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Windows 10: Change or Add Another Language

If you ever want to change the display language of Windows 10 or want to add additional languages to use in documents, the steps in this tutorial will help you.

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How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop

Hi, I'm Cortana

Reminders are a prime example of technology doing what it is supposed to do: make our lives easier. If it were not for reminders, my trash would never make it to the curb. You can use reminders to make sure you never forget to pick up your kids from soccer practice or to remind you to pick […]

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Windows 10: How to Change the Default Web Browser

Windows 10 How to Change Default Browser

Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge as the default web browser. This means that web pages opened using Cortana or the Start menu will open in Edge. Edge is an interesting new take on the internet browser. (Check out How to Annotate Web Pages or Sharing with Edge for starters.) However, Edge is a new browser that does […]

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Windows 10: Disable Background Apps to Conserve Power

By default in Windows 10, many pre-installed apps are given the privilege to run in the background. This ability enables apps to stay up-to-date and post notifications on-screen even when you are not using them. While this feature makes apps more useful since they can give you timely notifications, not all apps make good use […]

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Windows 10: Change the Lock Screen Background

If the default pictures that appear on the lock screen of your computer are not visually appealing to you, follow the steps in this tutorial to set your own pictures.

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Windows 10: How to Uninstall Apps

Windows 10 Uninstall apps

Do you need to clear up some memory on your computer? Are you tired of too many random apps you never use showing up when you are searching for programs that you actually use? Here is a simple guide on how to uninstall apps on Windows 10. Caution: If you are not sure what a […]

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How to Share with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge- Share Web Pages

Do you want to email an interesting article to a co-worker or post a cool infographic to your Facebook page? Using Microsoft Edge’s integrated sharing feature, you can share through a variety of mediums without leaving the page you are viewing. Many websites already have buttons to share their content on popular social media sites, but the built-in Edge sharing option […]

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How to Annotate Webpages with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10, and it comes with quite a few tricks up its sleeve. One that sets it apart from its competitors is the ability to write, doodle, and highlight directly on web pages.  If you are using a touch screen device, go ahead and use your finger to scribble away. If not, you […]

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Windows 10: Change the Theme Accent Color

By default, Windows 10 extracts colors from your desktop’s background and uses the main extracted color for text, icons, app tiles, and many other elements in the system. While this feature helps to create a system theme that matches your wallpaper, the extracted color may sometimes create a theme that you find unappealing. Furthermore, if […]

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How to Resize Images from Your Camera or Smartphone

how to compress pictures

Most cameras and smartphones take pictures at a resolution that is far too high for everyday use, and storing these images uses far too much disk space.  Keep reading to find out how to compress pictures to reduce storage yet keep the same picture quality.

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Set Up iCloud on Windows

how to setup icloud on windows

I already have Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive set up on my computer, but I am reluctant to add Apple iCloud because I have lost documents with Microsoft OneDrive.  Will icloud work any better or be any safer? Despite some possible risks, I am going to add iCloud Drive to my Windows computer. In this […]

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Microsoft Windows: How to Create a God Mode Folder in Windows

The Windows operating system is full of hidden features and tricks. Using these hidden features can save you a lot of time and increase your productivity. One of the most useful features which is not widely known in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is God Mode.