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How to Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

Earlier this month, Facebook released a fun new feature that lets you replicate your facial likeness in the form of an avatar. Facebook avatars are very much similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji and Apple’s Memoji. You can use these emoji-like characters while commenting on posts, as your profile picture and Messenger chat windows. Aside from these actions, you can also export avatars to third-party apps including Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Want to join in the fun? Keep on reading to find out how to create your own Facebook avatar in simple steps using the Android Facebook app.

Creating Your Own Facebook Avatar in Simple Steps:

To create your own Facebook avatar:

1. Log in to Facebook through the Android app.

2. Tap on the horizontal lines icon.

3. From the Menu list, tap on See More.

4. And tap on Avatars.

5. Tap on Next from avatar pop-up screen > Get Started.

6. Choose desired skin tone for avatar > Next.

From here on out, you can move on to select customization features for your avatar, such as skin type, face cut, hairstyle, eye color and shape, makeup, facial hair, body shape, outfit and much more. In fact, you can even make a more unique avatar by opting for features like hair accessories and freckles.

7. When you’re avatar is ready, tap on checkmark on the top right corner.

8. Tap Next once avatar is loaded.

9. And tap Done.

More Actions for Facebook Avatars

Once you are done creating your unique avatar, you can share it (top icon), or set it up as your Facebook profile picture, decorate it with stickers (middle icon) and/or edit it (lower icon) further.

Using Avatars in Facebook

You can use your newly created avatar in comments, messages etc. To do so:

1. Tap on emoji icon.

2. It will bring up your avatar stickers.

3. Select the desired avatar from the section.


This brand new feature is only available in some countries; although the social media giant is set to release it worldwide soon. Furthermore, you can only create your own Facebook avatars in the Android and iOS app versions. The feature is not yet available for desktop version.

Check out the Video

You can also check out the video for how to create and use your very own Facebook avatar. There is also an avatar maker app you can use to ‘cartoonify’ yourself. It’s hassle-free and fun to come up with your own anime character using this app.

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