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How to Use SoundCloud’s New Revamped Messaging Service

Direct messaging, or DM for short, has been around on SoundCloud since day one. But earlier this year, SoundCloud introduced a new messaging system on its browser versions. “revamped messaging” now provides users a direct shortcut to not only share their favourite tracks and/or playlists, but to also discuss them right there and then. The record of tracks shared would stay there, which means both parties know exactly what is being discussed. This leaves little to no room for miscommunication. Keep on reading to learn how to use SoundCloud’s new “revamped” messaging service via two different, easy methods.

How to Use SoundCloud’s New Revamped Messaging Service – Method 1

1. Sign in to your SoundCloud account on the browser version.

2. Click on the envelope icon on the top-right corner.

Accessing messaging section on SoundCloud's new revamped messaging service.

3. Click on View All Messages appearing under the list of messages.

Accessing messages from SoundCloud browser version.

4. Enter your reply in highlighted space. Hit Send.

Replying to a message in the new revamped messaging service on SoundCloud browser version.

5. If there are no messages, the View All Messages option will appear similarly.

6. To write a new message, click New Message.

Writing a new message on the new revamped SoundCloud messaging service.

7. Type recipient’s name and message. Click Add Track to upload one. Hit Send.

Typing in a recipient name and body of message on SoundCloud.

How to Use SoundCloud’s New Revamped Messaging Service – Method 2

1. Sign in to your SoundCloud on the browser version.

2. Click downward arrow against your profile name.

3. Click on Profile.

Accessing your own profile on SoundCloud browser version.

4. Click on either Followers or Following.

Going to your followers and following list of users on SoundCloud.

5. Tap on the profile icon or username.

6. Click on the envelope icon from the user’s profile.

Messaging a user you follow and who follows you back via their profile on SoundCloud .

7. Type in your message. Click Add Track to upload one. Hit Send.

With a few clicks, you can now discuss tracks in the same conversation space they were shared at. That way, you and the user you are conversing with will know exactly which track is being discussed.

You can also delete messages on SoundCloud just as easily.

Deleting Messages on SoundCloud (browser version)

1. Sign in to your SoundCloud via browser.

2. Click on the envelope icon > View All Messages.

3. Click on the dustbin icon.

Archiving a chat on SoundCloud.

4. Click on Archive.

5. The message has been deleted.

Technicalities to Keep in Mind

Method 1 is best when you want to reply to an existing message or to message new user. Method 2 is best when you can’t recall a follower’s exact username. Messaging them directly from their profile would be suitable here.

You cannot literally “delete” a conversation from SoundCloud. You can only archive it. When you contact its, the message will reappear in your message section.

This revamped messaging service is a great plus for creators on SoundCloud, mostly. It enables you to share creators’ music right from their playlists.

To share playlists, simply copy paste its SoundCloud link into message body. Playlist with a redirecting hyperlink will appear in sender’s message. Its actual link will not.

Using the add track option, you can also share private tracks and/or playlists.

Also, you can like, repost on comment on the track shared directly from the messaging section.

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