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How to Check Data Usage on Android

Check android Data USage

Manage the data usage on Android and save on your data expenses. Visibility is the mother of control. What you do not know, you have no control over. If you are not on an unlimited data plan, making sure that you are within your allowed data usage allows you to have control over your data […]

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How to Change the Time Limit for Secret Chats on Viber

Viber Secret Chats

Secret Chats on Viber gives an extra layer of privacy on your Viber messages by automatically deleting messages after they are read. Messages expire and be deleted from the conversation after the time set by the sender. This article will help you change the time limit for Secret Chats on Viber.

Posted January 26, 2018 by

How to Start a Secret Chat on Viber

Viber Secret Chats

You can send secret messages on Viber if you want to go private and secure. These secret messages offer addtional layer of privacy on messages by automatically deleting read messages and controlling forwarding of messages. This article will guide you how to start a secret chat on Viber.

Posted January 25, 2018 by

How to Mute Viber Chat Groups

Mute Viber chat Groups

Viber is a great way to get in touch with your friends and contacts. The app also has a feature for group chat. There may be times where your Viber notifications can get too many because of messages sent through a group chat. If you want to keep your notifications at a minimal, you can […]

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How to Stop Auto Download on Viber

Disable Viber auto Download

By default, Viber automatically downloads media files such as photos and videos when your device is connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Though this does not necessarily equate to a problem, users with low phone storage may find the auto-download feature a headache. Looking for the right photos when uploading or attaching them […]

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How To Delete Instagram Account

delete instagram account

I have been in your shoes and even had more issues to sort out. So, I could be your best guider when it comes to issues like deleting your Instagram account. After reading this. You will know how to delete Instagram account.

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How To Link Facebook To Instagram

link facebook to instagram

How would it feel like to have your Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just in a single app? Is it gonna be user-friendly and time-saving right? This article will show you how to link Facebook to Instagram.

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How To Tag On Facebook | All Tagging Techniques

tag on facebook

Hey there! This article is centered on Facebook. I’m gonna give you a glimpse of what tagging is and also show you how you can tag on Facebook while creating a post on Facebook.

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How To Deactivate Facebook Account | Steps

deactivate facebook acount

Hey There!  It’s amazing that you can deactivate Facebook account temporarily and decide to come back to the account whenever you choose to. I guess at this point you are wondering how this can be done, I will say just put a grin on your face because the steps in this article are going to be […]

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How To Get A Verified Account On Instagram

verified account on Instagram

Want to get a verified account on Instagram? Here’s the article to read. Using simple and friendly terms, this article will tell you what you need to know about getting a verified account on Instagram.

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Posted November 6, 2017 by

How To DM on Instagram | Send Direct Messages

dm on instagram

Want to know how to DM on Instagram? This post will guide you on how to send a Direct message to anybody on Instagram.

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How to Download Facebook Video On Android

download video from facebook

You would agree with me that there are a lot of times when you come across a really interesting or funny video on Facebook. And Of course, after laughing so hard or being inspired by that Facebook video, the next thing on your mind would be to save that video on your mobile device to […]

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