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Office 2007: Pin Important Files to the Recent Documents List


Office 2007 makes the Recent Documents list more efficient by allowing you to pin your regularly used documents to the list so that they aren’t removed from the list. This saves you from needlessly hunting for your important Excel, Word, and/or PowerPoint documents.

Click the Office Button in the upper-left corner of your Office program (Excel, Word, or PowerPoint).

Your Recent Documents will be displayed on the right side of the menu.

Locate the desired document (if it’s not there, click Open and browse to the document so it will be added to the list).

Select the corresponding Pin (to the right of the document’s name) so that it turns green.

Your document is now pinned to the Recent Documents list.

If you have no documents listed in your Recent Documents list:

You may have your Office applications set to show no items in the list.

1. Click the Office Button.

2. Click the Options button at the bottom of the menu.

3. Select Advanced.

4. Scroll down to the Display section.

5. Make sure that the Show this number of Recent Documents control is not set to zero.

Note: If this control is ghosted out, use the fix described here.



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