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Posted July 24, 2020 by

Keeping a Track of Your SoundCloud Uploads with All-New Insights

Many social platforms have stepped forward in the fight against Corona recently. SoundCloud happens to be one of them. Music, after all, is a savior in itself. In its latest update, SoundCloud has recently launched its brand new Insights feature. It lets you view who’s playing your tracks, from where and how much. A tool […]

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Posted December 21, 2019 by

How to Turn Notifications On/Off on Soundcloud via Android App

User traffic reaches on SoundCloud to over 320 million global users monthly. With 76 million users using SoundCloud monthly, the music platform is growing in value. It has an estimated value of 5700 million. Operating in 190 countries, the friendly orange and white/dark pages of SoundCloud happen to be the home to some of the […]

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Posted December 20, 2019 by

How to Use SoundCloud’s New Revamped Messaging Service

Direct messaging, or DM for short, has been around on SoundCloud since day one. But earlier this year, SoundCloud introduced a new messaging system on its browser versions. “revamped messaging” now provides users a direct shortcut to not only share their favourite tracks and/or playlists, but to also discuss them right there and then. The […]

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Posted December 13, 2019 by

How to Turn on Dark Mode on the SoundCloud Android App

In its latest update back in September 2019, SoundCloud rolled out its much-awaited, much-requested-for dark theme on its app. Finally! Now users can get to enjoy the dark vibes of SoundCloud same as every other app that has introduced a dark theme…including YouTube. Even though SoundCloud has made it work with a theme not entirely […]

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