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How to Lock Cells in Excel — Entire Worksheets and Individual Cells

To protect your data, formulae and other aspects of your excel spreadsheet, it’s essential to learn how to lock cells in Excel. You don’t want someone to tamper with your spreadsheets and make unwanted modifications.

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How to Divide in Excel: Division Formulas and Shortcuts

There are many different methods to divide in excel. Some of them require a lot of time and manual labor, whereas others are more to simple to follow.

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How to Multiply in Excel — 4 Easy Solutions

You can use many different methods to multiply in excel. They are quite similar to the protocols used for subtraction, addition, and division. Each has its own use. Some are suitable for multiplying within single cells, whereas others are used for multiplying an entire range or column of cells.

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How to Remove Duplicates in Excel

When you’re working with massive piles of data or dealing with an aggregation of spreadsheets, identifying and removing duplicate rows can turn into back-breaking manual labor. However, with the right knowledge and tools, you can automate this process in excel.

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How to Subtract in Excel — Basic Excel Guide

There are many different methods you can use to subtract in Excel. All of them have their own use. Some are perfect for performing subtraction within cells, while others are more suitable for subtracting an entire range of cells.

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How to Add Drop Down List in Excel – Data Validation Lists

A drop-down list in Excel can limit and regulate the number of entries in a single cell. You can use it to better organize your spreadsheet by containing the length of its data. In my opinion, learning how to add drop down list in Excel is essential if you want to save valuable time and […]

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How to Add in Excel – Master The Basics of Excel

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There are many ways of adding two or more numbers in excel. You will have to get familiar with crafting formulas, which isn’t that complex. Learning how to construct formulae will not only teach you how to add in excel but also multiply, divide and subtract. In this tutorial, however, our main focus will be […]

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Posted October 26, 2018 by

How to Use VLOOKUP in Excel

Do you have a large set of data that you need to lookup for values? VLOOKUP in Excel can help you cut down the time to search for values. This article will help learn how to use VLOOKUP in Excel.

Posted March 11, 2016 by

How to Master Excel Sort

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Excel is the go-to software for organizing and analyzing data. There are many ways that you can access and use Excel sort abilities. This tutorial will walk you through beginner to advanced methods for quickly sorting your data.

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Posted February 22, 2016 by

How to View Excel on Two Monitors

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Microsoft Excel has built-in features for viewing workbooks or worksheets side by side for comparison. You can read all about how to do that on Microsoft’s help page here. Excel will automatically open new workbooks in the same instance of Excel. By that, I mean that you will only have one window of Excel, one […]

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Posted February 20, 2016 by

How to Make your Excel Table Print on One Page

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You have worked hard building your table in Excel. You print your spreadsheet and are disappointed to find that your table was too wide and a few columns were printed on a second page. Fortunately, there are several tricks you can use to get your Excel table to print on one page. Check them out […]

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How to Freeze Rows AND Columns in Excel

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Working with a large set of data in Microsoft Excel can be tricky. It is particularly aggravating when several columns or rows of data are similar, so you have to keep jumping back to the header to remember what you are viewing. A good solution to this is to freeze columns, rows, or both so that […]

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