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How to Adjust the Music Equalizer (EQ) on iPhone

Adjust Music Equalizer EQ on iPhone

iPhone has a feature that allows for the adjustment of music settings to give the best music playback experience to users. You can adjust the music equalizer (EQ) on iPhone to complement the type of music that you are playing

Whatever genre of music you prefer listening to, there iPhone EQ presets will help improve your listening experience on your iPhone. The music equalizer’s effects can be heard even without the headphones on but for the best music immersion; we highly suggest that you adjust iPhone music EQ when you are using headsets.

How to Change Music Equalizer (EQ) on iPhone

To change the music equalizer (EQ) on iPhone, follow these procedures:
1.Press the Home button of your iPhone to get to the Home screen.iphone-home-screen
2.From the Home screen, open your iPhone’s Settings.iphone-settings
3.From Settings, scroll down and tap the Music settings.iPhone Settings Music
4.You will be taken to the Music page. Tap on the EQ option under the PLAYBACK section.iPhone Settings EQ
5.Choose from the list of preset equalizers on your iPhone. Tap your preferred preset equalizer. A checkmark to the right of the preset EQ setting means that the said EQ is currently being selected.iPhone Settings EQ Late Night
6.Click the Music button at the upper-left part of the screen to get back to the previous page and save changes.iPhone Settings EQ Music
7.You have successfully changed the music equalizer (EQ) on iPhone. You can now open any music app and see the difference in audio style and quality.

What are the EQ Preset Settings and What Do They Do?

There is a total of 23 music equalizer (EQ) presets on the iPhone. These are the presets and their basic characteristics:
Acoustic – gives a boost to emphasize the sound of acoustic instruments
Bass Booster – pumps up the bass of any music file
Bass Reducer – lowers down the bass of any music file
Classical – tweaks and gives emphasis to treble for that classical music experience
Dance – pumps up the bass and treble to make the music more lively
Deep – adjusts the bass and echo for that deep effect
Electronic – alters with the treble to emphasize the electronic instruments being played
Flat – levels the bass, the treble, and the spoken word
Hip Hop – alters the bass and the treble for the hip hop feel
Jazz – lowers the bass and tunes in the treble for that romantic and classical jazz experience
Late Night – lowers bass, improves mid-ranged treble to make the music louder giving that “late night” effect
Latin – adjusts the treble and lowers the bass for that fun Latin effect
Loudness – improve the bass, the treble, and the spoken words
Lounge – similar to Classical, this preset gives emphasis on the treble improvement
Piano – sets the treble to bring out the piano effects
Pop – improves the bass and the treble range for that fresh pop music
R & B – improves the bass, the treble, and the spoken words
Rock – increases the bass and the treble spikes
Small Speakers – alters the music range to make it sound that the music came from a small speaker
Spoken Word – reduces the bass and the treble to give emphasis to the spoken word
Treble Reducer – reduces the music treble
Vocal Booster – increases the vocal clarity of a music similar to the Spoken Word preset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best equalizer (EQ) preset for iPhone?
A: There is no such thing as best when equalizer and music are discussed. Each music style is different and unique – it goes down to users’ preferences. However, some music styles prefer particular EQ presets due to the nature of the songs and instruments played. For example, an EQ with heavy bass is preferable for music in the rock and roll and dance genre, while piano, classical, and jazz style sound better when the treble is emphasized.

Q: Can I manually adjust iPhone’s preset EQ settings?
A: To avoid complications, Apple chose to restrict adjustment of the preset EQ settings. The 23 EQ settings should be enough to match any music style and genre.

Q: Can I change equalizer setting in the middle of playing a song?
A: Yes, you change the preset EQ while you are playing music or video file. The change will be activated in real-time as soon as you tap on desired EQ preset setting.

You just learned how to adjust the music equalizer (EQ) on iPhone. It is important to note that though these preset settings are designed to increase the music file’s quality, quality and preference differ per person. Do not get stuck with the Rock preset when you are listening to rock music. You will be surprised how other preset complements with the music you are playing.

If you have questions with any of the steps and information presented in this article, let us know in the comments section.

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iPhone Hack: Simple Trick to Play Louder Music on iPhone

iPhone Trick - Play Louder Music on iPhone

There is a neat hack that can pump up your iPhone’s volume without using any external speakers. If you feel that the maximum volume level on your iPhone is not enough, then this easy step-by-step procedure will guide you on how to play louder music on iPhone. It’s easy. Trust us.

iPhone has a feature that lets users adjust the music equalizer (EQ) levels on the device. We have a detailed article on how to set the iPhone’s EQ – go check it out. The music equalizer has an EQ preset that, when enabled, will increase your iPhone speaker’s volume by 25%. The preset works by toning down the loud sounds and turning the quiet sound up. The result will be a clearer and stronger music volume.

How to Play Louder Music on iPhone Without External Speakers

You do not need expensive external speakers to pump up your iPhone’s volume. By following the procedures below, you’ll get that extra boost on your iPhone:

1.Get to your iPhone’s Home screen.iphone-home-screen
2.Open the device’s Settings.iphone-settings
3.From Settings, scroll down and tap on the Music option.iPhone Settings Music
4.Check the Volume Limit. The option should be OFF. If the feature is turned ON, tap Volume Limit and continue to step number 5. If the feature is turned OFF, skip to step number 6.iPhone Settings Volume Limit
5.Drag the slider to the extreme right to disable the volume limit. When done, tap on Music to go back to the previous page.iPhone Settings Volume Limit Slider
6.Tap on the EQ option.iPhone Settings EQ
7.From the list of EQ presets, tap on Late Night. A check mark beside the preset will indicate that it is the selected EQ.iPhone Settings EQ Late Night
8.Tap on Music in the upper-right part of the screen to go back to the previous page. You can also press the Home button to exit.iPhone Settings EQ Music
9.Open the Music app and notice the difference in the volume quality. You are done.iPhone Music Player

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this trick damage my phone’s speaker?
A: A definite NO. The music equalizer (EQ) is a legit iPhone feature. Doing this trick won’t have detrimental effects on your iOS device.

Q: Does this method also applies when I’m using the headphone?
A: YES. iPhone’s equalizer works on both speaker and headphone mode. However, please be reminded that playing excessively high volume levels while on headphones may not be suitable for your ears.

Q: Why do I need to disable the Volume Limit?
A: You need to turn off the volume limit for obvious reasons. The Volume Limit feature limits the maximum volume on your iPhone, so it is but obvious that the feature is disabled when you want louder volume on your iPhone.

You just learned a simple yet useful trick in playing louder music on iPhone. If you have questions with any of the steps above, let us know in the comments section.

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