Outlook 2010: How to Set Up a Short Delay for All Messages You Send

Posted November 23, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Outlook

One of the benefits of email is that it’s quick, but sometimes this isn’t such a great thing if you hit Send and then remembered that you didn’t attach the intended files or include vital information. By setting up a short delay of only a few minutes, you will give yourself adequate time to catch these shortcomings prior to the message going out.

1. Open Outlook.

2. On the Ribbon, select the File tab.

3. From Info, click the Manage Rules & Alerts button.

4. Under the E-mail Rules tab, select New Rule.

5. Go down to the Start from a blank rule section and select Apply rule on messages I send.

6. Click the Next button.

7. Do not apply any conditions to this rule, click the Next button.

8. You will be prompted that this rule will be applied to every message you send, click the Yes button.

9. At the bottom of the action list, check the box next to defer delivery by a number of minutes.

10. In the Step 2 pane, click the a number of link.

11. Select the number of minutes that you wish the message delivery to be deferred by.

12. Click the OK button.

13. Click the Next button.

14. (Optional) You can use an exception to have specific emails be sent immediately. Select the desired exception that you wish to use from the list and modify its detail in the Step 2 box.

15. Click the Next button.

16. Input a name for the rule.

17. Click the Finish button.

18. Click the OK button in the Rules and Alerts box.


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  • shaam

    How do you stop the email from being sent within the delay time?

  • HW

    Thanks. Just got a new laptop and am setting it up the way I prefer. Many times on my old system I was glad my messages stayed in my Outbox for a short time because I often thought of edits or remembered an attachment after I thought the message was ready to go. I hope Outlook 2010 will work like 2003 in that I could opt to select the Send/Receive command and messages would go out immediately and also, any messages sitting in the Outbox would automatically send upon closing an Outlook sesssion.

    I appreciated the screen shots of the walk-through instructions … kept me on track.

  • Clarisse

    Does anyone know of a way to pre-define folders in which to file incoming mail, but only once the messages have been read. Quick steps or rules? I cannot file before reading as I have too many folders and would never be able to tell where the new messages were…