IE9: Change default download location

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By default, IE9 will save your downloaded files to %windir%/Users/Your username/Downloads. If you want to save your files to somewhere else, this tweak for you!

Many people want downloaded files to appear in special locations. For example, I want all my downloaded files to appear on the desktop. Changing the default download location on Internet Explorer 9 is not difficult if you follow these steps:

1. Launch IE9.

2. Press Ctrl+J while in IE9 to bring up the View Downloads window. If you want to access it from the Toolbar, press Alt to show the Toolbar and then go to Tools->View downloads.

3. Click on Options.

4. When the Download options window appears, click on Browse, point it to your folder and hit Select Folder.

4. Now back to the Download Options window, click OK to save the setting.


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  • Abuse

    But how do you change the cache as it still uses the c: drive when downloading.

  • me

    very good thank you for this

  • Sildenafil

    Love how they make this real intuitive for folks. Typical of MS’s new policy of “our users are too stupid to make simple decisions such as where to save, so let’s put it where we want and make them have to search for how to change it. Better yet, let’s change where that setting is every time we update.”

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Someone

    That is why MS is losing out. They are geeting old and cannot provide good software anymore. Every version of their app is harder to user than the previous one.

  • This is still really crappy. I don’t want IE9 to save downloads to a default location. I want to specify where it goes PERIOD before the file downloads.

    • Anonymous

      When you dowload a file, a small window will pop up at the bottom. You can click the small arrow -> Save As.

      I hope this
      helps 🙂

  • You can always use miniDM. Works lije a treat.. should have been standard feature of IE9.