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updated July 21, 2017
Posted July 1, 2017 by

How to Apply Custom Colors to Facebook Messenger


By default, the Facebook Messenger app only lets you change your conversation theme to a limited number of colors. You may find that Messenger does not offer enough color options or your favorite colors. Luckily, it is possible to change the color of chat bubbles inside Messenger to any color that you like with the help of a free app on the app store.

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Posted June 30, 2017 by

How to Create a Gmail Folder

Create Gmail Folders

You can create a Gmail folder to help organize your Google mail. You can move email messages from other folders to your newly created folder. You can create a Gmail folder to store your personal, work, and business email messages separately. Creating Gmail folders is easy. Let this tutorial guide you while you make your first personalized Gmail folder.

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Posted June 28, 2017 by

How Do I Fix a Sideways or Upside Down Computer Screen?

How Do I Fix an Inverted Screen

How did my screen get turned upside down? Why is my screen sideways? If you are experiencing one of these problems, then I have good news for you – your problem can be solved. This tutorial describes how to fix a sideways or upside down computer screen. If you have not encountered either of these issues yet, this tutorial can also be useful for you. Aside from learning how to fix the problem, you can use the trick to prank some of your friends (though I am not responsible for their reactions).

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Posted June 27, 2017 by

How to Hide Old Instagram Photos Without Deleting Them


Unlike Facebook which lets you post privately or at least limit the audience of your posts, Instagram does not offer this level of privacy; all of your Instagram photos are visible to your followers. In the past, if you ever wanted to hide an existing photo on your profile, the only option was to delete it. Fortunately, a recent update to the app has been made to allow users to hide desired posts from their public profiles.

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Posted June 26, 2017 by

Performance Tip: Avoid Using the SP_ Prefix in Stored Procedures


Database developers often name stored procedures with the SP_ prefix in SQL Server. The SP_ prefix helps other developers quickly identify an object as a stored procedure. Although there have been many debates over whether or not user created objects should be named with the sp_ prefix following the naming convention standards, we should not name our stored procedures in SQL Server with the SP_ prefix. This Tech-Recipes tutorial explains why we should avoid using the SP_ prefix in stored procedures in SQL Server.

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Posted June 25, 2017 by

How Do I Update Apps on Android?

How to Update Android Apps

From time to time, app developers will release app updates for a variety reasons. Some updates are optional while some will force users to update before using the app. This tutorial contains what you need to know about app updates, why you need to update your apps to the latest version, and how to update apps on Android.

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