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How to Record App Videos on Windows 10 Using Game DVR

Windows 10 is focused more on applications, especially gaming apps. With the integration of Xbox into Windows 10, Microsoft now pushes PC gaming to a whole new level. Windows also offers a convenient way to record your games so that you can easily capture your gaming adventures and share them with the world. The Game […]

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Posted September 19, 2015 by

How Do I Switch Back to the Old Clock in Windows 10?

From Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the expanded taskbar clock from the analog style to a more modern one which matches the system theme. If you do not like the change and prefer to use the previous style that had been there for years, follow the steps in this tutorial.

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Posted September 18, 2015 by

How to Adjust Photo Color in Windows 10

How to Edit Color in Windows 10 Photos

Enhancing the colors captured in digital photography is easy with the Windows 10 built-in Photos app. Photos has four color editing tools which give you a considerable amount of control over the coloring of your photos. Continue reading to learn more about how to use them.

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How to Trim Videos in Windows 10 Photos

Do you want to trim your awkward laugh out of the beginning or end of an otherwise great video or pull out short highlights from a filmed sporting event? The Windows 10 built-in Photos app has a video clip trimming tool that is easy to use and is perfect for this basic editing.

Posted September 17, 2015 by

How Do I Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates?

By default, Windows will check for, download, and install necessary update files during the automatic maintenance process. Since everything happens automatically, unwanted updates may be installed without your consent. In many cases, the update may crash the whole system or cause incompatible software issues that have never happened before. To prevent these situations, you can […]

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Posted September 16, 2015 by

How to Straighten Photos in Windows 10

How to Straighten Photos in Windows 10

Do you have pictures of neat, straight buildings that look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa? How about a group picture where the ground and people look like they are tilted 10° to the right? Holding your camera perfectly level can be difficult if you do not have a tripod. Fortunately, the Windows 10 Photos app comes […]

Posted September 15, 2015 by

How to Adjust Highlights and Shadows in Windows 10 Photos

How to Adjust Highlights & Shadows in Windows 10 Photos

Most lighting edits in digital photography are done by adjusting the brightness (overall light/dark across all pixels in the image) and the contrast (simultaneously making the whites whiter and blacks blacker). Read my article on using the Brightness and Contrast tools in Windows 10 here. If you want finer control over your images lighting, read on. Highlights and Shadows allow […]

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How Do I Change the System Maintenance Schedule in Windows 10?

By default, Windows 10 wakes up your computer automatically at 2 AM to do its daily system maintenance. This maintenance includes tasks like software updates, system diagnostics, and security scanning. While daily maintenance is neccessary to keep your computer running smoothly, your computer waking up at night can be annoying, especially if it makes a lot […]

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Posted September 13, 2015 by

How to Apply Filters to Photos in Windows 10

Apply Filters and Enhance Photos Windows 10

You can spend hours fiddling with color and lighting settings, or you can use the built-in Enhance and Filter tools in Windows 10 to tweak your photos with a few mouse clicks. You have less control over the final image when you let Photos do the fine-tuning for you, but it sure is a quick and […]

Posted September 12, 2015 by

How to Adjust Picture Brightness and Contrast in Windows 10

Adjust Brightness & Contrast in Windows 10 Photos

Sometimes photos turn out either too bright or too dark due to the camera’s exposure settings. With digital photography, these photo errors can be corrected after the fact using editing software like the Windows 10 built-in Photos app. There are two main settings to tweak when dealing with overexposed and underexposed pictures: brightness and contrast. […]

Posted September 11, 2015 by

How to Remove Blemishes from Photos in Windows 10

Remove Blemishes using Windows 10 Photos

Do you have a picture that is great except for the glaring red zit on your face? Is there a thin telephone wire interrupting your otherwise perfect landscape snapshot? Both of these problems can be fixed using the retouch tool in the Windows 10 Photos app.

Posted September 10, 2015 by

How Do I Hide Notifications When Giving a Presentation in Windows 10?

While app notifications are useful in many ways, there are times when their appearance on screen is not welcome. For example, if you are giving a presentation, incoming notifications may cause quite a distraction. If inappropriate, the content of the notifications may ruin your presentation and leave you struggling to fix an awkward situation. To […]

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