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How to Edit PDF on Mac

How to eDIT PDFs on Mac

PDFs are a common universal format for a lot of documents that we use daily. Be it for Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS, the format is universal which makes things easier. However, there are times when we need to edit these PDFs for filling up applications or various documents. This article will teach you how […]

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How to Screen Record on IPad and IPhone — With Sound


iOS 11 has introduced killer features for Iphone users. One of these features goes by the name of screen recording. As the name suggests, it enables iOs users, including Ipad users, to record whatever they’re doing on their screens. For Instance, if I’m penning down a novel in my notepad, the screen record feature can […]

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How to Track People Using iPhone

Track People Using iPhone

iPhones are little tracking devices. What most iPhone users do not know is that you can track people using iPhone. As long as you have the permission to track them and that you set it up and enabled the service in advance, it is to track friends and family members using their iPhones. This article […]

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How to Disable Use of Cellular Data for Automatic Downloads on iPhone

Disable Cellular Data Usage on iPhone

Automatic downloads on iPhone is a double-edged sword. For one, you get the convenience of having the latest and the most updated apps without having to download the updates manually. However, downloading and updating over the cellular data connection can be costly especially if you do not have a limited data plan. This article will […]

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How to Check iPhone Battery Health and Know If Replacement is Needed

Check iPhone Battery Health

Do you think your iPhone’s battery last shorter than it was before? Are you left wondering when the best time to replace your device’s battery is? If you are using an iPhone 6 and newer devices running at least iOS 11.3, then we have good news for you. Apple has introduced a beta feature that […]

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How to Stop Notifications from Interrupting Music Playback


You’re listening to the emotionally charging and adrenaline pumping sounds of ACDC when suddenly a notification pops up and breaks the whole tempo. Being a music fanatic, that would infuriate me. An arrival of a text, an app update or a notification of any sort, could invade your personal space, and chime down the music volume, without […]

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How to Add A Link Button To Your iPhone’s Home screen


Ever felt frustrated when you have to type in complete web addresses in your iPhone’s web browser, especially when you were running out of time for something? It gets hectic sometimes, doesn’t it? Having to access first the browser, typing in the web address, wasting some more precious seconds to correct typos and waiting some […]

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How to Turn off Auto Brightness in iOS 11


How to Turn Off Auto brightness in iOs11? You can still turn off auto brightness in iOs 11, but Apple has, for God knows what reason, made it harder for users to disable it. Many users absolutely despise the auto-brightness feature, because it adjusts the brightness of the screen, without their consent. For instance, if […]

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How to Enable Automatic App Updates on iPhone

IPHONE Apps to Auto Update

Apps get updates from time to time to add or remove features, improve application performance, address issues, and to improve total users experience. This article will discuss how to enable automatic app updates on iPhone.

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How to Disable Predictive Text and Autocorrect on An Iphone and Android


The way Millenials text is atrocious. If they don’t disable predictive text, they face constant nagging from Android’s default predictive keyboard. Turning off this feature is absolutely essential if your native language isn’t English. One of the things I love about android is its customization. You can adjust its settings in many different ways to meet your […]

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How to scan without a scanner


Living in a digital era we have access to tons of applications that we use for digital documents. Regardless if it’s a documents that you just typed on Microsoft Word or you just received a contract in a PDF format that you need to sign, millions of documents are digitally handled all over the world.

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How to Use Siri to Translate on iPhone

Use Siri to Translate

Siri is not your ordinary AI assistant. iPhone’s famous intelligent personal assistant can now do more than answer queries. Siri can now translate languages. This article will teach you how to use Siri to Translate on iPhone. If your iOS device is running on iOS 11 and higher, then your phone supports Siri’s translation feature. […]

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