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How to Use Windows Magnifier

Windows 8 Magnifier

Do you find yourself constantly squinting at your computer screen or craning your neck to get a better look? This will put a considerable amount of strain on your neck and back that could cause permanent damage over time and give you more than your fair share of headaches in the short term. You have the […]

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How to Open Files Using Cortana

Hi, I'm Cortana

Windows has had the ability to search for your files from the Start menu for quite some time now. This is handy, especially if you do not remember where you saved a file. Windows 10 has incorporated the search functionality into Cortana, meaning that you now have the ability to perform file searches using voice […]

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Windows 10: Use ALT + TAB to Switch Between Apps on All Desktops

windows 10

One of the neat features in Windows 10 is that you can create virtual desktops to group related apps together. When taking advantage of the Virtual Desktop feature, you greatly increase your productivity level by keeping all work-related apps in one desktop and all other apps (e.g., entertainment apps) in another. However, one drawback of […]

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How to Rotate & Crop Photos in Windows 10

Windows Photos Cropping

Rotating and cropping photos are probably the most common fixes that the everyday photographer makes. Cropping has become more and more necessary with phone cameras and social media sharing. Pictures taken with a phone camera need to be cropped to traditional aspect ratios if they are going to be printed and framed. Pictures used on Instagram and other […]

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How to Save Favorite Places in Windows 10 Maps

How to Save Favorite Places Windows 10 Maps

Windows 10 comes with a Maps app that, like all of the new Universal Apps, works on all Windows devices such as PCs, phones, and tablets. To get the most out of Maps, you should save places you frequently visit to your Favorites list so that you can quickly find directions and commute times to and from […]

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Windows 10: Get Updates from Other Sources

Windows 10 - Get Updates from other Sources

Windows 10 offers updates through multiple sources. Aside from the usual download over the internet from Microsoft’s official servers, Windows 10 now allows you to get updates from other sources such as PCs on the internet and computers on your local connection. This is a good news especially for those who own multiple units. Now, […]

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How to Use Windows 10 Touchpad Gestures

Customize Touchpad

Laptops today are designed to be used on the go, which frequently means that users are not in a position to use a mouse. Many PC touchpads are not good for anything except moving your cursor around. However, Windows has made significant software improvements for laptop touchpads so that they now rival those of MacBooks (assuming that […]

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Windows 10: Enable and Disable Live Tiles on the Start Menu

Windows 10 - Turn On and Turn Off Live Tiles

The Start menu on Windows 10 has integrated live tiles into its main interface. Live tiles allow you to get a sneak peak of an application without actually opening it. Some live tiles update regularly to provide you with the latest news or information from the app. For example, the Sports tile will switch between […]

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How to Schedule Windows 10 Updates

How to Schedule Windows 10 Updates

We need Windows updates to keep our computers running smoothly. However, when your computer decides that it needs to update RIGHT NOW and throws you off your groove while it reboots, the updates are annoying. Windows 10 updates and the accompanying restarts are mandatory, but Microsoft tries to make the whole process as painless as possible. […]

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Windows 10: Use Multiple Virtual Desktops

Activate Multiple Virtual Desktops on Windows 10

Microsoft has upped the ante for multi-tasking on Windows 10. For one, you can open and view multiple windows on your computer monitor by using Snap. Aside from Snap, Windows 10 has made it easier for users to use virtual desktops. With virtual desktops, you can use multiple desktops, on the same machine, at the […]

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Windows 10 Start Menu: How to Pin and Unpin Application Icons

Windows 10 Start Menu - How to Pin and Unpin Application Icons

Windows 10 has returned the Start button to its original place: the lower-left part of the screen. Aside from the familiar feel of the Start menu, Microsoft has fused live tiles into the feature, giving it both a classic and fresh look. The live tiles can be personalized based on your preference. You can add […]

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Windows 10: How to Make Icons Bigger

How to Make Icons Bigger

Do you find yourself squinting at your computer while trying to find that elusive icon on your desktop? This is bad for your eyes, leads to ergonomic problems from bad posture, and can cause tension headaches. Finding your applications should not make your work harder. Make life easier for yourself and increase the size of […]