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How to Control Who Can See Your Whatsapp Account Information

WhatsApp Who can See aCcount Info

Take control of your WhatsApp account privacy by only showing your information to people you trust. This article will teach you how to control who can see your Whatsapp account information.

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Posted May 10, 2018 by

How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages


How¬†to recover deleted Whatsapp messages? Whatsapp’s delete message feature changed the instant messaging game once and for all. Now, users are able to delete a text that was never supposed to be sent to begin with. These wrongly sent messages contain vital personal revelations, from acknowledgements of love to critical secrets. No wonder, everyone is […]

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Posted May 9, 2018 by

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Use 2 Factor Authentication

Ill-intended people will never stop to try and hack accounts for their personal gain. Increase your privacy and security be learning how to secure your Whatsapp account by adding a layer of verification. This article will teach you how to enable two-step verification process on WhatsApp.

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Posted May 6, 2018 by

How to Send Videos Larger Than 16 MB on WhatsApp?

Send Videos Over 16MB on Whatsapp

WhatsApp allows multimedia file sharing so you can easily transfer files such as videos to your friends. To keep their servers in good shape, WhatsApp needs to limit the size of the files sent to 16 MB. Files that are more than 16 MB cannot be shared over Whatsapp. The good news is that we […]

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How to Check End-to-End Encryption Code of WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp cHECK Chat End-to-end encryptions

One of WhatsApp forte is its security and privacy features. WhatsApp chat messages are one of the most secure in the world with each chat message having an end-to-end encryption. Here’s how to check end-to-end encryption code of WhatsApp chats.

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