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Create a System Restore Point In Windows 7

Windows 7 uses System Restore to revert system and configuration files back to a previous time. Prior versions of Windows have used restore points, but with WIndows 7 the creation of restore points has become incredibly simple. We often recommend creating restore points before tweaking configurations. If you frequently work under the hood of your Windows system, this is a essential skill to learn.

On a system with default settings, restore points are typically created on a daily basis automatically. However, if you are preparing to make major changes such as hacking the registry, installing drivers, or updating system files, you should always create a restore point first. This gives you the insurance of rolling back your system if something should go wrong during your system manipulations.

Click the Start button. Right click Computer and choose Properties.

computer properties
Start > Right click Computer > Properties

On the left-hand menu, click System protection.

system protection
Click System protection

In the System Properties window under the System Protection tab, click the Create button near the bottom of the window.

Click the Create button

Enter a name to identify this restore point. Click Create.

name create
Enter a name. Click Create.

Windows will start creating the restore point. It should take less than a minute to do, but can take longer (depending on your setup). Once it’s done, you’ll get a System Protection popup. Click Close.

creating restore point
Windows will create a restore point
restore point created
When this appears, click Close.


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