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How to Connect and Forget Wi-Fi Network on iPhone

Connect and Forget Wi-Fi Network on iPhone

Connecting and forgetting a Wi-Fi network on iPhone is one of the most basic things that every iPhone user should know. An internet connection is a must for smartphones including iPhones. There are two basic types of internet connections through two types of connections – Wi-Fi and mobile data. Assuming that both network types are […]

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How to Adjust the Music Equalizer (EQ) on iPhone

Adjust Music Equalizer EQ on iPhone

iPhone has a feature that allows for the adjustment of music settings to give the best music playback experience to users. You can adjust the music equalizer (EQ) on iPhone to complement the type of music that you are playing

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iPhone Hack: Simple Trick to Play Louder Music on iPhone

iPhone Trick - Play Louder Music on iPhone

There is a neat hack that can pump up your iPhone’s volume without using any external speakers. If you feel that the maximum volume level on your iPhone is not enough, then this easy step-by-step procedure will guide you on how to play louder music on iPhone. It’s easy. Trust us. iPhone has a feature […]

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How to Change Apple ID Payment Method

Change Apple ID Payment Method

The Apple ID is your ticket to all Apple online services. You need your Apple ID when you access the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, and other Apple offers. During the setup of your Apple ID, you were asked for your payment information. This article will discuss how to remove or change Apple ID payment […]

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How to Arrange and Move iPhone Apps

How Do I Rearrange and Move iPhone Apps

Apps are the heartbeat of any mobile operating system, including iOS. All of the functions on iPhones are app-based. Whether you make calls, send messages, receive email, use social media, or simply want a reminder, you need an app to perform the any of the phone’s intended functions. iPhone users who often download apps may […]

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How to Recover Your Apple ID Password

How Do I Reset and Recover Apple ID Password

Your Apple ID is your key to unlocking all of Apple’s services. Your iPhone would be nothing but an expensive multimedia device and phone without an Apple ID. One issue with Apple IDs is that you rarely use them. Once you set your phone up with your Apple ID, it may be a few months […]

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How to Delete All Photos on iPhone

How to Delete All Photos on iPhone

One of iPhone’s primary functions is that it serves as a handy camera. For the average user who owns an iPhone and a digital camera, there is a good chance that the iPhone has more photos than the camera. As much as you love the photos on your iPhone, the time will come when you […]

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How to Free Up Space on iPhone Without Deleting Anything

Free Up iPhone Space Without Deleting anything

One of iPhone’s not-so-popular trademarks is its sole reliance on internal storage. Therefore, users cannot expand an iPhone’s memory through an external memory card. This poses storage capacity issues especially for those using the 16-GB storage variant. Aside from the typical files stored on one’s iPhone such as photos, music and video files, recordings, and […]

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How to Unbind a Facebook Account from Any App

How to Unbind an App Off of Facebook

The advent of apps has pushed developers to ensure continuity of app usage regardless of the platform or device where the app was used. The classic approach to this is the sign-up method where users need to register and choose a username and password before using the app. Recently, there has been a shift to […]

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How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

Manage Conference Calls on iPhone

A conference call allows you to communicate with more than one person at a time using your iPhone. Depending on your network service provider, a conference call can connect up to five people at the same time. A conference call merges two or more communication lines; therefore, billing is usually on a per-line basis. However, […]

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How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

How to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

A recent attack on computers has taken data hostage. Commonly referred to as the WannaCry Virus, the ransomware has affected hundreds of thousands of individuals across 150 countries. This specific attack targets vulnerable Windows XP computers. It then encrypts the files on the infected unit and spreads the malware either through the local network connection […]

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How to Reset an iPhone Safely

A reset on the iPhone will restore it back to its original settings. Depending on the reset options you choose, your iPhone can selectively reset specific settings, delete all data and content, or restore your phone back to its original settings, as if it just came out of the factory. There are many reasons why […]

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