes how to use this feature on Google Pixel.

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Posted November 2, 2016 by

How to Change the Name of Your iPhone


Your iPhone comes with a default device name. Appropriately called “iPhone,” your phone is one of the millions of phones that carry the same device name. You can, however, change the name of your iPhone to the one you prefer. You can even use an Emoji character as your device’s name. If you want to know how to rename your iPhone, then this tutorial will help you customize the name of your Apple device.

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