How to Save Unlimited Messages and Set Reminders on Telegram

Posted September 20, 2019 by Joudet Ahsan in Telegram

Do you save messages from your friends to reread later? I do that too. Telegram messaging app has added a new feature called “Saved Messages”. Now you can send unlimited data and messages to saved messages. 

This Tech-Recipe is a tutorial on Telegram “Saved Messages” feature.  This feature is basically your cloud storage. You can save your forward messages, send media and files to store them. You can access saved messages chat from any device. And lastly, use search to quickly find things in that chat.

Telegram is one of the fastest and most providing messaging apps on the Playstore. In comparison to WhatsApp, telegram steps ahead by providing a whopping  1.5 GB of data while WhatsApp limits it to only 16MB in a single thread of message. That’s a huge gap.


Scheduled Messages

We have covered scheduled messages in another Tech-Recipe. Check out. How to Schedule Messages on Telegram

Saved Messages

This feature enables you to save messages from different chats. So you can access these messages later.


Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Open Telegram App

2. Select the message that you want to save.

3. Forward the message to “saved messages”


Set Reminders

You can also set reminders for yourself in saved messages.

Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Go to saved messages chat

2. Write the messages, click the send button long enough to pop an option

3. Select the time


And there you have it. Your Reminders will remain saved separately.

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