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How to Use Material and Physics Material in Unity | Unity 3D

Can you count the materials around you? You have got the glass, iron, water, soft metallic, greasy, etc. It is pretty hard to count. Unity differentiates materials into two categories. Materials and Physics materials. This tech-recipe will cover everything you need to know about Materials and Physics Material

In unity, a material defines the physical characteristic of a gameobject. Game object is anything that is forming a part of the game. Be it grass, a stool, a cube or a bird.

Now physical characteristic can include the following things

  1. Color
  2. Matellicness
  3. smoothness
  4. Ability to cast shadows
  5. Emission
  6. The ability to appear (Render in unity terms)

These characteristics should not be mixed with the physics characteristics, the physics material. Physics materials include properties like the following

  1. Dynamic friction
  2. Static friction
  3. Bounciness
  4. The combined effect of bounciness and friction

Now all these give a game object the physical appearance and the behavior. In a game, when the player touches anything, the feel will tell what the thing is. Just like in real life. For example, you might expect a ball to be bouncy. You might expect the grass to be soft.  You expect the glass to look like it.

We will show you how to add material or physical material in unity.

How to Use Material and Physics Material in Unity | Unity 3D

Step-by-Step Tutorial


1. Click on “Create” in the project view.

2.Hit “materials”

3. Give the material a name

4. Drag the material to the object in order to apply it.

In order to give something, look of a glass click on transparent in the rendering mode.

Physics Material

1. Click on “Create” in the project view.

2. Hit “physics material”

You can add bounciness to a ball. Add friction in order to give slipperiness. Now it’s up to you to add perfection to material.

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