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Posted May 25, 2020 by

How to Create Messenger Rooms on Instagram Direct

Facebook recently came up with a group calling feature in its Messenger app. Most of the world is working from home and Facebook could not stay behind in the provision of a platform that makes it easier. On 14th May, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Messenger Rooms worldwide. Initially, the feature was only available […]

Posted May 20, 2020 by

How to Retweet with Comments on Twitter (Easily Quote your Tweets)

Typing it out in a few words what you think about something is the trending way of sharing opinions today. Twitter, therefore, has been around for more than a decade now. It is a microblogging service. For the same reason, it is named Twitter: the chirping of a bird before it flies away. Likewise, the […]

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Posted May 19, 2020 by

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Room in Easy Steps

Millions of people are using online meeting rooms to work from home in this worldwide lockdown. Apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have experienced a surge in profits. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, also hasn’t let this opportunity pass. On May 14th, he announced the release of Messenger Rooms. This new […]

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Posted May 10, 2020 by

How to Delete your Facebook Games — Clean your FB Mess Easily

Are you the victim of those horrible Facebook game requests? You must go through hell. But don’t worry because, in this Tech-Recipe, we’re going to teach you how to delete your Facebook games, and get rid of these nagging requests once and for all. This will streamline your Facebook experience like a pan. If you’re […]

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Posted May 5, 2020 by

How to Unmute Someone on Instagram — Regain Access to their Posts

Aside from muting Instagram stories, you can also unmute someone on Instagram as a whole. Maybe, you had a quarrel with a friend, which filled you with disgust or shame, whenever you saw their post appear on your feed. Maybe it’s because of something else you choose to zip their Instagram lip. Whatever the reason, […]

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Posted April 14, 2020 by

How to Delete a Facebook Page (Update 2020)

A few days back I got this fever to create a Facebook page of my own. I thought I will publish positive news about the coronavirus. But soon I lost interest. And now I have a Facebook page that I no longer am posting anything on. I keep getting these ads notifications. And it simply […]

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Posted April 10, 2020 by

How to Send Instagram DMs from your Desktop/Laptop in Easy Steps

According to Social Media Today, Instagram developers were already testing Instagram DM accessibility for Desktops for over a year. Although it has been a long and painstaking wait, the experimentation has finally concluded. And the results have exceeded expectations. The Instagram Website’s DM access is as robust as the app’s. For users who prefer spending […]

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Posted April 9, 2020 by

How to Add Simple and Downloadable Links on WordPress

Did you know that WordPress neither has a CEO nor does it have an owner? It also powers a multi-billion dollar economy and is older than both Twitter and Facebook. WordPress has 60 million out of 500 million total blog websites. Ok, now enough with the fact-checking, bear with me to learn about adding Simple […]

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Posted April 1, 2020 by

How to Get Started With Your First Android App

This tech-recipe is a complete guide on getting started with Android studio. Let’s say that you are about to build your first Android App. There are a few things that you need to know. First, we will develop an Android app using Java, not kotlin. Secondly, you might have heard that the Android studio is […]

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Posted March 26, 2020 by

How to Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging in Android

Android Studio enables developers to test their apps on their own Android phones. So instead of testing your app on a AVD, Android Virtual Device, you can run the app on your own android phone. This method works much faster than the Android Virtual Devices. In this Tech-Recipe, you will learn how to Enable Developer […]

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Posted March 24, 2020 by

How to Setup Android Virtual Device in Android Studio

There are two ways you can run and test your under-developed app. You can either use an AVD, Android Virtual Device, or you can use your own Android Mobile Phone. We have done a Tech-recipe on using real Android phone for testing and running. This Tech-Recipe will focus on setting up an Android Virtual Device […]

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Posted March 22, 2020 by

How to Download SDK Tools for Android Studio

Android studio is the most famous and important development platform in the programmer world. Wearables, embedded devices, mobile phones, Televisions even car tablets run on the Android operating system.

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