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updated August 30, 2016
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How to Use the Iris Scanner on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

How to Setup and Use the Iris Scanner on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The iris scanner is perhaps the most unique feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and is a security upgrade from the classic fingerprint scanner. When using the iris scanner, you do not need to press anything to unlock the screen of your Note 7. You simply look at your phone’s iris scanner, and the device should automatically give you access upon confirmation of the iris scan. This tutorial explains how to set up and use the iris scanner on Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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Posted August 13, 2016 by

How to Change Pokémon Names in Pokémon Go


As your Pokémon Go collection grows, you may see monsters with names that are hard to remember. Luckily, the names of the Pokémon can be changed easily from inside the game. Let’s find out how.

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Posted August 11, 2016 by

How to Change Pokémon Go Nickname


When you create a Pokemon Go account, the game asks you to create a nickname so that other people can refer to you under that name instead of your real name on Google. As the game is so popular, many cool and creative nicknames have already been taken, and registering a nickname for yourself usually takes more than one try. Eventually, many people give up, choose a nickname with extensions which just do not make any sense (such as 12345), and then later regret choosing the name. Luckily, changing your nickname inside Pokemon Go is very easy.

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Posted August 9, 2016 by

How to Find Google Search History


If you are trying to find a specific website that you know via a Google Search term but you are having trouble remembering the name of it, you can take a look at your Google Search History to locate it. There is good chance that you will find the desired search term and website there because Google saves a detailed history of your searches. Let’s see how to find Google Search History for your account and locate the search term and website you need.

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Posted August 7, 2016 by

How to Unban Users from Facebook Page


If you accidentally ban people or a pages from accessing your public Facebook page, you can always lift the ban for them from the banned list. Learn how to do it in this step-by-step tutorial.

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Posted August 1, 2016 by

How to Clear Google Activity

Delete Google Searches and Other Activities

Google keeps a record of all your activity. This includes your searches, browsing history, and other actions that require Google products such as YouTube searches. You can individually delete items, delete by Google product, or delete all the activity on your Google account. This tutorial explains how to clear Google activity using your web browser.

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