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How to Delete Podcast Episodes on your iPhone

Apple Podcasts

Podcasts are audio files that you can download to your portable devices. Most podcasts come in a series with episodes, similar to a TV show. You can subscribe to a Podcast to download new episodes automatically as they come out. You can listen to podcasts over an internet connection or download them to your device […]

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How to Play Podcasts on iPhone

Apple Podcasts

I love podcasts. I listen to them during my commute and while doing chores around the house. They are a great form of entertainment for times when your hands and eyes are busy but your brain has nothing to do. Apple has a built-in Podcasts app that makes it easy to play podcasts on iPhone, […]

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How to Use Siri Hands-free

how to use siri handsfree

Siri is a helpful feature that I use all the time on my iOS device to set reminders, look up facts, and get weather forecasts. Siri has been around since iOS 5 was introduced back in 2011, and it has come a long way since then. Historically, users accessed Siri by pressing and holding down […]

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How to Change iPad Subtitle Style

little boy playing on ipad

Subtitles allow you to catch every bit of the witty dialogue in your favorite videos, especially if you are hard of hearing or if you are trying to watch a video on your iPad in a noisy place. Each app you use to watch videos on your iPad will have its own subtitle settings, but […]

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How to Use Apple Pay on Any Apple Device

How to use Apple Pay

Those rectangular pieces of plastic in your pocketbook might soon be relics of a time long passed. Now that Apple has finally integrated a mobile payment system of its own, the legions of Apple devotees might abandon cash, credit, and debit in favor of a more futuristic way to spend money. If you are not yet […]

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How to Create a Google Photos Story

Google Photos Story

I could go on and on about all the things I love about Google Photos. (Read my articles on auto-syncing from your phone and sharing accounts.) One unique feature of Google Photos is the ability to create Stories, which are like guided albums with an aesthetic flow. A Google Photos Story is a great medium for sharing photos of your […]

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How to Save Articles for Offline Reading in iOS

Pocket App

If you are like most users, you are inundated with web content every day. You scroll through countless videos and articles on Facebook, news sites, blogs, twitter, and more. However, you probably find that on there is too much information to get through in one sitting. One solution for quickly and easily saving content to […]

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iPhone and iPad Help: Device Does Not Turn On

Help iPhone Wont Turn ON

You have a problem with your iPhone or iPad: The device does not turn on. Though initially this scenario may be bad news for you, it actually may not be that difficult to fix. Before you contact Apple’s customer support, you may want to try some simple steps to troubleshoot on your own. There could […]

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How to Customize Facebook’s News Feed on iPhone

Prioritize Facebook News Feeds

In general, Facebook sorts statuses and updates from people and pages on your News Feed based on the date and time that they are posted. Usually, posts and updates from your friends are shown with the most current ones on top. Though this may seem to be the most plausible way of displaying updates, it […]

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How to Get eBooks from Your Library

How to use OverDrive

I am a huge fan of eBooks from my public library. Most public libraries now have sizable eBook offerings, and the number of digital titles is increasing every day. Here is the lowdown on how to check out eBooks from your library and download them to your device using the free OverDrive app.

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How to Recover Manually from OneDrive Sync Errors

fix office app sync issues

In certain situations, you might find that you need to recover manually from OneDrive sync errors with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.  In another shorter post, I explain how to use the Microsoft Office Upload Center tool to view and diagnose sync issues, since that is normally how you are supposed to do it. However, these […]

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Turn off Geolocation on iPad Camera

turn off location ipad camera

The iPad and iPhone obtain your position using either the GPS device or your wireless connection. Apple says it uses crowdsourcing to obtain a map of wireless connection points and their locations. That is a polite way of saying that it has recorded the longitude and latitude of wireless routers, without asking one’s permission. When […]

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