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updated February 21, 2018
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How To Change Google Chrome Search Engine

change google chrome search engine

I am sure you must have been wondering how to change Google Chrome search engine, well here’s good news for you, it is possible and I am going to show you the steps to achieving this in this article. Continue Reading

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How to Change Your Username on Facebook

change facebook name

Facebook boasts an impressive network of over a billion users, including corporate businesses and small-time restaurants. Its popularity sky-rocketed just a few years after its initial launch. And let me tell you, it isn’t subsiding any time soon. More and more users are registering on the famous social media website and are getting acquainted with its functionality. However, there are some among us who lack the basic knowledge of its essential functions. Continue Reading

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How to Bookmark on Google Chrome

Google Chrome How to Bookmark a Site

A bookmark, when talking about web browsing and the internet, is a feature that allows your browser to remember a website so you can easily remember and check it later. Bookmarks serve as favorite lists for all the site you are interested in. Most modern web browsers, including their mobile versions, offer the bookmarking feature. This article will discuss how to bookmark on Google Chrome.

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Know How to Change your mobile number on WhatsApp

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If you buy a new SIM card with a better tariff plan and insert it in your mobile then, you have to lose your current WhatsApp account because of the new mobile number. All yours, contacts and messages will be lost and you have to share your new contact number with each and everyone you know. Your friends can also identify you if they save your new number and if you don’t share your new number, then you will miss your recognition until you tell about your new mobile number.

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How To Change Firefox Search Engine

change firefox search engine

Search Engines are amazing is giving us results on the internet. It doesn’t matter what search term we use, Search engines are always there to give us top-notch information/search results. But as humans, we have favorites. What do I mean? Mr. A might want to use Google as his search Engine, while Mr. B might want to use Yahoo as his search engine. In order to make both men happy, Firefox incorporated a setting on their browser which enables users to change Firefox search Engine. In this article, I will show you how to Change Firefox search engine. Continue Reading

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How to manage a child account on Windows 10


Earlier this week we spoke about how to create a child account. As we mentioned, creating user accounts on Windows has been available to users for a long time, but only in recent times have Microsoft began to make changes and to add features that improve your overall experience.
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How to Increase Android Screen Timeout


Android devices naturally run on an operating system that strives to conserve energy in order to run all applications with maximum effectiveness. This is why our phones have a screen time out where, if the phone has not been operated for a brief amount of time automatically results in the screen going into standby mode so that the battery wouldn’t be drained. The term ‘screen time out’ itself is the amount of time it takes for your phone, if no activity is being done on it, to shut down from active mode to sleep mode. Continue Reading

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How To Change Google Chrome Font

change google chrome font

Hello chrome user, are you dissatisfied with your chrome font? Are you tired of seeing the same font over and over?Or perhaps you love to explore and make sure things fit your taste. Well, you have nothing to worry about because shortly we will show you how to change google chrome font. After reading this article you’ll be able to change your Google Chrome font. Continue Reading

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