Office 2010: Create PDF Documents from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

By making your Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint slides into a PDF document, you allow users who don’t use Office to view the document using a free PDF reader such as Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, etc. which they probably already have installed on their computer. Office 2010 makes it easy to convert your existing document to PDF.

1. Open the desired Office document.

2. Go to the Ribbon, click File, and select Share.

3. Click Create PDF/XPS Document.

4. In the far right pane, click the Create a PDF/XPS button.

5. Browse to the desired location. Input the desired file name. Make sure that the Save as type dropdown is set to PDF.

6. Select either the Standard (publishing online and printing) or the Minimum size (publishing online) radio button.

7. Click the Publish button.


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The Conversation

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  • Anonymous

    headache !

  • bluejeans2

    No “Share” option — not what do i do?

  • Chantelle

    What happens if you don’t have the Share button? I’m trying to convert a .doc to a .PDF because saving directly to .PDF screws up the formatting, but I don’t have the Share button under File.

  • Titanicracing147

    The “Save and Send” button has the same function as the “Share” button.

  • feltstupidwhenifoundit

    Or select “save as” an pick PDF from the “Save as Type” drop down

  • Ewf

    File > Save As … change the “file type” using the drop down to PDF and sorted, one pdf.

  • Ewf

    File > Save As … change the “file type” using the drop down to PDF and sorted, one pdf.

  • lampy

    I have tried changing the file type to *pdf, but it still tells me I have no printer…..i don’t want to print it!
    In 2007, it would just publish, but 2010 it wants to print!


  • R B L

    You can also put a “Save as” button on the tool bar (select it from the All Commands” list) but then you have to select “PDF or XPS” from a drop-down list. This is all definitely a step backward from 2007 when you could do this with one click.

  • Noori

    hi all,
    the easy way is open you word document, click save as…. then in file type select PDF, then save it,

  • wendy

    I save the Word doc to my desktop then click and drag it from my desktop to the Adobe Acrobat icon on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen. It pins the doc to Adobe Acrobat and opens it as a PDF when I select it from the icon’s menu.

  • Alex

    both in “save as” and “save&send” my PDF file appears in blue background …..any suggestions? thx in advance

  • Liz

    How can I save shapes, etc in a PDF? I cannot save my Text Boxes in PDF. I tried grouping them and saving them in Quick Parts as a Building Block.

  • Darold

    With a little nudging – easy steps to figure it out.
    File – Save & Send
    Create PDF/XPS Document
    Create PDF/XPS
    Give it a Filename
    If you have links in the document and want Hyperlinks created:
    Click Options
    Under – Include Non-Printing Information
    Check Create Bookmarks using
    Click Ok
    Click Publish

  • Brian

    How do I set the zoom percentage for a PDF I create from Excel or Word? When I create a PDF it opens at 164%. I want it to open at 100%

  • Maharaja Kahe

    I have done what U posted above but still the file cannot be opened

  • Richard

    Headers and Footers incorrect version:

    On completing my final draft of my document, I have updated / corrected the text and layout, updated the headers and footers with the correct date and version info I want and saved the file. I open it again and choose ‘Save / send’ from the file menu, select Create PDF/XPS Document from the file types, set the path and it saves. The PDF looks great ACCEPT…… the headers and footers do not show the corrections and changes to them, they still have the date and version info from before I changed and saved it. Looks like I will need to find a PDF printer or maybe transfer my file to my Ubuntu desktop and print to file from there using Open Office.

    Using Winword 14.06123.5001 (32 bit) from Office 2010.



  • Kent

    I’ve do all upon steps from Excel, but the Adobe Reader don’t work. How can I do?