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Posted April 17, 2013 by

Windows 8: Adjust Time Before Display Turns Off

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Shutting off your display after a certain period of disuse may be a good idea if you want to conserve power on your laptop.

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Posted March 26, 2013 by

Windows 8: Turn the Adaptive Brightness Feature On or Off


Many modern computer displays and laptops have a light sensor installed so that the brightness of the screen can be adjusted to match the surrounding light conditions. This tutorial will show you how to turn the feature on if it is not enabled by default or turn it off if you want to manually change […]

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Posted March 23, 2013 by

Windows 8: Boot Directly to Desktop without Additional Software

step 5

While many programs are available that will eliminate the presence of the Windows 8 Start screen, third party software is not required. Using these steps you can have Windows 8 start directly at your desktop.

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Posted March 23, 2013 by

How do I use Hyper-V in Windows 8?

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Hyper-V virtualization is available in both the 64-bit Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise versions. For demonstration purposes, Ubuntu has been chosen to install in this tech-recipes tutorial, although you can ultimately install any OS in this environment.

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Posted March 22, 2013 by

How to Use the US Windows 8 Store from Another Country


The Windows Apps store is heaven for all those who love to add the latest, coolest games and apps to their PC. The problem is that some apps and even games are block in certain countries. By accessing the US version, you should have access to everything.

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Posted March 21, 2013 by

Manage Windows 8 Startup Tasks to Speed Up Boot Times

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One of the most well-known features of Windows 8 is its rapid boot times. Having a lot of things trying to load on startup can negate most of that advantage and slow down your whole computer. Fortunately, it is simple to decide what programs are important enough to be started right away every time you […]

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Posted March 19, 2013 by

Windows 8: Prevent a Device from Waking Up Your Computer


Moving the mouse, pressing the keyboard, or removing a USB drive all will awaken your PC from sleep. You can block some devices from being able to wake your computer.

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Posted March 6, 2013 by

Two Quick Methods for Finding Shared Folders in Windows


The sharing of files and folders is a very easy task in windows; however, it could also be dangerous, if you are not aware of what files and folders are shared from your computer to your network. Two different methods are described.

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Posted March 1, 2013 by

Windows 8: Change Time before the User is Forced to Change Passwords

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Requiring the changing passwords regularly is a good security measure.  If you are an administrator of a system, you will want to have the users change their passwords after a certain amount of time. Using theses steps you can adjust the length of time before the user is required to pick a different password.

Posted February 26, 2013 by

In Windows how do I check my hard drive for errors?


Hard drives are one of the most common computer components to develop errors. Microsoft Windows contains actions that will scan your drives for errors. Often these errors can fixed to prevent lost of data.

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Posted February 25, 2013 by

Windows 8: Prevent Hot Corners Switching through Recent Applications


The application switcher on Windows 8 is a useful tool for people who need a fast way to switch between apps. However, through its upper left-hand corner trigger, it is often brought up by mistake.

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Posted February 19, 2013 by

Windows 8: Automatically Shut Down Computer at Night

step 5

By using Window 8’s Task Manager you can easily schedule your computer to turn itself off at night when not in use.

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