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How to Save Articles for Offline Reading in iOS

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If you are like most users, you are inundated with web content every day. You scroll through countless videos and articles on Facebook, news sites, blogs, twitter, and more. However, you probably find that on there is too much information to get through in one sitting. One solution for quickly and easily saving content to read later is using Pocket, a free app and browser extension. Once you have a Pocket set up, you can save articles, videos, and images to your Pocket from anywhere on the web. The content you save can be viewed on any device and viewed offline using the Pocket app.

Use Pocket to Save Content for Offline Reading

1.Create an account. You will be prompted to make an account when you download the app or web extension, or you can go to getpocket.com.

2.Get the app. Pocket has iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac, and Windows apps that let you take your Pocket with you wherever you go, even offline.

3.Get the web extension. If you are using a browser that allows web extensions (such as Chrome or Firefox), download the web extension. Here is the official links for Pocket on Chrome and Firefox.

4.Add a page to your Pocket. Once the web extension is added, a pocket icon will appear to the right of the address bar. Click it to add the page you are currently on to your Pocket.Pocket Web Extension

5. Add a link to your Pocket. Adding the web extension will also give you a Save To Pocket option when you right-click on a link. This way you can save articles to read later without even opening them. This is helpful for times when you are browsing with a slow connection and know that the article or video will take a long time to load.Pocket Web Extension

6.View your Pocket. You can view the contents of your Pocket anytime at getpocket.com or on the mobile app. Pocket lets you filter by articles, videos, and images. It also allows you to apply tags so that you can get organized, and you can star your favorite items. Pocket has a Recommended tab for you to browse if you want some more reading material.



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