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updated July 17, 2018
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How To Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

Hey reader! Are wondering how to hide WhatsApp profile picture from some certain persons? Or for personal reasons, it’s time to relax your worries because you are lucky to be on the right page. I have taken out time to deliver in this article the best possible way to help you hide your WhatsApp profile picture.

Don’t worry this brief article is designed for WhatsApp users who do not want others to see or view their profile picture, so I’ll advise you to relax your nerves and enjoy your read as I give you the best of content pertaining to today’s topic. Continue Reading

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How to get Android P features on your phone


Several months ago, Google announced the ninth update version of the most commonly used smartphone operating system. Codenamed Android P, this version is a major overhaul of the currently stable android version 8.1 – Oreo.
The first available beta version was released two months after being announced was available only for Pixel devices. At this moment, the latest beta version released is Beta 3 which is available on only a handful devices among which are some Pixel, OnePlus, Essential Phone, Nokia, Oppo, Nokia, Xiaomi and Sony phones.
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How To Request Account Info on WhatsApp

Request Account Info on WhatsApp

Hello there, I want to welcome you to another interesting session where I will be showing you how to request account info on WhatsApp. As official as it may sound, most people desire to get their account info on WhatsApp and they have searched for ways to achieving this but to no avail. Well, search no more because we are here to provide a solution to your tech and android related issues. Continue Reading

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10 Best Domain Hosting Services for 2018

10 Best Domain Hostingfor 2018

Choose the best domain hosting service provider for your needs. We have listed the best providers for 2018, each with their advantages and disadvantages, to help you decide.

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How To Hide Facebook Active Status

Hide Facebook Active Status

Hello Reader, you’re welcome to today’s post on a very fascinating topic that I’ve title How To Hide Facebook Active Status. The content of this article is worth sharing with friends and spending hours to read.

In today’s article, I will not want to talk much about Facebook, I’ll basically give you a few important points and then move on to show you the steps you need to take in order to remain completely anonymous on Facebook. Continue Reading

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How to Block Someone on Snapchat in the Updated App

Smartphone Social Media Snapchat Phone Icon

Snapchat is a great way to meet new people and form longstanding bonds. Unfortunately, sometimes, we makes friends on a whim, and add them on our Snapchat accounts without weighing in the long-term implications.  We post a lot of private stuff on Snapchat, from weird videos to awkward wardrobe moments. Obviously, we wouldn’t want every other person to see them and comment on them, if we’ve known them for just a couple of days. However, there’s a way you can roll back the time, and delete these unwanted Snapchat friends in a few simple clicks. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to block someone on Snapchat in a few easy steps.

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Where are my drafts on twitter? — Access your drafts


Where are my drafts on twitter? This is a question many users ask on twitter but not many know the answer to. But first in what instances does one need to access his drafts? Well, say, you’re writing a tweet, and due to connectivity or some other unexpected reasons, the tweet fails to get posted, you’re left utterly annoyed. Many people go through the hassle of rewriting the whole damn tweet, unaware that it gets saved as a draft. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you where these draft tweets are saved on twitter so that you never have to burden yourself with rewriting a tweet ever again. Moreover, these drafts are also a handy place to save random thoughts or jottings that you are not willing to post in the present, but at some time in the not-so-distant future.

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How To Create Did You Know Questions on Facebook

Create Did you know questions on Facebook

Hello, I want to welcome you to another interesting episode. I hope our articles have been very helpful?

Today I am going to show you how to create“did you know” questions on Facebook. Have you encountered the “did you know” prompt question feature on Facebook and you’re thinking of how to create a question too? You have nothing to worry about as I will be showing you that shortly.

I would want to believe that we all know what “did you know” question on Facebook is, well, I can summarize by saying that “did you know” questions on Facebook is a new Facebook feature that allows a user to respond to some prompts(questions). Continue Reading

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