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How Do I Disable Apple Music?


Since iOS 8.4, the Music app has been enhanced with new features for Apple Music. Now, you have extra tabs for accessing content from the service, and your offline music collection is located under the last tab. However, if you are not using Apple Music, these tabs are all unnecessary. Here is how to remove […]

Posted July 6, 2015 by

Apple Music: Download Songs for Offline Listening


Not only does Apple Music let you stream millions of songs online, but it also gives you the ability to save your favorite tracks to your device for offline listening. Here is how you can use this feature to download songs to your music collection.

Posted July 5, 2015 by

How to Shoot Time-Lapse Videos Using iPhone’s Camera App

Capture Time Lapse Videos on iPhone

Time-lapse is a camera mode that was introduced with iOS 8. Using time-lapse, you can capture an event as it slowly unfolds and view it on fast forward. We have an article on how to shoot slow motion videos. Capturing time-lapse videos is the opposite of this. Now, in just a few minutes, you can […]

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Posted July 4, 2015 by

How Do I Stop an iOS Update in Progress?

Cancel an iOS update

Updating your Apple device to the latest iOS version is benefical for several reasons. You may want to fix a bug on your iPhone, get the latest features and native applications for iPad, or simply get your phone up-to-date. Have you ever tried downloading an iOS update only to get feedback from other users that […]

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Posted July 1, 2015 by

How Do I Cancel My Apple Music Subscription?


If you have used Apple Music for a while and think the service is not worth $9.99/month, follow the steps in this tutorial to cancel your subscription.

Posted June 27, 2015 by

How Do I Add Photos and Checklists in Notes App on iOS?


Since iOS 9, the Notes app has been enhanced with lots of new features such as the ability to change text style and add checklists and multimedia files. Learn how to use them all in this tutorial.

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Posted June 26, 2015 by

iPhone: Access iCloud Drive from Home Screen


If you rely heavily on iCloud Drive, you will be glad to hear that there is an app dedicated to this service starting from iOS 9. However, this app is hidden by default. Here is how to display it on your iPhone’s home screen.

Posted June 25, 2015 by

How Do I Reset My Apple Watch?

apple watch

Since smartwatches are still rather new wearables, learning how to use them can take some time. During that process, you may find that your watch behaves erratically. If you have no clue why the device is malfunctioning, resetting it to its default state is recommended. Here is how to do it on an Apple Watch.

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Posted June 23, 2015 by

How Do I Extend My iPhone’s Battery Life?


If the charge on your iPhone’s battery is running out too quickly, follow the steps in this tutorial to get a few extra hours for your phone without using any third-party apps.

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Posted June 19, 2015 by

How Do I Make a Call from My Apple Watch?

apple watch

Making and answering phone calls right from your wrist is one of the coolest uses of the Apple Watch. It is especially helpful when both of your hands are busy. Here is how to use this feature.

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