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Posted March 18, 2007 by

PowerPoint 2007: Select a Default Theme for New Presentations

PowerPoint begins presentation design with a default theme. You can change the default to a pre-existing theme or one that has been created for your company or group. Once you change the default theme, all new presentations will automatically begin the design process with the new look.

Posted March 15, 2007 by

PowerPoint 2007: Use Word for Formatting Handouts

PowerPoint has the functionality for formatting the handouts for your presentation, however it isn’t very easy for a majority of users. Because of this, PowerPoint also gives you the option of placing handouts into a Word document.

Posted March 14, 2007 by

PowerPoint 2007: Disable the Splash Screen

If you would rather not have to see the PowerPoint splash screen each and every time you run the application, follow these steps to get around it:

Posted March 7, 2007 by

PowerPoint 2007: Prevent Black Slide from Appearing at the end of a Presentation

By default, PowerPoint ends your presentation with a black slide. If you would rather it end with your final slide, follow these steps and be rid of the black slide.

Posted January 10, 2007 by

PowerPoint 2007: Package Your Presentation(s) for CD

PowerPoint automates the process of gathering all aspects of your presentation necessary for running your slideshow (including fonts, multimedia, linked content and the PowerPoint viewer). It places them into a folder ready to be burned to CD. You can even save more than one presentation to your CD and indicate the order you wish the […]

Posted January 8, 2007 by

PowerPoint 2007: How To Make a Background Object Transparent

Utilizing pictures as your background for a slide can give you that extra touch to your presentation. However, it is usually necessary to add transparency to the image so that the rest of the slide is easily viewed by your audience. To do this . . .

Posted January 5, 2007 by

PowerPoint 2007: How To Create Text Columns

PowerPoint now allows you to create text columns within a text box, letting you change a long list of text into two or more columns. To do this . . .

Posted January 5, 2007 by

PowerPoint 2007: How To Apply Shape Effects

The latest version of PowerPoint allows you to apply effects such as reflections, shadows, 3-D rotations and soft edges to your shapes. These can give your presentation that extra touch to make your presentation more appealing to your audience. To apply a shape effect . . .

Posted December 21, 2006 by

PowerPoint 2007: Change the Default Design for New Presentations

Changing the default design for new presentations is a little different in the latest version of PowerPoint. To set a new default, do the following…

Posted December 18, 2006 by

PowerPoint 2007: How To Add or Remove Alternate Text Associated with an Image

In PowerPoint 2003, this option was located under Format Picture however the latest version has moved things around. To access the alternate text . . .

Posted December 11, 2006 by

PowerPoint 2007: How To Switch to the Slide Master

The slide master stores information about the template such as which fonts, background design and color scheme you prefer. Formatting change or added clip art to the slide master will result in the updating of all other slides based on that master. To switch to the Slide Master in the new PowerPoint 2007 interface, do […]

Posted November 21, 2006 by

PowerPoint 2007: Using Presenter View

PowerPoint 2007 has a feature known as Presenter View that allows you to run your presentation from one monitor while your audience views it on a second monitor. The functionality provided by Presenter view makes it easier to present your information. You can view thumbnails of the slides so you know what is coming up […]