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Playstation Vita: Setup Lock Passcode

This guide will explain how to set a screen unlock password for the Sony Playstation Vita. Once this is set, the Vita will require a 4 digit passcode to unlock after it is awakened from sleep or after the screen is turned back on.

Setting up a lock passcode can be useful if you want to limit a child’s playtime or to protect your data and game saves. As the Vita expands with new applications, setting up a lock passcode to secure your private data is essential as well.

1. Go to the Home Screen by hitting the PS button

2. Tap on the Settings bubble and then the Start box.

3. Scroll down to Security and choose Screen Lock

4. Set your 4 digit passcode and then confirm it.

5. Whenever the PS Vita’s screen goes blank and then is powered back on, you will be asked to enter this passcode before you can get to the Home screen or into a game.

Just repeat the above steps if you need to remove the passcode.

Jimmy S
Jimmy S
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